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Lady Gaga makes runway debut for Thierry Mugler in Paris

Lady-gaga-runway-debut-mugler Walk, walk, fashion baby -- Lady Gaga has made her runway debut.

In news that we're frankly surprised hasn't come earlier, the Lady walked for close pal Nicola Formichetti and his creative charge Theirry Mugler on Wednesday in Paris.

In Cruella de Vil-inspired blond ponytails and raven dome, Gaga strutted in her normal, impossibly high heels, a super-constructed bustier and flowing skirt. She also gave show-goers a slice of one of her new tracks, "Government Hooker."

Formichetti isn't just creative director at Mugler, he's also Gaga's personal stylist and prolific contributor to her notorious Haus.

What do you think of her runway look? Tell us in comments.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lady Gaga struts her stuff and unveils new music at Wednesday's Paris Fashion Week presentation of Thierry Mugler. Credit: Reuters

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Seriously would you be caught dead wearing such an atrocity?

I love Lady Gaga, but I don't care for some of her costumes. But all of the other singers are trying to be like her & dress like her. I'm referrying to alien & monster look. Everyone wants to be Lady Gaga. I love u Lady Gaga

Laughable---Stupid---Hilarious---Looks like a 3 year old playing in her mommy's clothes!

I don't get the whole Gaga thing. I think her costumes are horrible.

She's got you talkin' though, right?

That's the point! Whether you like her or not, she has your attention.

You go, Lady Gaga!

A recycled Madonna. Boring Ms. Gaga.

She's so cute!


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