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Lady Gaga, 10-year-old Maria Aragon sing 'Born This Way' together in concert [Videos] [Poll]


Did Maria Aragon expect to make it on stage with Lady Gaga when she uploaded her cover of "Born This Way" last month? That's what happened Thursday night in Toronto, when Maria, 10, took the stage and then sat on Lady Gaga's lap to perform a duet in front of a massive audience.

"Maria represents what this song is all about," the singer said before kicking off the song with her young fan, and her young fan's orange rally monkey. "It's all about the next generation and the future and no more divisiveness, only unity." (The lyrics of "Born This Way" celebrate all ethnicities and sexualities, with a chorus that starts, "I'm beautiful in my way / 'Cause God makes no mistake."

A Canadian radio station sent the Little Monster to her Mother Monster's Toronto concert show after hooking the two up over the phone and on the air on Feb. 18. It was a phone call that reduced the younger monster to tears, which you can see and hear in the video embedded below, along with video from their duet in concert.

The kid, who said she's been singing since she was 3, appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' show a few days later, performing the tune live. "It not every day you get to talk to a superstar, you get, like, feedback from a superstar that you did a great job on a cover of her song," Maria told Ellen.

Which rendition of the tune do you prefer, the one in Gaga's new music video, or Maria's viral version, above?


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Uh, No! Gaga absolutely adores her fans so it is no surprise that she would be sweet to Maria. The fact of the matter is, despite her at times outrageous ways, Lady Gaga is a very sweet young lady.

Most importantly she is very grateful for her success. Those things coupled with undeniable talent, a strong work ethic and forward thinking is why Lady Gaga is on top.

Amazing... look how happy she is to have someone else perform her song. And to share the lyrics with such a young talented girl.

That was simply the most amazing thing, all young people need to have a role-model and something to strive for. Go GAGA and Maria! Magnifique

I didn't know much about Lady Gaga's music, but I bought her song on iTunes after hearing Maria's performance. I have to say I'm so touched and impressed regarding Lady Gaga's treatment of her. In a world full of strange lawsuits of copyright infringements (remember the preschool sued over painting Disney characters on their walls?), Lady Gaga chose a different approach by welcoming and embracing a young and very talented fan. It renews my faith in human-kind and proves that she (Lady Gaga) is beautiful in more than one way and is really standing behind her words as a positive mentor to all who listen. Didn't know you before, but love you now Lady Gaga!

Ugh, annoying. Sorry. I hate these kind of kids.

Well im happy for these two,
however I dont think "gaga " is a role model for this 10 year old girl,, and if so
what message is she sending the child?
look at me Im wearing a leather g string standing on stage in front of thousands?
and you can be juuust like me

So let's sign her up for the X factor and Simon can eat her alive...it's soooo Gagalicious!

That video almost made me cry. It just proves even further how amazing Lady Gaga is to music and her fans.
Lady Maria of Winnipeg, as Gaga calls her, is an amazing girl with sooooo much talent

The whole thing is wonderful. But I think Lady Gaga should have had more respect for Marie, and put some clothes on.

Its amazing of what Lady Gaga appreciate a young girl singer fun Maria Aragon.Thank you for giving apportunity to meet and invite Maria Aragon to your show.Your fun for intire world will love you more.

Gaga is just amazing, gotta love her

She did it for the publicity. Everything that woman does is for her own publicity and self-promotion.


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