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Kim Kardashian's song 'JAM (Turn It Up)' premieres [Poll]

Kim Kardashian premiered her dance track "JAM (Turn It Up)" Wednesday morning on "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest" after having a slight case of the nerves -- officially joining the ranks of Paris Hilton and Kim Zolciak as reality-TV-stars-turned-one-hit-wonders.

"It's only normal for me to be nervous. I'm human, I never sang before. This was definitely something I don't do, so for me to step outside my comfort zone to do this ... is like a really big deal," she said before Seacrest played the song.

The newly minted singer has said she doesn't have plans to turn crooning (er, pretty much talking while music plays) into yet another new career.

"This was just a fun new experience! I am so glad I went for it! And the proceeds to JAM are being donated to St. Judes Children's hospital," she tweeted.

The Auto-Tuned track was the brainchild of Kardashian's friend and fellow singer Ciara and producer The-Dream. The making of "JAM " will appear on an upcoming episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," and the tune will be available for download on iTunes.

With morning-show host Seacrest, a jack of all trades himself, serving as executive producer of her E! reality series, we're guessing we'll soon be inundated with the track.

"That was fun -- makes me want to go somewhere right now. I want to be in a convertible with that cranked up right now," Seacrest said.

Which means he'll force us to be there too. Let us know if you want to turn it up or turn it off.


Kim Kardashian booted by Prince: a fairy tale/nightmare

Kim Kardashian -- the singer -- talks about her new single, "Turn It Up"

Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries sitting in a tree; Ray J c-o-m-p-l-a-i-n-i-n-g

-- Nardine Saad

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gross. robotic mono-tone voice. keep a mic out of her hands please.

this is one of the best songs i've ever heard in my life. people hate on it but she has real musical talent. this reminds me of prince in his prime kind of. i think this is better than that older crap passed off as "music" like the beatles or david bowie or whatever. she blows them off the stage!!!

I don't think everyone read the piece where Kim said the donations for this song are going to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital. If you have the influential power that the Kardashians do, why not raise money for a great cause? Khloe, Lamar, and Kim all three donate their eBay store proceeds to numerous charities, as well. If it was all about the money, you wouldn't see Kim and I in the same Forever 21 feathered razorback tank.

Just watch how much air play this song gets and for all the people talking about the way she sounds needs to keep your radio tuned to stations like KissFm & B96 it all sounds the same so why dis her for doing it! Just stay tune and before you know it you would be saying THAT's My Jam!!!

Worst song I've ever heard, she sounds ridiculous and boring as hell. I would rather listen to Paris Hilton all day that's how bad it is.

i think we have been punked by ashton k. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a shame that at a time when 4 excellent CDs by female singers are released we have to put up with such a talentless famewhore. Better to listen to PJ Harvey's "Let England Shake", Anna Calvi, "21" by Adele, and the grande dame of English chanteuses Marianne Faithfull's "Horses and High heels".

Kim is so sweet, This is a cute song, in the tradition of the new dance songs. And she has really made it her own.

i like the beat and stuff. but her voice sucks. it sounds like she has a stuffy nose

You know people can be hurtful, Kim said that this was for fun, and it is for a good cause so lighten up people she is not gonna make it a career. With that said, vocals may not be great, but I bet if it played in a club, you would all dance to it, great beat and chorus!

radio disney has a new hit....yuck

I think she should not sing at ALL, it really sucks and she sounds worst then my little sister.

this should be the last song she EVER does!!!

please no more !

This was horrible !! what was she thinking ? she should just stick to doing nothing and taking pictures the only reason shes famous is because of her sex tape she does nothing at all stick to that

first off the song is so bad I am disgusted. But I must say she is smart. She made this song because she genuinely thinks she's talented. So she makes a song and just so people don't bash her effort she says " it's just for fun" she then attaches her horrible song to a good cause ( st judes children hospital) so that she does not look like so much of a conceited famewhore. So the only defense people have for her is that she's doing it for a good cause. But there are other ways to do good deeds instead of making a song unless she really thought she could sing. Now the people who buys her single to help out the charity will make her song appear popular. And the people who don't because the song sucks will be bad people who don't want to help out a good cause. However I bet shell look hot in her music video but hopefully shell be more entertaining than her dead fish porn tape.

I heard Ryan bragging about this on E! If he thinks this is good, I wouldn't let him anywhere near the American Idol kids. Is there anything he or Kim will NOT do or say to make money! I seriously lost respect for his ability to critique music after pushing this "song" so hard last week. It probably went down like this: her people realized it was so bad, they came up with the charity idea to deflect criticism...it's the FIRST time I've ever read of her family donating anything to charity. They knew they wouldn't lose much since no one but delusional fans would waste their money!

Why would they use their fame to do this kind of stuff ? Their milking people and it's sad that their fans don't realize that.
I'm starting to wonder if the Kardashian fans are the dumber then the Bieber fans. I'm a Twilight fan but at least we read.

I know she doing it for a good cause and everything, but I only support her for the cause and thats about it. She can't sing! But she is definitely beautiful I can give her that.
To her little fans, you can attack me but who cares cause the only excuses you guys are gonna use is " you are jealous" or "you are a hater" nope not at all just being honest and decided I wanted to put my two-cent in. Other than that, she needs to drop the mic and find another way to help out charities....

yes, she sounds bored!!!!! This song sucks. Sorry, and I actually like Kim. This song puts me to sleep, def does not make me want to get up and dance.....And she's talk singing, theres no LIFE to this song whatsoever.

I like Kim, cannot believe they thought this was a hit. People wanna Play in Kims JAMAS not play her JAM. Kim do what you do best make great reality TV, singing is not for you.

horrible !! couldn't even go through the whole song

People it's for a good cause I don't see u greedy lazy ppl doing anything maybe if ur kids wr sick or a family member was sick ud Maybe appreciate it a little more .... Kim thankfully my family has been fortunate but I appreciate this because I know of a few sick children n ur amazing girl

I know that this is for chariy but couldn't she have just given $$ because this garbage and no one will buy this. OMG the audacity to waste $$ recording this. I didn't even listen past the first verse!

Sound like Lady gaga? Um excuse you But Gaga has an amazing voice C'mon AT least she has talent Gaga can sing dance and play Piano she also is a Gay rights person and she teamed up with Mac to help people Gaga doesn't use auto tune She doesn't need it People really need to stop picking on people that have talent and that are unique How could you even hate someone when you don't even know them? I don't hate Kim but she's kinda getting on my nerves Why is she even famous? I think she's just using her Father's name She has not talent period. Or not that I know of SO basically anybody can become famous and make a song As long as they have money, P: I really don't mean to piss all the Kardashian fans BUT on the bright side I'm really happy that it's going to the hospital! SO she is helping people which is good! ^^

Kim Kardashian is the BEST!!!! I LOVE her! I think the song is GREAT! She was really brave for going out of her comfort zone! Her decision is also amazing to give money to St. Judes!

this is a mess i can make a better song and did she even feel like doing it !! SHE CAN NOT SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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