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Kim Kardashian's song 'JAM (Turn It Up)' premieres [Poll]

Kim Kardashian premiered her dance track "JAM (Turn It Up)" Wednesday morning on "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest" after having a slight case of the nerves -- officially joining the ranks of Paris Hilton and Kim Zolciak as reality-TV-stars-turned-one-hit-wonders.

"It's only normal for me to be nervous. I'm human, I never sang before. This was definitely something I don't do, so for me to step outside my comfort zone to do this ... is like a really big deal," she said before Seacrest played the song.

The newly minted singer has said she doesn't have plans to turn crooning (er, pretty much talking while music plays) into yet another new career.

"This was just a fun new experience! I am so glad I went for it! And the proceeds to JAM are being donated to St. Judes Children's hospital," she tweeted.

The Auto-Tuned track was the brainchild of Kardashian's friend and fellow singer Ciara and producer The-Dream. The making of "JAM " will appear on an upcoming episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," and the tune will be available for download on iTunes.

With morning-show host Seacrest, a jack of all trades himself, serving as executive producer of her E! reality series, we're guessing we'll soon be inundated with the track.

"That was fun -- makes me want to go somewhere right now. I want to be in a convertible with that cranked up right now," Seacrest said.

Which means he'll force us to be there too. Let us know if you want to turn it up or turn it off.


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Kim Kardashian -- the singer -- talks about her new single, "Turn It Up"

Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries sitting in a tree; Ray J c-o-m-p-l-a-i-n-i-n-g

-- Nardine Saad

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I just threw up!!

If this is where our country's music ability is headed, why even look for talented people I.E. (American Idol) who can actually sing with out the aide of a computer. Let's just have computers and synthesizers do all the work!!!!!
If this is what Seacrest really thinks mirrors talent and is quality music, he is delusional and so is Kim K.
Wonder what Simon thinks of this sound track?

I don't think it's possible for her to sound less convincing. She sounds bored!

Sorry, I love Kim K but this sounds just like a Heidi Montag song and everyone knows HM cannot sing...

she is not fine

this is the worst thing i have ever heard and i would rather her goats being slaudtered

what the hell is this...?? haha i laughed. it sounds like drawn out talking...there's no way this can be called singing. stick to being famous from your show.... please don't ever hurt my ears with another song like this.

this is horrible ... wat is ur problem ?! its making paris hiltons songs "stars are blind" like its in the top billboards

Yes -- I want to jump in a convertible and dance right now!
--I want to jump out of a moving convertible right now, considering I already puked on myself from listening to this crap.

She has a sweet soothing voice but the song itself is cheesy to say the least. She should hire something that can write lyrics and music

I am a big fan of the Kardashian's.. and I give Kim a lot of credit for going out of her comfort zone but its not a song where I am like 'omg turn this up'

I Love you Kim, and Im glad this was just for "fun"! Good job donating all the proceeds!

This is HORRIBLE!!!! Turn it off, turn it off, TURN IT OFF. The lyrics sucks and Kim sounds like she bored outta of her mind. This is stupid. What has music gone to. I hope they don't play on the radio AT ALL

omg i love all the kardashian ..but kim do not need to sing she don't sound good ....sound like lady gaga

Overplayed....and only made it through the first chorus! No wonder she needed an escort to the studio for the interview with Ryan - she should be mortified to have released such garbage. I turned it DOWN.

Really? You know how they use water boarding as a form of torture to get information from terrorists? I think we might have just found an new torture method...Just play this on repeat...couldn't even listen to the whole song. Just made my head hurt...This is supposedly for charity so I do hope someone buys it for that reason. It just wont be me. rather just donate to St Judes than have this take up space on my ipod. no thank you.

i love kim but this song sounds really bad

hello??? shes doing this for a god cause people... what have u done lately ??
i think shes doing a good job its not like shes trying to release an album... shes very smart and using her name for something good..
go ahead kim... do you !!!

it's too slow. That is the only problem. I don't like the song but she has a great commercial voice.

Poor Kim, wow she's being slaughtered for doing a good deed. I would have thought the same thing you guys did if this hadn't been for charity. Props to Kim for doing something for charity, its more than most people do, even if singing is really not her thing, she was doing a good thing .... its for charity folks and a great charity at that. At least she is trying to put her fame to good use.

i like it. and its for a good cause.

This why so many young kids now aspire to nothing more than fame, parties and looking sexy. It's clearly all that matters.

I'd like to make an appointment to get an abortion for my ears..Thank you Kim

I recognize real potential in this piece. Unfortunately there is something off in the timber of her voice...the raw power she usually possesses just isn't present. Too bad, this could have been a great one! I'm eagerly anticipating her next release and I'll make sure to request this track every time I'm on the dance floor.
Way to go Kim, we should all be so brave and selfless!

She should stick to doing Nothing...

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