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Katy Perry and Kanye West get spacey in 'ET' video premiere [Poll]

Katy Perry is extraterrestrial, or so she leads us to believe in her "ET" video with Kanye West, debuting her supernatural video Thursday in all its intergalactic glory and majestic moonscapes.

Perry dons alien-like nails, blue lipstick and unsettling reptilian eyes in the sweeping visual manifestation of her newest single about out-of-this-world love. The California Girl with teenage dreams even gets lusty over a robotic alien-turned-man ... and then there's a surprise ending!

What do you think of the video? Is it new ground for Perry or does if feel like a Gaga spinoff? Take our poll and shuttle your thoughts in comments.


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— Nardine Saad
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I am at a loss for words when it comes to how music fans decide to support artists in the industry. Artists like Gaga have proven that you can have pop music with integrity and at least with someone who knows how to write, perform and entertain extensively.

That being said, why on earth do hypocritical copycats like Katy Perry and performers like Britney Spears who think that rhyming one word of the lyrics makes them a writer get this ridiculous attention? Do not these fans know (which include teenage girls) that they are really just supporting middle aged scientists who come up with hits based on psychological profiles? Puppets anyone?!

It's so bad now that we have celebrities either congratulating or attacking artists like Gaga in order to get their name in the paper rather than actual put something out that has quality, integrity and rightful ownership.

Dear Ms. Perry, I feel bad for your LGBT fan base who continue to be oblivious to your anti-gay opinions that are sealed up in contracts with your label. I feel angry that your faith based followers agree with your idea that swallowing a rosary Gaga style is blasphemous but shooting whip cream out of your tits and singing about sex is not. Above all things, I wonder how whole you truly feel after having half of the record executives put their hands up your ass in order to make your mouth move.

Your lyrics suck (no thanks to Kanye) and you look like a floating alien in space with nothing better to do than quite simply ... float.

the pictures are freaky

Is it a Gaga spinoff? I guess you could find the one single similarity of the whole spacey thing in Born this Way, but no it's an entirely different video with its own elements that say Katy Perry to me... Gaga would've gone absolutely crazy with a video like this. Katy made it what it exactly what it should be: hers. Her story about an extra terrestrial love that was more powerful than the cosmos itself. And if I may say so, she did it quite wonderfully.

very interesting.

Cool vid! Not into the actual song so much though :/

Hmm...This video is definitely new ground for Katy. I kinda got a real-life Wall-E vibe from it in the beginning and near the end. I don't know if I like it yet, but I don't think I don't like it.

Gabriel Haze, I smell a gaga stan....

I have to laugh how everyone can find something bad to say about people they don't even know. Nothing in this day and age is not a direct rip off from the past. Gaga's latest is a rip off of Madonna....and this Katy Perry video is in no way shape or form the same as a Gaga video. I urge you to look at art these days...all forms, and find me one truly original piece, it doesn't exist. Not in Gaga, not in Perry...no where. All one can do is accept this and applaud those who make art for continuing to be who they wish to be. I'm sure they have coffee together and laugh about the people who post things that make it look as though they are feuding.....

What Gabriel Haze said.

This is not a GaGa spin off. These comments really infuriate me, especially Grabreille Haze's. SOrry if I spelt your first name wrong.
This song was available to listen to well over a year ago. I know because there is a video of the dancefloor at my 19th birthday with everyone dancing to it. GaGa is a unique artist, yet so is Perry. You have to realise who the director for the clip is, as she also directed "Fighter" for Christina Aguilera.
This clip was out of space themes, just like GaGa's does, but Perry's song is about EXTRATERESTRIAL LOVE! Meaning it has a galactic theme!
This song would appear ridiculous if she were roaming the beach, don't you think?
Seriously, it is time for people to stop hating and realise that GaGa is crazy, but she isn't the only artist out there with talent. This song makes Perry's album the ninth EVER album to spawn four consecutive number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 album charts in the US. I think Perry validates herself.

i liked the video ms.katy perry
i thought it was interesting n deffinetly new
ground for u and i thought
u did wonderfull.and i love this song to btw.=]
i cant wait to hear wat ur next single will be like.=]

Weird. She's trying too hard to be something like Lady Gaga. Don't like it.

I thought it was quite creative.

I really liked the first half of this video,the second half was a bit weak but it's good. if people are going to attribute everything or anything with an artistic merit to Lady Gaga right off the bat, whether it be futuristic,fashion,ectr.,then what fair chances are you willing to give? This video didn't make me think of Lady Gaga at all, really, I saw a bit of Madonna's 'Frozen' video with the morphing-like fabric but I didn't even think of that too much either.Perhaps the "reasons" an artist needs these days for something like this is because everyone knows it's 2011? There is only the future from here,it's appropriate.

Overall I love the song and the video is like a preety cool short movie. Yes, somewhat related to gaga but not to exaggerated. Now, I have 2 main concerns. Kanye's lyrics say that hes the alien. So, why do they have that other guy as her lover. I think it should have been Kanye. Also, the lyrics say the alien turns her into a alien so why is she a alien in the beggining. She should have turned into one towards the ending and not been one since the start.

I really like the parts that Katy Perry sings. I don't care for Kanye West's rap, his lyrics are not needed and take away from the song. And the best part of the video is near the end, when katy perry is half human, half deer...very pretty. I wish she had put Russell Brand in the music video, it would have made the video that much better.

Angie, who do you think you are?

Awesome! The 2 biggest phonies in show biz make a video together.
I love it! Can't wait for the P. Diddy/Kesha answer video!

The visuals were stunning, but everything else fell flat. I'd give it a 6/10, tbh. :/

I like the video and the song, but neither one seems that original . . . I guess I should probably be used to that by now though, huh?

Everyone attacking Gabriel Haze needs to stop. Everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion. (And I agree, Katy's politics and views are bit hypocritical.)

As for the video, I really liked the visuals and thought it was pretty to watch. I particularly like Katy's makeup where she has the orange dots on her forehead. She looked very ethereal. However, I kept waiting for the climax and didn't see it. And so after watching the video I thought it was really pretty but not anything new. Girl meets boy and they walk off into the light.

I also didn't think Kayne's lyrics added anything to the song; in fact, I thought they cheapened it. Katy's singing of love and desire and his lyrics are about how he wants to disrobe her and have sex. I kind of feel as if the two people are at cross purposes: the alien wants true love, a partner, and he just wants sex.

i love your song Katy perry! =D

Jeeze. everyone needs to stop with the constant comparisons of singers! Let them be. I I love Katy Perry for being Katy Perry, and this video is pretty neat. And I think also that the lyrics are very dark and thought provoking, which is a nice change of pace for her.

Isn't that Queen Amidala from Episode 1?

I dig the song. Its just pop music people. Unless you are reinventing music, everything gets recycled. Clothes remind me of Akosha from Queen of the Damned; Avatar at the end. I dug it

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