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Kate Middleton's dress sells for $125,884 at auction

Kate Middleton and Prince William While a student at Scotland's University of St. Andrews in 2002, wearing a transparent slip of a dress for a charity fashion show, Kate Middleton turned heads -- in particular catching the eye of fellow student Prince William, who years later would become her fiance.

Now, the dress that may have fetched the young lady a prince has itself fetched $125,884 at auction.

Kate Middleton dress gets six figures at auction Charlotte Todd, who designed the dress as part of her St. Andrews course requirements, put it on the block as part of Kerry Taylor Auctions Passion for Fashion sale.

"Everyone says that the fashion show was when the romance started and when she bagged her prince, so a small part of me will always be part of royal history. It's madness!" Todd told People. 

An anonymous bidder scored the look, right; other items up for sale included intimates from the closet of Wallis Simpson, duchess of Windsor, and Princess Diana, William's late mother.

At roughly the same time last year, the same auction house nabbed $276,621 for an evening gown that had belonged to Di.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Left photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton in an official engagement portrait. Credit: Mario Testino

Right photo: Charlotte Todd's dress, which was sold at a charity fashion show. Credit: Ben Stansall / AFP/Getty Images

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William should have keep his stances and moved on instead of getting back with her..I don't see any kind of marriage of royalty for william and his workingclass girlfriend soon to be consort.....but I suppose if he lies to his brain enough he could make it appear to a happy chioce ,HAPPY ACTING Prince William .Because your going to need it .When your grandmother dethrones you and your father from the royal house for marrying....

Re-do this in all white and it should be her wedding dress! Oh the scandal! That would not be proper!

Maybe unlike his Father, he is marrying for love and not because he needs a mare for an heir and a spare. Poor Diana, having to miss her beautiful new daughter-in-law.


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