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Kate Middleton gets a low-key bachelorette party from sister Pippa

Prince William
reportedly enjoyed a "legendary" bachelor weekend recently, and now come reports that his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, has had her final single-lady celebration as well.

The future princess attended a quiet "hen night," as our friends across the pond call it, thrown by sister Pippa, with several close pals in tow.

There's nary a detail from the affair — whether it included, for example, feather boas or bawdy girl games (Kate certainly doesn't seem the type to enjoy an X-rated scavenger hunt, anyhow) — but several outlets are saying the low-key celebration did indeed go down.

It was so on the hush-hush that even the guests are merely a source of speculation: Likely partyers include Princess Beatrice, Alicia Fox-Pitt (who shared an apartment with William and Kate at the University of St. Andrews) and Rose Astor, the wife of Wills pal Hugh van Custem.

We previously reported that Pippa, who will serve as Kate's maid of honor, booked four separate locations for the big night in hopes of throwing off paparazzi. 


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kate Middleton pops some Champagne over a royal lifeboat on Feb. 24. Credit: Reuters.

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Some privacy seems so very appropriate for this young couple. Why does the press have to hound them so? I know the Royals are always great news in England, but, people, get a life, will you? I'm certainly glad you have them and pay for them with your taxes and we don't have to spend our hard earned money on these super rich people who never did a day's work in their lives. And not having to look at Camilla's photo in the news is certainly a relief.

We like the English but are happy we won the war!!!! U.S.A.


Um Clyde, not true that they don't work. Kate works. or did work in the fashion industry as a buyer, and William is a search-and-rescue pilot.

@Clyde - You did not win the war, you came in late and missed most of it.
@Lucy - Most Brits don't know what Kate did for a living so what makes you an expert? All reports we have say that she worked for her parents in their party accessories business and they have nothing to do with the fashion industry.
@Atlanta Roofing - Marie-Christine of Austria, wife of Prince Michael has been known as Princess Michael all her married life. Kate's official title will be Princess William but we will probably call her Princess Catherine same way we did Diana.


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