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Royal wedding: Kate Middleton has two bachelorette parties in the works

Middleton-bachelorette-hen-party As the March days melt away, leading ever closer to Kate Middleton and Prince William's April 29 wedding, traditional prenuptial events are in the works -- including Kate's bachelorette party, or "hen night," as they call it across the pond.

Middleton's maid of honor, sister Pippa, is in the midst of planning two evenings of fun to mark the end of Kate's single days -- one grown-up and sexy event in London, and one family affair at the girls' family estate in Bucklebury, Berkshire, South England. 

"Everything is shrouded in secrecy," a source rather predictably told UK paper the Daily Mail. "As well as the party in Bucklebury, Pippa has booked four venues in London. None of the girls know where they will be going –- and won't until the actual day."

Booking several venues is a common practice to throw off prying paparazzi and loose-lipped staffers for their night on the town. As for the home turf celebration, the report says it will have a "Dirty Dancing" theme.

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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kate Middleton enjoys one of her first tours of royal duty in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

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Bucklebury must be in the Shire, right? Will there be any hobbits at the wedding?

TWO PARTIES ,she can't leave her pastying days behind not the sign of a wife at side for trh william...She is soo to be consort and has no hope or royal placement .Like the other consorts to monarchy.

marriage to mate at the side ,will not be consider monarchy union ..Since charles and william have agree to marrying workingclass woman.THEN their new titles of life is workingclass and not that of royal monarchy.The children will not be heirs to throne and will not have value of monarchism ,so the will manage their news lives without crown assistance.Trh william will be william and charles of clerence with no royal prefix.....and their wives at their sides or consort workingclass.


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