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John Galliano fired by Dior in wake of 'I love Hitler' video

Dior designer John Galliano has been fired.

Designer John Galliano went from suspended to fired at fashion house Dior after a 2010 video in which he said "I love Hitler" went public Monday, and Oscar winner Natalie Portman later declared herself "shocked and disgusted" by his words.

"In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish," Portman said in a statement Tuesday, "I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way." The "Black Swan" star is the face of the Miss Dior Cherie fragrance.

Natalie Portman "disgusted" by John Galliano's behavior "People like you would be dead," the designer slurred to patrons at a neighboring table in the video, posted on the Sun website. "Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be ... gassed and ... dead." He also told those who made the video -- who were French and Italian, not Jewish, the Sun said -- that he had a problem with them because they were ugly. 

The Tuesday firing comes only days ahead of Friday's Dior show during Paris Fashion Week.

"In light of the deeply offensive statements and conduct by John Galliano [in that video], Christian Dior has commenced termination procedures against him," the company said in a statement, also quoting Chief Executive Sidney Toledano: "We unequivocally condemn the statements made by John Galliano which are in total contradiction to the longstanding core values of Christian Dior."

The British designer had been suspended by the company after he was questioned and released by police Thursday for allegedly making anti-Semitic and anti-Asian statements to a woman and man in Paris' La Perle restaurant and threatening to kill the man. Prosecutors and police said Friday that Galliano's blood alcohol levels were high.

He fought back over the weekend, denying the allegations and filing a defamation suit against the couple involved in the Thursday incident.

The video that surfaced Monday was also shot at La Perle, reportedly last year. Galliano has been with Dior for 15 years.

Portman chose a Rodarte gown for Sunday's Oscars, according to Grazia Daily, though Sharon Stone and Nicole Kidman did go with house of Dior. Portman's fiance, Benjamin Millepied, and actor Jude Law were among those wearing Dior Homme, which is not designed by Galliano.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

 The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Top photo: British designer John Galliano, center, arrives with his attorney, left, in a crush of media at a Paris police station on Feb. 24. Galliano was fired Tuesday by fashion house Dior. Credit: Ian Langsdon / EPA

Bottom photo: Natalie Portman with her best actress Oscar Sunday. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times


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Ann, he has freedom to speak. After all, he did. He was not restrained from speaking. Yes, you can yell "fire" in a crowded theatre. There will be consequences, however. Ann, in some countries his speech is actionable. And even if it wasn't, his desire to be Mel Gibson's next costume designer will exact a public price commercially and there's no law against voting with your wallet.

There are some small minded people if they are going to fire someone over a personal comment.

I can bet there are many people that posted here that would state they love; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc. As a Native American should I fire you for stating that you love these people? These men did steal the land and butchered my people, just like Hitler did to the Jews and others.

Also remember morals and ethics change far to often and vary from person to person to base any sound judgment.

Unlike most of cowards that posted here, I do not fear any person's views, beliefs or actions.

They're ugly??? LOL... This guy is horrendous. He should be escorted to anywhere but here.

Does Mel Gibson wear Galliano?

wow!! you people have a lot of judgement going on for
condeming someone who judged!!!! yikes!!!
John Galliano is perhaps the most talented couturier
ever...along with Yves Saint Laurent.
now, are we going to fire everyone because they
don't share/speak OUR views?? well, let's get
rid of Dolce and Gabbana...they use fur. they've
said some pretty nasty things.
reading your comments, one realizes that world peace
is so out of reach...tolerance, people. let it go.
and gently, perhaps the jewish people might be
a bit less thin-skinned....??!!
-world citizen

Both Hitler and Mussolini murdered gay men.
Doubt if this dope knows that.
Enough people will have told him by now.
And no, his Free Speech right has not been violated.
Only the govnt can violate the 1st Amendment.

Listen, Lulu... you "world citizen?" Freedom of speech doesn't apply to those of us who work for other people... and shame on you for looking past his antics just because he's the best at what he does.... you vapid whore.

Antisemitism anywhere, even from some louche boob equipped with more liquor than sense, is still hate-speech.
The fact that Galliano IS an influential personality in design and fashion makes his comments reprehensible. He deserves all the permanent damage that this will do to his reputation.

To Lulu- Just because he is a talented fashion designer does not give him moral credence to go around and publicly make racist statements. Obviously he has the right to do so due to freedom of speech but he is not on a different scale morally then you or me just because of his talent. People will make judgements on those that make those statements publicly, that does not mean that they are thin-skinned! Seriously, you think that Jewish people are thin skinned for being upset over someone stating that he hates them and loves the dictator that was responsible for 6 million of their deaths and torture? And that person happens to be famous and states that publicly? If he had said something similar about Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc, and they reacted the same way would you still believe that they are thin-skinned? Or is it just the Jews that you think are thin-skinned? Just wondering.
And, Christian Dior had no other choice but to fire him, obviously one of their big celebrity spokespeople is Jewish... and she did the appropriate thing by speaking out against him.

Hey last season Michael Kors compared himself to John Galliano , I urge the media to go and ask him if he still agrees!

Ok, I get it N. Portman, pedophile acts done by one of your chosen brethren are okay but anti-Semitic words are a big no no.

One would hope that an alternative lifestyle practitioner might understand Hitler in specific and anti-semitism in general as emblematic of the worst of humanity. Galliano like so many who deny or endorse the Holocaust miss what it meant.

6 million jews dies but also 6 million homosexuals, gypsies, artists intellectuals were murdered by the german state. The numbers matter little but the intent is the point. If you had killed us all, who would be next? The non-blond, the ugly, the old and the ill?

As jews we have many flaws. If you hate us and list the reasons why, I'd suggest that our deficits don't make us inherently jewish but instead show us to be inherently human.

and instead of posting more hate anonymously my email is bbblkbrd@ gmail as cowards die a thousand deaths but the brave die only once. And we are not afraid of cowards and fashionista hypocrites.

Mr. Galliano's behavior was indefensible- period. This has nothing to do with his creative talent, nor his style of dress or his sexual identity. Bigotry of any kind is inexcusable and I would warn any that so quickly play the anti-gay or, "flamboyant dresser" card that you are dangerously close to the exact behavior that you are so quick to condemn. The specific behavior is deplorable and should never be tolerated or excused, but that behavior does not become exempt when targeted at gay people or any group or any one full stop.

It is quite sad that the house of Dior does not understand what a loss they have suffered in the untimely firing of Galliano. He is a true hero of the fashion world. I wish him all the best.

If openly gay John Galliano doesn't know that Hitler openly persecuted gays -- murdered them in concentration camps -- then he is to be pitied for his stupidity in saying that he loves Hitler. Whatever his reason for saying what he did, his attack was inexcusable and he should apologize not only to Jews but to the gay community and every other group that Hitler persecuted as well.

Summary of a number of strands here:
1) He doesn't know - or chooses to forget - that gays were a target as much as Jews by Hitler.
2) either way he thinks he is untouchable by virtue of his reputation.
3) Free speech or not, a blow has been dealt for common sense which believes that no-one should be able to label anyone gassable, or ugly - or for that matter gay or homophobic whichever side - if you care - you happen to reside - just because you think you are famous enough to get away with it.
4) Christian Dior are a business and have to be seen to be doing the right thing to be protecting their business. This is reality and has nothing to do with sentiment.
5) Oh by the way.... and a giveaway as to where my sympathies lie ..... can we now see a shift to designers who design for women with real bodies and not anorexic androgynous coathangers.......

Extra Credit

It should be noted that were Mr. John Galliano alive in Germany during WW 2, as a homosexual, he would most likely have found himself in the Gas Chamber with the Jews he hates. Some hero you have there John.

As an Arab, I am all too aware that the word anti-semitism is often bandied about indiscriminately. In this case, however, it is absolutely appropriate. Galliano made an unbelievably hurtful and offensive remark every bit as bad as an actual assault, and deserves whatever comes to him. Perhaps he will now have time to sit back and think about where his life went so wrong.

I guess he forgot that Hitler was also fond of gassing gay people.

@Ann Common: he has a right to say what he likes, and we have a right to take issue with it. There is a difference between identity politics and approving genocide.

@teaparty magilacutty:
If he started talking approvingly about Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears, or the Turks and the Armenians, it would still be despicable. No need to make veiled references to the chosen people (i.e. Jews.)

Galliano is King! Galliano is EMPECCABLE in every way. Galliano is my hero!!!! Fierce! Fierce!! Fierce!!!

You suck Dior!!!! I can't imagine the fashion world without Galliano! J'adore! So, he made a mistake. Big deal! Let he without sin cast the first stone, or something like that. EVERYONE is prejudice against something, you ridiculous Pollyannas!!!! In fact, I see some of you are prejudice against gay people. Go crawl under a rock!

I support Galliano and the freedom of speech. If people have half a brain and read beyond the buzzwords that are published you will learn that it is possible he did not mean what he said. More importantly, let's face it Galliano does NOT need Dior, rather Dior needs Galliano. Helmut Newton, Dali and Cavalli have often been characterized as being misogynist yet Galliano says something while possibly under the influence and deserves a public lynching? 50 Cent recently made comments far more damaging that the one uttered by Galliano yet he escaped the scrutiny that Galliano is now experiencing. Are we really exercising our distaste for a man who is "different" ? Shame.

To all those who are offended by his comments and find it acceptable to return the favor by seeing this as an opportunity to start showing your colors and making comments about gays --- um, feel better?

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