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Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' video premieres on 'Idol' [Poll]


The premiere of the Jennifer Lopez "On the Floor" video on "American Idol" was a welcome distraction Thursday night after at the end of two intense hours of watching talented kids get sent home -- a relief, of course, until the guillotine came down for the last time moments after the video ended.

It was interesting to see the current style of music video (J. Lo's tune features rapper Pitbull) juxtaposed with the more classic songs the wild-card hopefuls chose to perform in their last-ditch efforts to stay in the running.

There'd been an interactive fan component to the "On the Floor" reveal. "Idol" fans were able to watch three endings online ahead of time, with the most popular version shown Thursday night. (Anybody remember "Choose Your Own Adventure"?)

Separate from the song, there are a few awesome shots of Lopez shaking her money maker, which is one asset that simply makes us happy. If it would make you happy to know the names of "Idol's" Top 13, visit Show Tracker.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Wow I am disappointed with her video. I believe she could of picked something
a lot more feminine.!

Painfully obvious product placement.

Using the Lombada music from the butter commercial many years ago. What's wrong with something new????

like Britney...another yawner....but dance club divas will eat it up like crazy...pour-quoi? typical JLO ghetto stuff we've seen before...

Not a fan of JLo's music, but that's irrelevant. Like Justin Bieber, Lady Gag, Miley Cyrus, et al, JLo is just another product of pop music's magical marketing machine. She is beyond hot looking, has the moves and the rockin bod, and oh by the way, she can carry a tune. What more do you need?

I love it

I was kind of surprised to hear Lambada by Kaoma in the song.. Obviously the words were different but DEFINITELY the same music and same tone of the vocals for that part..

Lambada by Kaoma and Stereo Love by Edward Maya. Jennifer Lopez took the hook from Lambada made in 1989 and left out the second half of the hook through Pitbull in the song and called it "her song" ON THE FLOOR. She is taking full credit when it should be called Lambada remix by JLO featuring Pitbull, This is indisputable that JLO's On the Floor is not Original!!!!

Does anyone remember waht the butter commercial was actully for, because i would like to see it again


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