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'The View' goes off on Glenn Beck's 'message being sent' by God [Video] [Poll]

Glenn Beck and that message from God Glenn Beck had his own little radio earthquake Monday talking about God and current events including Japan, eliciting a tsunami-style TV response Tuesday from the women who host "The View."

"If you read the news, it's like reading the Book of Revelation," Beck said Monday. However, looking solely at the tender, loving relationship between Beck and "The View," parts of this read more like the Book of Business as Usual.

Beck didn't specifically say God was causing earthquakes — but he said he's "not not saying that either." The radio and TV host said he pretty much leaves the will of God up to, you know, God -- as did Sherri Shepherd on Tuesday, bless her heart. But he did say there was a message in the world's recent chaos.

"What God does is God's business, I have no idea. But I'll tell you this — whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus, there's a message being sent. And that is, 'Hey, you know that stuff we're doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it. I'm just sayin'."

Now, according to Whoopi Goldberg, Beck said God's message was that people should follow the Ten  Commandments or something. After asking about the little-known "Thou shalt not build reactors by the water" commandment — shh, nobody mention San OnofreJoy Behar chimed in with "How about 'Thou shalt not advance your career on the back of the Japanese people right now?" all the while advancing her career on the back of Glenn Beck's invoking the situation faced by the Japanese people.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck was part of the conversation as well, but except for Behar sniffing around whether she could accuse her cohost of hearing voices, nobody was very mean to her for a change. (See video the whole discussion below, below the poll.)

On his radio show Beck did make some apocalyptic hay Monday with recent headline news — listen to the audio for yourself here — including the ominous fact that while he was on vacation, "A tidal wave traveled from Japan to the Golden Gate Bridge in less time than it takes you to fly from Japan to the Golden Gate Bridge."

This prompted us to flip back through our recollection of wave dynamics and pause briefly on the page in our mental book that said, essentially, "Laws of physics make some tsunamis move really fast." We assume the laws of physics didn't bother to clock themselves against the speed of a modern jumbo jet.

Beck also on Monday discussed rumors that he might be at his own end of days at Fox News — then on Tuesday he took time to note that people might do well to emulate the nonlooting, yes-working-with-one-another behavior he's seen out of Japan during this disaster.

And to think! In the Ministry's limited world view, we consider the price Justin Bieber's hair drew on EBay was pretty much a sign of the apocalypse.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Glenn Beck at Time Magazine's  "100 Most Influential People in the World" gala in New York on May 4, 2010 . Credit: Lucas Jackson / Reuters



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This poem was written after reading about the recent earthquake, and ensuing tsunami, in Japan. As we are wont to do in the face of unimaginable suffering, there are many speculations about whether or not this was a judgmental act of God. At least one Christian group was quoted as saying that Japan is cursed. As Christians we must always assume that God is judging us. One thing that we can never assume is that God is judging only others. The most important thing is that we must presuppose that we are all judged according to the measure of love by which we have lived. Sitting back and pointing the finger while others suffer can hardly be called love, whether God has punished them or not. Here’s the poem:

You say
Those people
You say
Are cursed
For God shook the earth
Wiping clean the coasts with His mighty
Abysmal hand

But, what is the will of God?
What is His command?
What is His review
But the measure
Of love
In you?

Behold, the Blessed One
Behold, He bleeds
Behold, He grieves
Behold, He screams
In travail
For you

Will you call Him cursed?
Will you Say
That the sentence resembles the verdict?

Oh how His love
Condemns the very seeds of sin
Which burgeon brier
And barb
Oh how His love
Though binding the universe
Can yet be barred from fruitfulness
Amongst the unkempt garden
Of the heart

For who is measured by the breadth of His cross
But you?
For who must answer for each seed lost
But you?

Hide on the high ground
And the wind of God will wear your very bones
To dust
Hide on the lofty peak
And it will be, for you
The very floor
Of the sea

For the wave yet reaches
For your shores
Tasting the very stones
Of your coast
Sidling in
Even to the heartland
To the very marrow
Of your snapping bones

God’s measure knows no bounds
Yes, even now
It rolls across the broad Pacific
And rises
At your feet
With exactitude

It is you
Oh survivor
Who now must stand with the dead
Before the great throne
Of decree

It is you
Oh survivor
While clicking your teeth
And thanking the holy remnant
That you are not
Those people
Thanking that holy remnant
Which you have misjudged
To be God

You, who might crave
The more consolation
In the cage
You’ve confused
For salvation

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder that in general we don't publish comments that include links.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Empathy tends to make me feel inadequate; vitriol like this is an inadequacy in the comprehension of reality that is my God's reality, my world's reality. Glen Beck has his own perspective as does all concerned. I feel their pain.

I believe that there is a whole lot more going on in this universe than what one can conceive at this point of our existence. Dare I say evolution or evolve? The thing that makes us special as a species is our ability to grow intellectually and become more and more aware of how the universe or the "everything" works. We become enlightened and realize just how insignificant we may be or the great potential we may have to further our existence. I cannot live in a box and believe that one ill-conceived piece of a 2000 year old way of thought was the cause for this disaster in Japan. I can however learn a very important lesson from this. I am amazed at how respectful the Japanese people are of each other as they go through this disaster. No looting, hoarding or taking advantage of each other like selfish beasts. Something we have all been witness to in so many other disasters of late. If there is a god, could it be that this is the lesson that is being taught? Regardless of who we may be as individuals, as a society I am convinced it is this true quality that will further our existence. It is this simple timeless quality that is constantly overlooked or misinterpreted no matter where it is written. So maybe you shouldn’t be worrying about keeping your arms and your legs in the car but how the car is being driven and where it needs to go.


I hope you are aware that tsunami waves can cross the ocean at over 600 mph. The recent tsunami was recorded as moving at 500mph at some points. A Boeing 747 has a cruising speed of 575mph. I know I major in physics, but it doesn't take a genius to google two things. Thank you for showing your ignorance to anything which doesn't deal with celebrities or the media. You are an awful reporter who writes a blog for the LA Times. Show the LA Times that you are remotely worthy of a job by not "begging the question" with scientific facts which aren't well-known. As much as I hate to say it I agree with Beck on this one point over someone else (you). Beck stated this to show that the speed of the wave directly correlates to the momentum it will hit the shore with, and imagine billions of pounds of water moving at speeds in excess of 500mph. It would be, and currently is, catastophic. I regret my choice to come to a pop culture blog due to the blatant lack of will to report a story which actually has information other than rambling in it.

The reason her co-hosts are 'mean' to Elizabeth Hasselbeck (I'm not going to go back and see if I spelled that correctly 'cuz she's just not worth it) is not only because they are political opposites, but because SHE IS A MORON. She's somewhere in between Jessica Simpson and that blubbering Miss USA contestant who rambled about education. She does not belong on any tv show, column, soapbox or information source of any kind. She shouldn't even be allowed to walk around downtown with an apocalyptic sandwich board. In the View's defense, it's hard not to be contemptuous of incompetent coworkers. If you haven't experienced this before, I would suggest you steer clear of people at work who are suspiciously nice to your face.

@Jeff A. -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. Sorry if this the post disappointed you, and sorry also that I didn't make my point more clearly.

In listening to Beck as he put the speed of the tsunami in context, what struck me was that his tone of voice and phrasing made it seem as if the occurrence of a tsunami traveling at that speed would be an *unusual* incident. I thought to myself, hey, while waves traveling that fast certainly don't happen every day, such velocity *would* be expected in a wave resulting from an earthquake the magnitude of what hit Japan. Laws of motion and all that.

My comment about nature not calibrating itself to the speed of a jumbo jet was, in fact, a light-hearted aside intended to entertain, because nature is not in a race with Boeing. However, if writing for this blog has taught me anything, it's that if you have to explain the humor, you should have written a better joke.

Believe it or not, I really *was* flipping back through my mind to three semesters of university physics. I have also been known on occasion to do math without a calculator.

Thanks for taking time to read and comment.


If you believe that God causes earthquakes to send a message to his sinning disobedient subjects, doesn't that make building codes a kind of sacrilege?

If you design your building so that an earthquake won't knock it down, then you must be planning to subvert God's will, right?

And woe be unto you, eh?

Joy was on the money when she stated Glenn Beck was advancing his career on the backs of the Japanese people, He's the Devil if there ever was one, not to mention a racist!

If Mr Beck would start following the 8th commandment "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour ", we would have a substantial reduction in natural disasters. By the way if god has an issue with Mr Beck he/she should take it there, not Japan. Also, god definitely should do something about the way he/she's communicating with people, this will not do.

I'd like to send a message: "Glenn Beck is a douche and so is anyone who believes anything he says."

@ Cynthia -- The other day, Beck was making a very salient point. Since Japan (which, like the U.S., is up to its eyeballs in debt) is going to need all the money they can beg, steal, or borrow from now on, they are going to stop buying our debt. Moreover, PIMCO - the largest private investment management firm in the world - has also stopped buying U.S. treasury bonds (aka our debt). And PIMCO is an American company! Want to take a wild guess as to what all of this means for your piggy bank?

You and Bigmouth Behar should do humanity a favor, and watch Beck before you pop off. You just may learn something!

Most people say that's the end of the world is coming soon. My parents are pasters and they have been saying that for atleast since I was five. It says in the bible that no one can fortell when the world is really going to end to even Jesus himself. SO no one should be saying things like that. (i'm just saying) But when something happend to the us... I'm not sure what we are going to be. We don't need to be like japan.

Well, gosh-darn it: Beck made another incendiary comment. Wow.
*I am so shocked.*
This is what this man does for a living: making outrageous, often wrong and nearly always mean-sprited remarks. And instead of ignoring his idiocy, no, the MSM has to go ballistic, while the conservative media just continues its usual apologia for this idealogue.
I could not care less what Beck thinks, and wish more Americans would follow suit.

Ah, Glenn Beck. I commented on another blog in another section of this newspaper a few days ago that I wondered when one of the many high-profile christian nutjobs would be the first to say that their god sent this Japan tragedy as punishment. I expected Rush Lamebaugh might be the first, but Beck doesn't surprise me either.

These creeps just can't keep their big mouths shut.

Why air-time is given to this clown is beyond comprehension???? And why anyone even watches his show must be completely brain-dead...

CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight" asked, I guess that goes to the question why would God allow people to be hurt like this unless he was angry with us?

In response Glenn Beck said on his radio show, “God doesn't want to fix everything he wants his children to learn how to fix their problems, as any good farther would do. Don't worry god is there.”

No farther or mother I know would let their children die for any reason,
I'm just saying unless you've met god, then then how can anyone really know why things happen.

Jeff A.: Since we seem to be throwing our credentials around like spoiled pedants, let me first say, my degree is in philosophy. Being a philosophy major, one of my pet peeves is when people use the phrase "begging the question" improperly. It does NOT mean 'prompts or invites one to ask'. I know that's what it sounds like, but trust me... that's wrong. I'm not even sure how you were attempting to use it there, but it's clear it was not correct. An argument that 'begs the question' is simply circular. As in 'why do you believe in God?' 'Because the bible says he exists' 'why do you believe in the Bible?' 'Because it's the word of God'. THAT's begging the question.

Lisa: Just love the way conservatives use these oddball archaic words like 'salient'. "Mr. right wing nutball has many SALIENT points". Oh yeah. I'm sure. Very Salient. Using that word makes them way more infallible than they were a minute ago. Also "STAUNCH conservative". Why are THEY staunch conservatives, but on the other side are RADICAL liberals? What a load of horse dung. It takes more than 'sounding' intelligent to BE intelligent.

'Somone': "My parents are pasters and they have been saying that for atleast since I was five."
Soooo... Based on your writing level, I would say that was about two or three years ago. Still no end of the world yet.

Note: Their parents are 'pasters'. Wonder if that involved home-schooling. Irony anyone?

@az66 -- Just because I stick up for Beck in response to a truly idiotic comment, you assume that I'm a neocon. How open-minded and tolerant of you!

No doubt, when God was passing out intellect, you weren't exactly first in line!

[UPDATED 4:15 P.M.: @Montana -- I've been trying to message this to you directly but you didn't provide a working e-mail. In general, we don't publish comments that include links. ]

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG reminding folks again ... in general we do not publish comments that include links.


LOL. Lisa says: "Just because I stick up for Beck in response to a truly idiotic comment,(...)". Oh yeah. You're just one of the 'reasonable' ones that has a 'moderate' view of Glenn Beck and his incindiary comments. Fantastic. Really on the ball there.

Does Ms. Behar ever think before she speaks. Everything that comes out of this womans mouth is just insensitive dribble. She makes the most rediculous arguments for her secular blabber. All I hear is "skeet, skeet, skeet." I like the show, but she needs a debate coach. Someone who could introduce her to research. She just makes women in the media look rediculous.

What has happened to the Japanese people is tragic. While it is true that God judges us all. I think the fine people of Japan have found great favor with God. For in thir darkest hour they still found it within their nature to be loving, kind, patient, and helpful with each other. No looting, no panic, no anger. I'm sure they are scared, anxious, and concerned; but they endevour to percervere. I think they have found the key to life, understand that we are all in this together and none of us are getting out alive. So, it doesn't matter so much how we die but how we live.

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