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'The View' goes off on Glenn Beck's 'message being sent' by God [Video] [Poll]

March 15, 2011 |  5:29 pm

Glenn Beck and that message from God Glenn Beck had his own little radio earthquake Monday talking about God and current events including Japan, eliciting a tsunami-style TV response Tuesday from the women who host "The View."

"If you read the news, it's like reading the Book of Revelation," Beck said Monday. However, looking solely at the tender, loving relationship between Beck and "The View," parts of this read more like the Book of Business as Usual.

Beck didn't specifically say God was causing earthquakes — but he said he's "not not saying that either." The radio and TV host said he pretty much leaves the will of God up to, you know, God -- as did Sherri Shepherd on Tuesday, bless her heart. But he did say there was a message in the world's recent chaos.

"What God does is God's business, I have no idea. But I'll tell you this — whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus, there's a message being sent. And that is, 'Hey, you know that stuff we're doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it. I'm just sayin'."

Now, according to Whoopi Goldberg, Beck said God's message was that people should follow the Ten  Commandments or something. After asking about the little-known "Thou shalt not build reactors by the water" commandment — shh, nobody mention San OnofreJoy Behar chimed in with "How about 'Thou shalt not advance your career on the back of the Japanese people right now?" all the while advancing her career on the back of Glenn Beck's invoking the situation faced by the Japanese people.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck was part of the conversation as well, but except for Behar sniffing around whether she could accuse her cohost of hearing voices, nobody was very mean to her for a change. (See video the whole discussion below, below the poll.)

On his radio show Beck did make some apocalyptic hay Monday with recent headline news — listen to the audio for yourself here — including the ominous fact that while he was on vacation, "A tidal wave traveled from Japan to the Golden Gate Bridge in less time than it takes you to fly from Japan to the Golden Gate Bridge."

This prompted us to flip back through our recollection of wave dynamics and pause briefly on the page in our mental book that said, essentially, "Laws of physics make some tsunamis move really fast." We assume the laws of physics didn't bother to clock themselves against the speed of a modern jumbo jet.

Beck also on Monday discussed rumors that he might be at his own end of days at Fox News — then on Tuesday he took time to note that people might do well to emulate the nonlooting, yes-working-with-one-another behavior he's seen out of Japan during this disaster.

And to think! In the Ministry's limited world view, we consider the price Justin Bieber's hair drew on EBay was pretty much a sign of the apocalypse.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Glenn Beck at Time Magazine's  "100 Most Influential People in the World" gala in New York on May 4, 2010 . Credit: Lucas Jackson / Reuters