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Larry King remembers Elizabeth Taylor, teases Sean Hannity about a cable host's inevitable fate

Larry King sat down via satellite with Sean Hannity on Wednesday night to share memories of his friend Elizabeth Taylor -- and to remind Hannity that one day he too would air the final installment of a long-running show bearing his name.

"She wrote her own chapter in a book that's hers," King said of Taylor, whose funeral was Thursday, the day after her death at 79 from congestive heart failure.

One thing he loved about interviewing Elizabeth? "She didn't have a line-cut between brain and mouth," King said.

"You asked her a question, she answered it. She was not fearful of what public opinion thought of her," he said, especially with regard to her early activism in the battle against AIDS, when "there were Hollywood stars who wouldn't talk to her, wouldn't go to any of her rallies ... because of fear of being associated with it."

King remembered the legendary actress as forceful and fiercely loyal. "Loyalty, which to me is the No. 1 attribute anyone can have, was her thing," he said. "If she was your friend ... she was your friend. You can't buy loyalty."

You also can't buy something like the send-off around the wrap of CNN's "Larry King Live" in December, a fate that King noted Hannity would not escape.

"You'll do it one day, Sean, you'll see. ... You'll stand there and have to do your last show, and
if it's a Democratic president, you'll be crying," King said with a smile. "It'll be fun to watch."

See the rest of the former cable rivals' gentle jousting match here.


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Watch out, Larry King and Anderson Cooper -- the anti-celebrities are at the gates. Heck, inside the gates.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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I couldn't believe the gush Shamnity was heaping onto The Kreep: "a pioneer", etc. I remember very vivdly in 1989 when The Kreep and his radio sidekick, Jim Bohannon, were throwing hissy fits like the 4 year old brats they are, vowing that Donald Trump would never, ever be on "Larry Kreep" again! You'd swear that Trump had just offed his wife and kids, the way The Kreep and Borehannon were going on and on. So, what was The Donald's great offense? He told The Kreep that he had to back away from him because The Kreep had bad breath! When you insist on getting into someone's face to do an interview, as The Kreep did, the polite thing is to brush your teeth and use some mouthwash beforehand; at least, that's what 99% of the civilized world would do. I stopped listening to Larry Kreep after that night.


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