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Chris Brown tweets about 'Good Morning America' outburst

Chris Brown on Good Morning America Chris Brown allegedly stormed off stage and shattered a window in his dressing room after a "Good Morning America" interview with Robin Roberts, who continued to question the singer about the criminal case involving his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

"What's going on now is recently the restraining order has been relaxed," Roberts said in the interview, referring to the order placed on Brown after the 2009 altercation that left his then-girlfriend bloody and bruised. "Have you all seen each other, been around each other?"

"I mean, not really," Brown said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day so that's what I'm focused on. So, everybody go get that album."

The singer's album "F.A.M.E." went on sale Tuesday and Brown, showing off bleached-blond hair and tattoo sleeves on both arms, told Roberts that the acronym stood for "forgive all my enemies" -- which prompted her to bring up the Rihanna issue again. "It was very serious what you went through ... how have you been able to put that ..."

"I've been focusing on this album," Brown responded, cutting her off. "I think this album is what I want people to hear and really get into. So definitely this album is what I [want] them to talk about, not the stuff that happened two years ago."

After the 21-year-old performed his new single, "Yeah 3x," he reportedly stormed off the stage.

"Once backstage, according to insiders, Brown stormed into his dressing room and started screaming and tearing the room apart," ABC reported. "Workers in the building called security. Before they arrived, insiders say Brown smashed a window in his dressing room, with the glass shattering and falling onto 43rd and Broadway."

"I'm so over people bringing this ... up!!!" Brown tweeted at 9:49 a.m. EDT, "Yet we praise Charlie
and other celebs for there [behavior]." But the tweet was quickly removed. 

Perhaps the image makeover stopped at the hair and tats?


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Chris Brown on ABC's "Good Morning America" Tuesday. Credit: Ida Mae Brown / ABC / Reuters

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Hi everybody! I just wanted to drop my two cents into the pool. I saw the interview and don't feel that Robin prodded deep into the past. The reality is, Chris Brown is trying to make a comeback from his past and how he handled the situation on air and off air could have probably brought back fans he lost because of the incident two years ago with Rihanna. His first response was handled appropriately, when Robin asked her second question, she asked how was he able to move past it... she was not ridiculing him or any of the sort. This could have been a perfect opportunity for him to show us the growth and maturity attained from the incident and just in general. Robin stated that " he did his time with the community service".

To be frustrated is understandable but knowing how much his actions are being watched, Chris Brown should have been more careful and maybe utilized some of the techniques from his anger management class to deal with his feelings. As I am sure smashing a window was not something the class would probably condone. I feel sorry for Chris Brown because I think he is trying to convince US he is over it but has yet to convince HIMSELF.

Robin was doing her job and unfortunately, journalism gets messy and you have to deal with touchy subjects. She did not keep pushing him and I think she tried to handle it delicately and even THANKED him for addressing it. Clearly, she knew it was hard for him BUT I am pretty sure the producers knew what questions they wanted her to address and if Chris Brown was prepped for the interview, he should have been prepared to deal with the One question about Rhianna and the ONE question asking how he was able to move past it....
He showed lack of maturity with his knee jerk reaction, which makes me wonder if the anger management classes were enough, and there was no need to compare himself to Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen is a self destructive idiot who doesn't even believe he is human so unless Chris Brown also believes himself to be supernatural... no comparison...

i hope he goes to jail for this, just because he is an singing start do not give him right to trash a places, same goes for charlie sheen, i know if it was me, i would have been in jail before i could get to the lobby.

Shannon. You're way off base. Did he hit anybody? No. But he's on 5 year's probation for beating the slop out of a defenceless woman (and there is never a reason for a man to ever, ever hit a woman EVER)!! He threw a chair through a $3,000 triple paned window and endangered people on the sidewalk below the window. Any judge would put you or me in jail for such actions. He's out of control and soon to be out of luck. Good by Chris, you're such a beautiful person.

i know if it was me the cops would have been called before i could get to the lobby, people like chris brown, charlie sheen and linsey lohan, mel gibson. they all get away with doing stuff like that cause they have fat bank accounts & always buy their way out of things, just once i like to see a brat like chris go to jail. robin roberts did her job, it's just bad that chris can give out pain, but can't take pain or a little question without acting like a child when he did'nt get his way;

How about Brown go back and complete first grade....see his idiotic tweet.....there bull....??? Oh really, how about their bull....! What a total idiot.

chris brown
kanye west
limited skill
waste of time

humans are so impossible to please let the boy live his life stop bringing up his past. Especially since he is a young man he has time to grow and learn from his mistakes but humans always know how to keep a black man down ...rihanna is full of shxt truth be told she is purposely makin his life miserable. i love you chris... forget the haters god knows your heart.

Please keep in mind that, according to the news reports, questions to be asked this young man were APPROVED by his team AHEAD OF TIME - there was no sneak attack.

When you demand attention from the public for profit, you get what you wish for...

chris brown is not thhat bad of a person they say he will lose all of his fans but i say we will support him like we did when the rihnanna thing happen


This is not a "racial" issue Whoopi. It is a hot headed out-of-control child who obviously hasn't been rehabilitated with his anger issues. I for one will not be buying his albums until he "grows up".

to me chris brown is my idol....and i think he is trying to get over the THING that happened 2 years ago so ppl should try giving him a rest .......he went he got help...and one of the things dat i think they told him is to get over wat happened so dats wat he's trying to do .......so please give him a break ........

Simply put, Robin owes Chris an public appology!!! This man continues to get his life together but people like Robin (reporters) who feel like they "GOT TO GET the STORY", by any means necessary, is unjust and simply disrespectul.

Give me a break....Robin had to "Get the story"...REALLY...She asked a question.....She didnt chance him down, she didnt hide in the bushes and jump out. He was at an interview, and asked a question. Hey Chris, do you want to know the best way to not have people ask you about losing your temper, or beating women is to NOT lose your temper, or beat women. YOu really got that mad over a question....SHE ASKED A QUESTION....The only reason you were on the show was to ask the question....As we all know, your career is in the dumps.....nobody was there to listen to you sing

Quoting Robin Roberts: "I wasn't trying to go back down memory lane and rehash every detail ..." Yea! Right! Robin Roberts was out of line in the way she kept badgering Chris Brown. I guess she didn’t understand that he didn’t want to talk about the past. She totally ignored him and reduced herself to buzzard journalism, picking at the last bit of meat! How sad, that someone whom God has been so merciful to would stoop to such levels to prove that she was in control. She is much older than Mr. Brown and she should have used more wisdom and treated him like a son instead of a "ratings increase." This is a classic case of “media black-on-black crime.” I am sure that she has issues in her past and that she doesn’t want people to keep bringing them up over and over (Would she get angry, if it is revealed that her past is less than stellar?). None of us are without sin and none of us want to be badgered continuously. Yes, he made a very serious mistake (abusing a woman) and he has paid for it. However, self-righteous (usually the root cause of their self-righteousness is deep seated self-loathing), sinless, pompous people who think they are judge and jury continue to convict him! Let the young man get on with his life. He satisfied the requirements of the court. As a professional, I expected more out of Ms. Roberts. She should be ashamed of herself! I am disappointed in her "tabloid journalism." In her heart of hearts, she probably knows that she was wrong. It seems that no matter what level of success one achieves in this life the base nature of humans is to always try and focus on the failures and mistakes of others and gloat over them! I guess this incident bolstered her self-esteem! One thing for sure, Chris Brown won’t be judged by the way we see him, he will be judged by the way God sees him. At least he will get a fair shake from the Lord. Jesus called those who judge others without judging themselves hypocrites. He said, “Don't pick on people, jump on their failures, and criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same treatment. That critical spirit has a way of boomeranging. It's easy to see a smudge on your neighbor's face and be oblivious to the ugly sneer on your own. Do you have the nerve to say, 'Let me wash your face for you,' when your own face is distorted by contempt? It's this whole traveling road-show mentality all over again, playing a holier-than-thou part instead of just living your part. Wipe that ugly sneer off your own face, and you might be fit to offer a washcloth to your neighbor.” Matthew 7:1-5 Message Bible)

Is it safe to assume based on some of the comments that all who believes Chris should not be forgiven, should stop sing and dance, or be sent to jail because of what happened 2 years ago, ARE GOD?? THEY ARE PERFECT AND HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE.

I thought Jesus died for ALL our sins, or he died for everybody else's but those hating Chris. The young man made a damn mistake. I will forever be a Chris Brown fan, but I was very upset at the assault. He went to anger management classes, apologized (repeatedly), did his community service with no complaints, stayed out the spotlight and obeyed the restraining order, what else must he do to prove that he MADE A MISTAKE? Should he kill himself because if that is what some of you saying, then u guys better kill EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD THAT IS DOING WRONG.

Robin was wrong for what she did, Chris acted poorly OFF STAGE, IN HIS DRESSING ROOM. He needs to get his anger under control BUT to say that only people who are "out of control" and a "jerk" acts the way he did under such circumstances when he is a human with feelings, is a very interesting (bad way) thing to say or think. I am currently a psychology student and I would love to study people who says things like this because I find it amazing that these people exist. I can bet that EVERYBODY who commented on this post are happy that their dirty laundries are not publicly known and talked about on television. So I hope that NOTHING bad EVERY happens to those hating Chris and that YOU DO NOTHING WRONG IN YOUR LIFE FROM THIS DAY FORWARD!!!

And for those who would never "line his pocket", what you need to realize is that some of the songs that other artist sings, CHRIS BROWN WROTE THEM and he gets paid. So because Rhianna is the victim, nobody talks about the way she has been behaving and dressing? What is wrong with the world today is that the media seems to influence people's thinking and judgement. I notice that ONLY negative things are being addressed in the media but good things are not praised because THAT IS NOT TELEVISION OR NEWS WORTHY. Radio stations, journalists, TV talk shows do not get good ratings if positive, life changing, and uplifting things are talked about in the media. A negative image has already been painted of him in many people's head and because their brains are so dense, they fail to realize that people do change and he is trying to be a better person. NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES, PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS JUDGE HIM NEGATIVELY AND BLAME HIM BECAUSE IT IS EASIER TO DO THAT THAN TO CRITICALLY AND OBJECTIVELY ANALYSE THE SITUATION AT HAND.


leave him alone if he hit her he hit her that was 2 years ago they need to leave him alone, love you chris <3

i think that everybody should get over the whole chris brown thing.I still LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!!And im a huge fan!!!!

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