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Chris Brown tweets about 'Good Morning America' outburst

Chris Brown on Good Morning America Chris Brown allegedly stormed off stage and shattered a window in his dressing room after a "Good Morning America" interview with Robin Roberts, who continued to question the singer about the criminal case involving his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

"What's going on now is recently the restraining order has been relaxed," Roberts said in the interview, referring to the order placed on Brown after the 2009 altercation that left his then-girlfriend bloody and bruised. "Have you all seen each other, been around each other?"

"I mean, not really," Brown said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day so that's what I'm focused on. So, everybody go get that album."

The singer's album "F.A.M.E." went on sale Tuesday and Brown, showing off bleached-blond hair and tattoo sleeves on both arms, told Roberts that the acronym stood for "forgive all my enemies" -- which prompted her to bring up the Rihanna issue again. "It was very serious what you went through ... how have you been able to put that ..."

"I've been focusing on this album," Brown responded, cutting her off. "I think this album is what I want people to hear and really get into. So definitely this album is what I [want] them to talk about, not the stuff that happened two years ago."

After the 21-year-old performed his new single, "Yeah 3x," he reportedly stormed off the stage.

"Once backstage, according to insiders, Brown stormed into his dressing room and started screaming and tearing the room apart," ABC reported. "Workers in the building called security. Before they arrived, insiders say Brown smashed a window in his dressing room, with the glass shattering and falling onto 43rd and Broadway."

"I'm so over people bringing this ... up!!!" Brown tweeted at 9:49 a.m. EDT, "Yet we praise Charlie
and other celebs for there [behavior]." But the tweet was quickly removed. 

Perhaps the image makeover stopped at the hair and tats?


Chris Brown can be near Rihanna, if he doesn't annoy her

Chris Brown passes milestone, asks court to lift protective order

Chris Brown proud of completing 52-week domestic-violence education program

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Chris Brown on ABC's "Good Morning America" Tuesday. Credit: Ida Mae Brown / ABC / Reuters

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How is it possible that the focus here is the fact that he is black? Who cares??!! He's no different than most of the entertainment industry....always acting surprised and annoyed when questioned about their dirty laundry. No support should be given to a convicted abuser. That's what you should be focusing on and where your disgust should lie not on who interviewed him or her tactics.

There is NO EXCUSE for damaging someone's property just like there is NO EXCUSE for damaging someone's face. He clearly has not learnt his lesson. For those of you defending Chris Brown ... YOU AS WELL are all messed in the head. You think because Robin asked some questions about his past that upset him he has the right to go damage property? This just proves when he's angry he loses control just like he did with Rihanna .. He's was a LOSER THEN and he's a LOSER NOW. I hope he gets what's coming to him ... JAIL TIME!!!!!! Chis you're a PUNK. You say you have forgiveness for your enemies??? PROVE IT. Why don't you try acting like a grown man. You did abuse Rihanna so no matter how long it takes for the questions to stop being asked, you need to suck it up and face the consequences of your actions. You did the crime ... you should have thought about how long it would follow you throughout your career before you took Rihanna's face and %^&$ it up!! ... I don't feel the LEAST BIT SORRY FOR YOUR FOOLISH ASS> ... i hope your record label drops you. You're a horrible example to the young generation.

As a 15 year old I can definitely agree with the other comments. I believe that the whole Rihanna business should be in the past. I am not saying to forget about that event because yes i definitely agree he was wrong but hasn't he already paid the consequences? His music career was at an all time low and now he is trying to get his mind-set on the future and hoping that others will do so too. I mean come on now people; pull your heads out of the past and keep your heads in the present. We don't even have evidence that he threw the chair at the window. Was he the only individual in his dressing room? NO If there is no witnesses, why come to conclusions and believe it?

ok first off.....YESSSSSS she was very wrong for that!!!! i mean yes he hit the girl or beat her up but i mean it has been two years and if she has lifted the restraining order then clearly she has moved on why cant we???? i mean that is just stupid to continue to pound on something like that....this man is trying to move on with his life..he know he was wrong and is continuously trying to do better but we as the public will not let him!!! God let this man be!!!! Second no he is not an immature person for acting the way he did....MR. WILLARD!!!!!! maybe you are...he is a human....he is not perfect and neither are you so dont judge him!!!! This is just ridiculous that we have bigger things going on in the world and all people can do is out others down!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! its not your problem!!!!!!!!! Did he hit u???!!!! no he didnt so shut up!!!!!!!!!! ALSO @ Pam Sossamon shut up please and i mean that with the up most respect!!!!!! give him a break!!!! people screw up all the time i know u have done somethings in your life that u wish you could take back everyone has !!!!! How are you to judge him??? Not your job hun!!!! loser.....lol you people are something else!!!!!!! let it go move on with your life...that man is not thinking about you and probably could care less if you bought one of his albums or not!!!! who are you to him??? O yea you are a non factor!!!!!!

Omg. I cannot believe that someone would want to blame Robin Roberts for this??????? Where was his the person Chris hired as a press secretary? Chris should have been prepared and had more of a redemptive response. Hello?!?!?!?!?! Please chris sit up straight on the bar stool to look like a MAN who has paid his debt to society. Why would he even compare himself to Charlie Sheen? Every time Chris opens his mouth he looks stupid! Robin you are a top notch journalist and I love you on gma. Do not own this as your problem. You simply gave this artist a chance to promote his craft. He just could not deliver an articulate response. Chris you had no right to destroy any property. And in case your wondering, I am a black female.

he is a dam fool

Why should Chris get special treatment because he is young, black and dumb!?!?! Chris you have learned nothing and I hope your album bombs!!!!! You do not deserve success.

I do not think that she should have brought up that topic with Chris because that is something that he probably does not feel comfortable talking about when he is trying to promote his new album and why bring something that happened in the past up in the present? However, that was wrong for him to react the way he did because he could have talked to Robin about the situation in a respectful manner. So from hearing and seeing all of this news I would say that the both of them were wrong on their parts

I think Chris should have used better restraint of course. But I also agree that Robin shouldn't have pushed the issue. You know what Chris could have done. He could have said, "Hey Robin! How about that cancer! I see you finally have some hair on your head!" I bet she doesn't want to be constantly reminded that she could come out of remission at anytime.

Frankly seeing what she's been through medically should make her have more compassion for others.

Stripes are Stripes---and they rarely change unless something of personal significance alters a mindset. Obviously the past event in his life has not fully been dealt with by Chris--and 2 years is a very short time to deal with something like domestic abuse---he aggressively attacked a female,no excuse for that action....end of story. Only he can come to terms with his actions....and everyone will know when he has truly come to terms with it---you will see it in his eye's---right now I see a defensive Chris Brown still fighting it--example: destroying a dressing room. I hope he matures enough after all of this to change his Stripes...I wish him "well" and I hope he comes to terms with it soon... for him and his fans.

Im a chris brown fan and i will forever love him,no matter wat happens with him,wether there iz another domestic violence charge,more pictures and/or,anothe out burst(or)fit.NO MATER WAT FOR ME ITZ TEAM BREEZIE FOR ME!YESSSIRR!I am sorry if i affend anyone,im honestly just giving my true opinion.thanx.

Its been approximately two years since he attacked Rhianna--if he has not gotten over that by now, he has more problems than some class can solve. What he needs is some one-on-one time with someone that can get into his head and see what is going on, and do what they can to help him.


I do understand that chris brown iz a grown man but cut it out!knock it off!that stufff happend TWO Years ago!ppl need to move on!ROBIN,i do feel u went to far,and i think u no it.u could see the maddness n his face.U NO HE DIDNT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!N NOW U GETTIN DOGGED ON BCUZ OF IT! PPL MOVE ON.N I NEED PROOF TO BELIEVE HE MESSED UP THE DRESSING ROOM.

I watched the interview this morning and I clearly saw that he was disturbed about the questioning of Rhianna. I think at this point it's overkill. We should allow him and Rhianna to move on and not be questioned over and over about their past ordeal. For Robin Roberts to continue to badger Chris was unfair, disappointing, and it revealed her poor interviewing skills.


I find it very sad to see a young entreprenuer having so many struggles with personal. I have been in business for decades and I have always been able to seperate my life. Grow up Chris, it will be easier for you if you stay away from the bad seed. Riahhana has not portrayed an innocent victem by far. Everything about her is porn and SNM..very satanic..move on she will fall on her own. Take your hits and resume your life. The media will always dwell on the negative..stop acting out!!!

The problem with people in this world is that they magnify all that is wrong and when you are trying to move forward, they'll try and keep you there. With this said that woman knows she was wrong, but that's his world. It's what the media does. On the other hand, Chris still has some issues with his anger (if this is what really happened) b/c I've learned I can't believe everything that the media says. Change is a process, bottom line. However, a person has to be allowed the opportunity to do so. This young man is still extremely talented and has tremendous potential to be something great. Allow him to do so. Rihanna is soaring off the charts and if my memory recalls she too has some anger issues. Keep pushing...

I was shocked at the fact that Robin continued to push that subject. He's trying to go on, he made a mistake and he paid for it with bad publicity. Its been 2 years and he deserves a chance to learn from his mistakes and I know he has. He was right to tweet about Charlie. Charlie pulled a knife out on his wife, threatened to kill her, locked a woman in the bathroom naked, and he's not being vilafied, he's making even more money, and he's a seriously grown man. Chris is young and made a mistake (i must repeat that) Now she wants to throw that in his face. I don't blame him for being upset. Well, at least he didn't throw a tantrum on air. In that regard, I think he handled himself well. I wish him nothing but luck. Robin, please quit your day job.

Irobin was disgusting she should be reprimanded, and as far as I'm concerned fired! He tried to avoid her questions, but some of these reporters think they are the judge and jury! I am an older man, not a Chris brown fan or groupie.. Just think right is right and she was wrong ! Lets keep bringing upnher past. I'm sure we can find something on her!!

It's not allegedly...he did it and should be put in jail for violating his parole. What a rude and out of control punk. Robin discussed all the questions she was going to ask Chris before the show started.

They both were wrong. Robin ignored the signs he gave her by telling her he is focused on album. After the first time she should have moved on and not press the issue. He on the other hand, should have been responsible enough to vent in a different manner, after he left the building. Not act like that.

for all those who thinks he should spend time in jail, you're just sad people, period. Lindsey, no jail, jessica simpson, no jail, mel gibson, no jail, charlie sheen, no jail. wow, will someone please add to this. and lindsey failed on her probation. lol. he didn't hit anyone. there's not one person in this forum, could testify that they have never become, angry, mad, ticked off to the point where they express it through a physical action. women, we throw dishes, men, punch holes in the wall. should they be arrested and go to jail? no, so stop with the hating on this guy so much.

number one. People should be ashamed of themselves. Most of you want bad to come to chris brown because you are wicked and no different then the devil himself. How do I figure that I hear comments like "he should never be forgiven" "I hope his album bomb" some of you all wish he was dead in your hearts. Sounds like the evil hateful thought to me. So that shows me those people aren't perfect and discredit any comment you have on this site. If you was a loving person you would have comment about hope and love for chris. How about lets pray for Chris that he will do right in the future. Weather you like it or not rhianna has forgiven him. God has forgiven him. And all those who haven't that's your hatefull problem. Chris DOESN'T HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANYONE BUT GOD. He doesn't owe any of you people anything. Who ever was like karma karma. Yeah wait till it hits you. When no one will lets something go that you have done in your life. I don't care what happen on GMA. What i'm saying is stop the hatred. Hatred in Gods eyes is murder. And if you ask me its the people who can't forgive that have real issues. Special a person who doesn't owe you any type of apologize. Lol he doesn't even know you exist. Rofl. God bless you all and I'm praying for america filled with so much hate.

btw I'm posting this from a phone. Sorry for the misspelling.

btw F.A.M.E looks like it going to be one of the top selling albums of this year. So good luck for those hoping it bombs cuz so far its breaking records.

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