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Chris Brown tweets about 'Good Morning America' outburst

Chris Brown on Good Morning America Chris Brown allegedly stormed off stage and shattered a window in his dressing room after a "Good Morning America" interview with Robin Roberts, who continued to question the singer about the criminal case involving his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

"What's going on now is recently the restraining order has been relaxed," Roberts said in the interview, referring to the order placed on Brown after the 2009 altercation that left his then-girlfriend bloody and bruised. "Have you all seen each other, been around each other?"

"I mean, not really," Brown said. "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day so that's what I'm focused on. So, everybody go get that album."

The singer's album "F.A.M.E." went on sale Tuesday and Brown, showing off bleached-blond hair and tattoo sleeves on both arms, told Roberts that the acronym stood for "forgive all my enemies" -- which prompted her to bring up the Rihanna issue again. "It was very serious what you went through ... how have you been able to put that ..."

"I've been focusing on this album," Brown responded, cutting her off. "I think this album is what I want people to hear and really get into. So definitely this album is what I [want] them to talk about, not the stuff that happened two years ago."

After the 21-year-old performed his new single, "Yeah 3x," he reportedly stormed off the stage.

"Once backstage, according to insiders, Brown stormed into his dressing room and started screaming and tearing the room apart," ABC reported. "Workers in the building called security. Before they arrived, insiders say Brown smashed a window in his dressing room, with the glass shattering and falling onto 43rd and Broadway."

"I'm so over people bringing this ... up!!!" Brown tweeted at 9:49 a.m. EDT, "Yet we praise Charlie
and other celebs for there [behavior]." But the tweet was quickly removed. 

Perhaps the image makeover stopped at the hair and tats?


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Chris Brown on ABC's "Good Morning America" Tuesday. Credit: Ida Mae Brown / ABC / Reuters

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I so disappointed in you Robin, I know that you are trying hard to fill Diane Sawyer's shoes and you not even close of being in her league has a journalist. So you decide to push this young black MAN off the edge to pump up your career. So enjoy Destruction that you ignited. I know that you may not be a supporter of young black males or males period but I once respected you of being a responsible journalsit and professional. I sadden by Chris's outburst and actions and your part in it.

That scuffle will always overshadow his music career...oh well...let's keep dancing..

didn't they do a similar thing to Kanye West? Regardless, she could've stuck with the topic at hand, which was his album. That was wrong on her part.

I can't believe Ms. Jones would come on here and pretty much blame Robin for this grown mans outburst. Chris Brown clearly has anger issues. When you abuse a women you must realize that NO it does not just go away with the color change of hair. It takes time and most of all acceptance. Your dissappointed in Robin and saddened by his ouburst? How about just upset with him. Then to down play this fantastic news journalist for this fool. This is the true issue with the black community. Praising the unworthy. Then to say she don't support black men....How do you figure this? Do you have any evidence? Your comment is hurtful, out of context, and just plan old uneducated.

I find it disturbing that people would post before proof reading. I too think that once he answered the question and began to deflect in his answers, she should have addressed something else pertaining to him. I would be pissed also but who really knows what happened in that room. Show me a video and I'll believe it. We spend too much time laughing at Charlie and his silliness but continue to slam "blacks" and their past. Let the boy move on. I see nothing wrong with addressing the issue but does it have to be everytime he's on television. When do we move forward. I saw that he was trying to yet she was not... when do we realize that we are provoking people?

If I were in an interview and I'm trying introduce my new album with that title that didn't mean for the person giving the interview to bring up news that happened two years ago I would have done the same thing but had a little control over the situation. Chris has been through to much for you all to bring up old and negative issues. Positiveness isn't shown that much and I think it needs to be shown.... Thanks, and to the people who have a problem with being positive God bless you all. "DUECES";)

Apparently Mr. Brown hasn't 'gotten past it' if he throws tantrums over it. What an immature person. Karma baby, karma.

I thought it very bazaar Chris Brown couldn't even sit up on the stool while being interviewed. Real classy Chris.

If you can't handle the fact that some ppl may just ask you questions that you don't want to answer then....don't promote. Don't interview! Just continue to sing and dance. Why is everyone comparing Chris to Charlie? I can't understand that. Two different ppl doing two different things, and in two totally different worlds. My apologies to those that could not get thru my misspelled words. I don't proofread on sites that I may venture to. I just saw the post and dropped a quick comment. Hope I got a better grade on this paper and I accept the sideways critic without trashing my office.

but the music is utter crap so who really cares about that guy ?

I understand Chris Brown is a man he needs to control his anger bt at the same time who wants to be reminded of what happened in there past, i would be mad also, if you come on a show expecting to to talk about your album and they keep going off topic and bringing up something that is no where near the topic and also something that is in your past. Robin should be ashamed of herself to think that those questions where okay!

I can accept it if he doesn't want to discuss the incident that is old news now. He just wanted to promote an album, and that's cool, but to storm off and break a window?? That just proves he's not over the issue in question? Dumb move Chris Brown, but I still like your music :)

What a loser! Always has been and always will be A LOSER. No matter how much money he may have, he will always drag himself back into the shallows because he is BASE!!!!!! He is a PUNK and a LOSER and always will be. I'd NEVER buy any music (if that's what you call it) because I'd never line the pockets of such a jerk. The cream rises to the top and the S _ _ _ falls to the bottom. I hope he never sells another record and hope he ends up in violation of his probation....maybe jail time would do him good. LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Brown fans may have a point to make, but pointing to Charlie Sheen and saying "why can Charlie do that and it's ok but not Chris?" is not the way to go about making your point.

Do you let the press dictate your views and/or life? If you're ok with what Mr. Sheen has done and with what Mr. Brown has done, then that's what I'd call a "you" problem.

People are on here attacking Ms. Roberts, a woman who's done nothing but work her way up through the world of journalism. Mr. Brown beat up a girl. I don't care how you want to spin it, he beat up a girl. That your anger is directed toward Ms. Roberts and not Mr. Brown is not only a "you" problem, it's a "values" problem that needs to be addressed. As in, you should get some values.

Robin Roberts, you are such a jerk!! Are you the new paparazzi? Why would you kill Chris Brown's promotional appearance on your show? Let things in the past be in the past!! He has paid for his actions, and you are really a cut-throat tv personality!!

By the way, to Mr. Brown, perhaps you can find another tribute to sob through this evening as a way of "showing" us your penance. Oh look how sorry he is, he's crying.

Listen up Boy,

I believed you failed the test DOG!. Anger issues and tantrums will get you no where!
WAFYAYOWE What about forgiving yourself as your own worst enemy!
The hair color and tattoos are the only superficial change you made dude. Get a grip! Need more anger issue classes $$$$ buy them dog! If you want a good woman you will at some point have to act like a man.

It is not Robins problem it is Chris Browns problem---Anger Issues--- He needs to OWN up! You guys are ridiculous doing the Blame Game. TANTrums are for kids not very sexy for an adult we did see what it was capable of doing to Rihanna! He is the only ONE who is capable of controlling HIMSELF!

to Paulette Jones: Yes Chris Brown was there to promote his album but his response to Robin's question were rude and a bit callous. The fact of the matter is that he did something completely reprehensible two years ago that won't be forgotten by anyone especially the media. For any journalist, whether it be Diane Sawyer or Robin Roberts, that piece of Chris's life will remain news and it will be brought up. It is up to Chris to control his emotions when it is mentioned in future interviews. As you have read, his anger management classes has essentially failed him. Robin's probing of the issue has nothing to do with the "support of young black males" or the pushing of "this young black man...to pump up her career."

I think that Chris Brown has come a long way from the incident with Rihanna and to constantly bring it up when he is coming to promote his new album was plain out wrong. I feel that this was very racial and there are many people that have done worse things than he has in America and it has never been talked about. How is that Charlie Sheen can do something in my opinion that was very horrindous and it be laughed at, but here we are two years later still talking about Rihanna.People please let it go!!!

How much longer are we going to hold this over his head? I mean seriously now. If you were put in that situation you would be mad and upset too. It was HIS time, not damn Rhianna's!!! This man is trying to get his career and life back together, like anybody else would after they made a mistake. He really should've made it very clear before the interview, that he didn't want to bring up the Rhianna incident. Hold your head up Chris...

Wow pam, you have a whole lot of nasty things to say about chris brown. are we seriously gonna allow ourselves to worked up over the actions of someone we have never met. Pam what the He ll makes you a sainte.? what makes u so perfect to be able to say things like "if you call it music"? now you have gone from insulting an individual to insulting a musical culture. your a jerk for saying it. and i'm assuming that everyone who has something bad to say about him is perfect also. I dont know him, I know of him.

Mr Williams what black community are you talking about are u even black or just playing black on the surfice? and who the arf are you to decide who is unworthy or worthy for whatever praise u are refering to? Good journalist make the interviewee comfortable with answering their questions. she should have backed off when his body language changed but she didnt the reason is, is that her white producer wanted her to push the topic for ratings. So Robin should have grown that female backbone and said she is not going to try and lowball this YOUNG man and yes folkes lets not forget the boy is young and someone should not be character defined by one action. If we did then Pam is a bad person simply because she says nasty, hateful things about somebody she doesnt even know nor even met..

Are you serious, Paulette and Sharise?

Taunting and harassing someone into violence is one thing, but asking a simple question is another. If Chris Brown can't be asked questions without smashing a dressing room, he needs to be locked up.

And quit the nonsense about Robin Roberts being anti-black or anti-man. Nothing's more racist than having lowered expectations for this man just because he's young and black.

I think Chris Brown needs to think about his outburst in the dressing room, if that is what truly happened. I disagree with several of the comments posted!!!! Everyone makes mistakes, and celebrities are no different! Chris Brown was wrong, but who are we to judge! He was there to promote his album, and made reference to that several times! I would have been highly upset too! Also, I am sure that the person that made the comment that she would not line Chris Brown's pocket fails to understand that is a personal choice, and I am sure that her $13-$15 will not break his bank! Everyone deserves forgiveness.

What happened with Chris and Rihanna happened a long time ago (in my opinion). BUT it is Robins job, as a journalist conducting a celebrity interview to ask questions. Questions that "We the People" would ask and that's what she did. This kid just cannot handle the fact that he "messed up big time" and people are still talking about it. Well that's tough.....grow up and get over it Chris! You have to take responsibility for your actions forever more. If you can't stand the heat....get out of the kitchen. Don't tear it up! His actions proved the nay-sayers right.

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