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Charlie Sheen: Are we witnessing the crash in 'Sheen's Korner'?

Charlie Sheen on UStream in "Sheen's Korner" Charlie Sheen has his "Sheen's Korner" webcast in heavy production on UStream, and the results ain't pretty. Actually, things got downright disturbing with the Monday night installment.

Looking gaunt and generally creepy, the actor who was fired from "Two and a Half Men" earlier in the day made only shreds of sense during the brief webcast.

For example: "If you own the home in which you own the trash can, you should never have to empty it ever, ever, ever again."

Recycling recent catch phrases ("Winning!" "Duh!") and acting out the title of his imagined autobiography ("Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life -- Everybody Wins!"), Sheen suggested he get paid product-placement sponsorship money, tore at his hair and moved in and out of frame.

If anyone was going to find a way to sink further after wielding a machete and drinking "Tiger Blood" on the Live Nation rooftop in Beverly Hills on Monday, after proclaiming to paparrazzi that he was "free at last," we suppose it was going to be Sheen (see the video below). Nice move from a guy accused of threatening his wife with a knife -- but who are we to judge, right?

There's really no good way to accurately describe what went down on UStream; if you can handle the profanity and apparent insanity, see the video here.

Meanwhile, Fox's "House M.D." got in on the Sheen action Monday night with a scene riffing off "Two and a Half Men," featuring Hugh Laurie in one of those "ugly shirts" and taking on Charlie's bad-boy persona while encouraging lawbreaking and decadence from his girlfriend's young daughter.

Chuck Lorre was rumored to be talking to Rob Lowe about taking over for Sheen on the sitcom, TMZ said Tuesday.

But back to "Sheen's Korner": The last time we saw a similar webcam train wreck on UStream, it was December 2009 and we were watching Casey Johnson cuddle with Tila Tequila in an NC-17 extravaganza billed as an engagement announcement. We asked at the time, "And is it still true love if you sign off on your engagement video with a pitch for the website where you can see the bride and her fiancee having the sex they told you they were about to have?"

Less than a month later, hard-partying heiress Johnson, 30, was found dead at her L.A. home from complications of diabetes. The 30-year-old likely had died days before her body was found Jan. 4. Still, there was no end to Miss Tila's Web-fueled media blitz (which pales in comparison to Sheen's, incidentally), leading to the resignation of her publicist 10 days later. Is it just us, or does some of this sound familiar?

When pushed for comment on speculation that he is bipolar, Sheen vigorously denied the idea, asking  ABC's Andrea Canning, "If I'm bipolar ... aren't there moments where a guy, like, crashes  ... in the corner, like [whimpering], 'Oh my God , it's all my mom's fault'? Shut up. Shut up. Stop. Move forward."

With "Sheen's Korner," are we seeing just that -- the actor as he "crashes ... in the corner"?


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-- Christie D'Zurilla


Photo: Charlie Sheen in a screen grab from the March 8, 2011, episode of "Sheen's Korner" on UStream. Credit: UStream.tv




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Charlie get help you are loosing it fast. We onced loved you now we only feel sorry for you. You loose

I believe you mean "lose," as in to lose a ballgame, not "loose" as in the screws in your head.

charlie think of the kids bro, not just now but the long term effects of
these current events and how it will effect them in the long term! nothing wrong with blowing off a little steam we can all understand that just take a moment between your lapses of judgment to consider the inocent ones in this mess. i dont say this to be nasty just a concerned fan. anyway keep your chin up and try 2 relax a bit, easyer said than done hey!!!

hello i always am a fan of charlie sheen i think that he is great he was just betrayed by individuals that he trusted and thought was friends i still watch his films i hope things get better for charlie which i most certaining predict this sheens korner really is a hot concept for charlie he has to do something to keep the money flowing if charlie needs a sidekick that will keep it real whether he's broke or rich pls ask him to holla at me peace to sheens korner

what a mess!

We are witnessing a psychotic break in a very ill man. He needs to be in a hospital.

You are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET HELP !!!!!! been there done that..... And yes I am a fan... But you are killing your rep,

you have got to be the most absolute a-hole...shut your mouth ....have a glass of water ...and go to bed..... when you wake up eat and go to the gym...i would take your professional problems any day ....just give me 1/1000 of your money... and i'll befine...

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder to keep it clean. We don't publish comments that include slurs or profanity, even if you use aster*sks or sym&ols to try to get around the filter.

'Cause I'm the filter. :)

Thanks all for reading and commenting.


From the heart. This video is so, so sad. Charlie is mentally losing it, whether drunk, high, or just psychologically wavering between reality and somewhere else. I have a great sense of humor and I don't anything about this funny. We are watching a man deteriorate before our eyes, which is probably why we are so fascinated by this. It's a car wreck where we all get a seat in the car. Charlie I wish you the best, but from what I see I predict you either dead or in an institution with months. Take care and good luck.

Everybody is missing the point. It's not about Sheen. This is about another blow to the possibility of America being able to regains it's possiblity to sustain a hero. Granted Sheen wasn't a role model but he still throws gas on Americas ability to regain the days when someone could be looked up to. Sheen is now officially a rich grub worm and casts a hard blow to American needs.

So now he's waving machetes around? Unfortunately that's no reason to commit him for the help he desperately needs, but hopefully whoever is with him takes that machete and hides it. This can't go on forever. He will crash, and it won't be pretty. Hopefully it won't be fatal. If all his follows on Twitter just stopped, and nobody watched his videos and he realized he had to clean up, then he has a chance, but as long as people like to watch a car wreck in slo-mo (which is what he is), he'll continue his aberrant behavior.

Dude....You are Winning at Being the Biggest Looser I have ever seen and you should just stop self sabotazing yourself, it is over, your abuse as a kid, Martin didnt mean it!

Obviously some people don't really understand what this man is going through !! It would be nice to have some empathy instead of so much ridicule for a person going through such traumatic experiences.
Charlie Sheen is an amazing man with an incredible mind.
Because he is in the spotlight as the media loves, he will continue his course.
Regretably, detoxing off of drugs and or alcohol does create a mania within a persons mind until the person is entirely detoxed. Only then can you see and think rationally.
i do believe that there needs to be an intervention for him!! But putting him down and making fun of a persons losses is not going to help his recovery..only hinder it !!
C'mon people.....aren't we all only human ? we all have flaws and i haven't met a perfect person yet !!!

Hello Charlie:

I just wanted to say that you are a very precious person. I know that you love your children, but do you want to leave this legacy to them, to see their Father "killing" himself on live TV? I know you would not do this to them.

Charlie, please do not let the media make money off of you. Please wake up and realize that this is what is happening. There are a lot of peranias out there. Wake up and please get help for you and your beautiful children.

Like I said, you are a beautiful person that I would not like to see "die" on Television. Do you really want this to happen? I hope not.

Like I said at the beginning, you are a "GREAT" artist. You have that "God" given TALENT that is such a precious gift. No one will ever surpass you with the "one liners" that you can deliver. I can say WOW! to that!!

Charlie, please, please, get help. I beg of you, please get help. You probably don't realize it, but you do. Pleeeeezzzeee, for your lovely children, do it! I beg of you.

I just lost my only son a year ago. I found him (his Mother) hanging in our barn. (I am starting to stream tears now) but, I will continue to let you know that to lose a child is something that cannot be put into words. I visited my son's grave today and I could not stop crying.

I can only imagine your families heartache to see you on TV on a DEATH MISSION. No one is worth this Charlie. You have been in this "Showtime BUSINESS" to know that is only "MONEY". That is okay, after all it is a business.

You are so blessed with a talent that some would only wish they had! You are so precious. (I think I am repeating myself, but, hey I'm old. :)

No one is worth this Charlie. Neither a show on TV or whatever.

I hope that this 72 year old G/Grandmother has planted a seed in that beautiful brain of yours, and hope that I will hear that you have decided to get help. i know that you will. You are loved and not for money.

Love, Prayers and Caring,

Just call me an old lady..that is really worried about you and cares about what happen to you.

Nan x

I really think CBS caused this to happen. Anyone who pays an actor $100k per episode is only feeding a fire.

I used to be a HUGE Charlie Sheen fan. Now I can't even look at anything he has starred in because it makes me feel ill. He needs to be hospitalized and medicated. His poor children will be ridiculed when they get older.

Grow up man and get some help. Cause now you just look like crap and the respectable people that liked you more than likely don't any longer. Except of course the ones you pay to tell you what you want to hear so you can boost your own ego.

I don't think any of us regular folks understands the personal sacrifices one must make for fame and fortune. Celebrities are lured by fame and fortune, only to become pawns in very high stakes, high-powered games. The real winners in Hollywood are those who remain hidden only emerging to cash their ridiculously large paychecks of which are funded by talented actors. The minute those actors lose their lustre, they are cast aside with the days garbage. Charlie is a result of the lifestyle these puppet masters seduced him with, leading him to believe that he is invincible. Easy to succumb to all the gold dipped promises. I truly hope someone can bring him back to the true reality of what life is really like for the vast majority of the human population. He has been used and abused and deserves a chance. We all do and will at some point in this crazy journey we call life.

Charlie Sheen needs to do what he does best, promote Porn. There is a new rapper on the WEB called Porn Rapper who claims Charlie inspired his latest work. He even is calling Rap A Porn a new music genre. I have no doubt than Charlie has given a big boost to the Porn industry and will become a mogul iconoclast in it's future.

Charlie you need to listen to me!!! Please!

I have been where you are now! I can't pretend to know exactly. Stop. Sit. Listen to what is in your head. If you saw someone on their own website acting like you, what would you think? Seriously, you are a father. What an honor!! You are blessed with beautiful children. Lets concentrate on them now. You will always be able to make millions, duh,winning!! But please stop, find your quiet you, if it isn't there, get help. I know, it took me plenty of time to get there. Your children are your legacy. Don't ever let them see you as you are. Start showing them what they can become. Love, peace.


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