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Charlie Sheen is fired — bring on the moral turpitude!


Charlie Sheen was fired Monday from "Two and a Half Men," Show Tracker reports, with the production company saying only, "After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on 'Two and a Half Men' effective immediately."

The letter of termination sent by attorney John W. Spiegel to Sheen's lawyer, however, pretty much reads like the best celebrity blog post ever, leading off with a statement likely to draw a "Duh! Winning!" response from the actor in question: "Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill."

TMZ has the letter, which in 11 pages of awesomeness cites the points in Sheen's contract his bosses contend he has violated, backed up by quotes out of the actor's mouth. For example, saying that he'd come back next season "but not with the turds they have in place" is cited as refusal to work under the terms of his current contract. His public celebration of cocaine use — "I was banging seven-gram rocks, and finishing them, because that's how I roll" — is included in the section mentioning the legal concept of moral turpitude.

Moral turpitude! How often do you get to use that in a sentence?

There are of course the nuts-and-bolts allegations that Sheen had missed rehearsals and can be seen in outtakes not hitting his marks and not remembering his lines — plus the dude lost about 20 pounds over the holidays. Aspen, Las Vegas, the Plaza Hotel and that "extremely public divorce from Denise Richards" made the cut, as did the two-day house party that put Mr. Tiger Blood in the hospital in January and sparked his short-lived "in-home rehab" attempt.

Warners' move was "so silly and so transparent and ... it's so juvenile," Sheen told "Access Hollywood" on Monday. "It is the work of infants. It is the work of silly infants and it's just — if this is what it had to come to, to get me out of those silly shirts, then so be it. So maybe I'll wear one, just on the final day when I go and remove all of their bazillions."

Sheen said heard the news via "a text or something. ... It's just deplorable, and they should be ashamed of themselves!”

Um, yeah, so back to the letter: Like any good blog post, it has its own "related" material attached: There are 10 pages of links to stories published since Feb. 24 — including the "Sheen's Korner" videos the actor spewed over the weekend. To which we can only say, "#Winning!"

Not shocking, given the vastness of Sheen's recent PR strafing runs, is the fact that even a 10-page list isn't long enough to capture the full extent of the mayhem: There's no mention of the "Saturday Night Live" parody "Duh! Winning! With Charlie Sheen," and we were saddened to find the Ministry's coverage missing from the fun. In the interest of boosting your personal turpitude level, we've included those links below, along with the "SNL" video."

As for the interview remix at the top — try getting that out of your head.


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— Christie D'Zurilla


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Whew! #winning? Bahahaha

I'm sorry, but Charlie's right. He IS the biggest part of the show. (& I love Jon Cryer!) I would have continued to watch. I think all the higher-ups have put their poor, little sensitive feelings (& the fact that they have gotten their noses out of joint -- pun not intended) ahead of their business sense. What a bunch of jerks! Oh well, CBS has a surfeit of winning sitcoms and programs -- oh, wait -- they don't! Idiots!

I find it very interesting that their contract says so much about "Moral Turpitude" considering their whole show is based on womanizing, drinking, and making fun of others. Good job.

Charlie Sheen firing for morals reasons. .. Well,,, OK. Come on. this opens things up so they can get a replacement lined up to keep this two & a half men cash cow alive for another season or two.. I sure the guy playing Alan Harper and the teenage kid think(and pray) so.

Good. I'm glad he got fired. He was basically badmouthing the show by his bizarre attacks on the co-creator. How did he expect the show to pick up and continue on with him after the things he said? He needs to be countersued and lose millions. He's just wasting his money on prostitutes and drugs anyway.

......I am confused....isn't Sheen's character on Two and a Half Men basically how he is in real life??? What does Warner Bros. have against that???????? Sheen is the show and as far as I am concerned.......he should sue the writer...whatever his name is for ripping off Sheen's life$$$$$$$ Sheen is Winning and he does have Tigerblood............

Wow! I didn't see this coming! ;)

Amazing how the leeches who made a FORTUNE promoting a prime time television show, top rated at that, about a man who drinks excessively and exploits women by generally purchasing their services, is so hypocritical when it comes to the star of that show actually living the life. It's going to be hysterical when those promoters with overflowing pockets end up on the receiving end when what they actually do comes to light. It's just a matter of time boys, you will get caught. At least Charlie Sheen has the balls to speak the truth. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! LOL

Warner Bros. will end up settling out of court with Charlie for a LOT of $$$,& Charlie (unfortunately) won't be able to disclose the terms,as part of the deal. But Charlie IS winning,because whether he seems "crazy" to all these boring-ass people out here or not,he's passed his drug tests & proven that he is able to put sentences together,which are really the deal-breakers for his contract. Chuck Lorre felt insulted & so did the CBS exec's,& they have now played into Charlie's hands b/c he didn't want to keep doing the show,anyway. Charlie HATED that show,& there was no other way for him to get out of his contract. So he ranted & raved,& they have reacted the way he predicted. He's still a millionaire,& he's more popular than ever just by being himself. Chuck Lorre's best writing pales in comparison to Charlie's improvised witticisms! Nobody's putting Chuck Lorre quotes on t-shirts. And Lorre has devoted his entire life to writing. 'Nuff said. Charlie=WINNING!

I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie Sheen is our next celebrity 'victim' to drug overdose.

Sheen fired his (mainstream Hollywood) publicist. He appears to us now sans the machinations of that PR industry and we are shocked and amazed at what we see. How much of what we are seeing is Charlie Sheen, and how much that of a/any semiotic figure suddenly shorn of image management? Twitter and online news seem to be changing the nexus of image and reality, and this is a crucial moment in the paradigm shift. In retrospect, the involvement of Charlie Sheen's personality in the transition may seem incidental. A new relationship between our selves and our iconography is being born.

Maybe they should replace Charlie with Matt Dillon, he would probably do a good job...

charlie sheen is a total nut job waste of life he had it all and is just throwing it way.
he will be the next star we keep hearing about for 20 years after he is dead. oh boy

it is a sad news day when the ravings of madman carlos estevez are mistaken as apocriphal words of wisdom, after all estevez is an alcohol and narcotics user, who is obviously under the fluence or flyng high, possibly both, so estevez should be ignored, he is just another nutcase that should be locked up!

Replace him with that nice older brother of his, Emilio...!


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