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Charlie Sheen can kiss that arbitration restraining order goodbye

Charlie Sheen on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"
One place Charlie Sheen isn't winning? Los Angeles County Superior Court, where a judge has rejected Team Sheen's request for a temporary restraining order to stop arbitration related to the actor's "Two and a Half Men" contract dispute with Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre.

"The judge found no 'emergency' existed and ordered Mr. Sheen's attorneys to follow normal procedure in their attempts to halt the arbitration of this dispute," Lorre's attorney told Company Town, which reported the decision Wednesday.

Charlie Sheen kisses Jimmy Kimmel Sheen was fired from TV's top sitcom on March 7, with his lawyer receiving a particularly fabulous letter of termination from an attorney representing his former employers. "Men" production had already been benched for the season, four episodes short of plan. The actor filed a $100-million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Lorre on March 10, alleging breach of contract, labor violations and more. The restraining order request was an attempt to keep the dispute in the courts.

Sheen, meanwhile, made a surprise appearance -- though really, are any of these appearances surprising anymore? -- on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night, barging in on Kimmel and Mark Cuban to kiss the host, sign a copy of musical guest Brett Dennen's "Lover Boy" album without asking first and hurl T-shirts at those in the audience. The Dallas Mavericks owner and the actor are reportedly discussing a project for Cuban's HDNet TV channel. 

Is it just us, or did Charlie look really old and sort of homeless as he hunched and shuffled around the set with his plastic bags full of merchandise? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Charlie Sheen arrives unscheduled on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," top, and proceeds to kiss the host, right, on Monday. Credits: Richard Cartwright / ABC/Associated Press

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Wow You could really feel the bias in the writing, someone doesn't like Charlie Sheen. He obviously didn't "barge" in on the show, it was planned, he wouldn't even get past security if it wasn't. Why would he "ask" to sign Brett Dennen's album It was given to Kimmel and he was loving the spectacle, why does the writer care so much??? I remember when people reported news and kept their opinions to themselves, it's just sloppy to let your bias show in your writing. Thumbs down!!!

You can smell the desperation in this article.

Boy you sure have it out for Charlie. Report the facts and keep your negativity to yourself. I don't need your black cloud hanging over me. How about this. Charlie rocked the crowd tonight with his unexspected appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. The audience went wild and it seems that he hasn't lost his charm. Good Luck Charlie maybe you are on the right path, and can end up being a good example for all those people who have struggled in life. It's never too late!

agreee with all the other three posters.. present the facts and keep your bias to yourself.in other words, cut the crap and shut the bleep up.

Wow, I totally agree with all the comments. I love Charlie, he is the quintessential American. If you do not understand somthing because it does not fit into your little box, bring it down. How pathetic. Keep winning Charlie, keep winning for all of us. This man is a hero.

You commenters are insane. Yes, the article was written with desperation and bias- which I don't agree with. But that being said, Charlie is not winning, nor is he any sort of hero.

He's a drug addict who's been fired from his job, had his kids taken away, and wanders the city acting as insane as possible and not realizing that the ppl watching aren't clapping. Yes, we're watching, because a downward spiral is dang interesting. But that doesn't make it a good thing.

Watch a video of his, going on about Adonis DNA and Tiger blood. Watch a video of him going on, too fast to be natural, too buzzed to keep his eyes looking in any one direction for more than 1/2 a second. He honestly thinks he's better than the hard working Americans who raise their 2.5 kids without having them taken. He think's he's better than the hard working ppl who spend their lives working for a good living. He honestly thinks he's better than you, or me, or Ghandi or a freakin nun because he's Charlie Sheen.

He demands 3 million dollars per episode of a show that's not even funny- it just happens to have a decent time slot and a guy that makes for friggin interesting news. Give the average american a thousand dollars and they're ecstatic. Give the man 2 million a week and he has a fit that its not good enough.

He's a bipolar manic that ppl have fed into for far too long. Now just let the man burn in the privacy of his own home, and maybe his children will have decent lives that dont include being drugged out of their innocent minds.

Now...that's entertainment!! As an aside, I believe clowning can save the world.

NOT winning!

Posted by: Heather | Mar 24, 2011 at 04:37 AM

I totally agree Heather


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