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Notorious B.I.G.: On #biggieday, celebs and fans remember slain rapper Christopher Wallace [Video]


Notorious B.I.G. the day before he was killed. #biggieday Notorious B.I.G., a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, a.k.a. Christopher Wallace, was killed 14 years ago -- and though his slaying remains unsolved on Wednesday fans remembered the rapper using the #biggieday hash tag on Twitter, naming favorite songs, quoting lyrics or simply noting, "RIP Big Poppa." 

P. Diddy wanted to spread the word, tweeting around midnight, "Today is #BIGGIEDAY – send me all your videos, links, photos, exclusive content ... ALL things BIGGIE so I can RT to the world!!" The @iamdiddy account has more than 3 million followers -- and the video above is one of the items the performer retweeted.

Comedian Dave Chapelle took a less serious tone regarding the influential rapper, chiming in first with "It's #biggieday and if the first thing you think of is Wendy's Biggie fries, we might as well call today Fat Wednesday." His follow-up tied past and present together: "I don't know what was worse about the 90's, losing Biggie or gaining Justin Bieber."

Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot March 9, 1997, as the car he was riding in was driven away from a music industry party at the Peterson Automotive Museum at Fairfax Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Though many theories have swirled around the case over the years, to date nobody has been charged with the crime.

This January a task force of local and federal officials was reportedly again looking into leads in the slaying, CNN reported. A law enforcement source told The Times that, while leads were being pursued, the case remained wide open.

Last April, a wrongful death case filed by the rapper's family against the city of Los Angeles was dismissed without prejudice. Biggie's family had alleged that city officials covered up police involvement in the rapper's slaying; lawyers on both sides agreed to leave the civil case alone while a possible criminal case was investigated, as long as it could be refiled at a later date without worrying about any statute of limitations.

What are your memories of the Notorious B.I.G?


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Coming soon from P. Diddy: Justin Combs' 21st birthday party -- in space!

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Rapper Notorious B.I.G., real name Christopher Wallace, is pictured on March 8, 1997, the day before he was fatally shot. Credit: Bernardo-Prudhomme / Associated Press

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Memorialize another dead black thug? Why?

Notorious B.I.G. was one of the most influential people in my life. I heard his first album on a tape that my boy gave me and he said, " Here this mu f***** sounds pretty good." I still have that tape to this day. He summarized as a man what it feels like to grow up on the other side of things and still make it out alright. He was a poet, a musician, a role model ( if you want to get your s*** straight in the end), and a phenomenal human being. Rest in peace my brother Chris. We all miss you tremendously!


I'm of his generation, yet I still don't get the adulation. The media, and some people treat him like he was Mozart or John Lennon. His death was sad, and with that comes an aura of "what could have been", but before his death, he put out some OK tunes, that's about it. He was nothing special, had no special musical ability, and pandered to the lowest common denominator. His death was sudden, tragic, and mysterious. If he just continued his career and died 2 years later of a massive coronary (which he was headed for), no one would remember him the same way. He would have been, "that fat rapper". Alas, that is the society we live in. He was great at manipulating the Philistines of this world into buying his "music", along with Puff-Diddy, P-doody, Puffo Pops, Sugar Corn Pops, Fruit Loops, Puff, P, whatever the Hell he calls himself. People will call me a "hater." I am. I hate people who fawn over celebrity. Regardless of who it is. B.I.G. RIP. You were a good man, but even you know this is ridiculous.

man what huge disappointed how the whole biggie story turn out to be or happened,,,i still blame that guy p diddy or diddy combs or what ever his name is he should told biggie not to go to los angeles at that time when the city was hot,,,any how all you older fans out there buy/or give a CD to the younger generation and let them know how the REAL music sound like ,,RIP BIGGIESMALL

UUUUUMMMM!!!!!! Who cares!!! It happened to 2Pac first and he was clearly the better rapper of the 2!!!

Remembering the 90's and hip hop...some of the greatest m.c.'s to date came out of this era, and Biggie definitely goes in the hip hop history book as being one of the greatest. My prayers go out to his mom, children and close friends.

I find it interesting how some people find it necessary to belittle Biggie Smalls's career because he was a rapper, or black or because he use to sell drugs. Why can't people look at the big picture and see that a very talented man was fatally shot at the young age of 24? This isn't about liking or disliking rap it's about a young man's life being taken at a young age when he had only briefly scratched his potential. But I guess I am blowing smoke for no reason. I mourn the death of Biggie and I mourn the death of Tupac. They were young and it didn't need to end this way. Rest in peace.

The man spread the wrong message to the world, how can spreading word about drugs, hoes, and guns contribute to our world. Yeah he may have some people leave the ghetto to pursue music but he will also have that suburb kid want to live in the ghetto. Bad role model, sorry BIG fans I do like his music though but he is just spreading the wrong words. Im sorry for his loss but he should not be praised.

His death is no biggie...(pun maybe intended)...seriously...it's no biggie...

His death was definitely covered up. The truth will come out eventually.


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