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Super Bowl 2011: Lea Michele versus Christina Aguilera [poll]

Christina Aguilera sings the national anthem at the 2011 Super Bowl This post has been corrected. Please see the note at the bottom.

We won't know who won the 2011 Super Bowl for a few hours — so until then, can we decide whether Lea Michele or Christina Aguilera won the pregame singing contest?

Wearing a cream-colored car-length coat and tan slacks, Michele knocked out "America the Beautiful," right before Aguilera took the field in a little black Dolce & Gabbana suit to rock (some of the words to) "The Star Spangled Banner."

Which diva did the better job, or was it a tie? No fair giving Aguilera an advantage just because she got the flyover as a finale.


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For the record, 4:24 p.m.: This post originally said Lea Michele sang "God Bless America"; the "Glee" star actually sang "America the Beautiful," and we sang it right along with her and still typed the other song title. Thanks to commenters @lynebg, @Sheilah and @Mini for flagging the gaffe. Those who'd like to hear "God Bless America" will have to settle for Tony Bennett's World Series version.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Lea Michele sings God Bless America at the 2011 Super Bowl

Top photo: Christina Aguilera sings the national anthem before the Super Bowl XLV game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Feb. 6 in Arlington, Texas. Credit: Charlie Krupa / Associated Press.

Bottom photo: Lea Michele sings "America the Beautiful" before Super Bowl XLV. Credit: Nelson Chenault / US Presswire.

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Lea Michele sang America the Beautiful, not God Bless America.

Christina is a classic (and repeated) oversinger..but in this case I think her giant pipes were perfect and really help to rev up the crowd. Yes, I'm aware she skipped/messed up the lyrics and was screechy at the end..but overall she wasn't bad.

Lea Michele was very good ( at times a bit boring)..but not only does she have a pretty voice..she knows how to use it

Oh Christina. She really isn't having a very good year, is she? It's cool that she sang live, but how do you forget the words? Your job is to sing and sing well. She's been doing it for years. I'm sure she rehearsed many many times before the game. It's just sad really. I bet she's very embarrassed.

Lea Michele actually sang "America the Beautiful", not "God Bless America"

Christina should be ashamed of herself. That was a train wreck. Those words should be written on the hearts of every American citizen and never be forgotten. Can we please get artists who actually sing the Anthem the way it is written? Those who try to sing scales instead of a single note ruin it. Get back to the simple basics of the written music and stay true to the notes.

Lea Michele did a better job not only because she sang & looked better but because she sang the correct lyrics!!!

lol um I'm pretty sure Lea was singing "America the Beautiful." Oy vey :)

You're kidding right? Christina TOTALLY botched the lyrics to our National Anthem.

Way to go Christina, let everyone know how fake you are, what an idiot.

christina aguilera sounded a lot better. no offense. christina has more experience

Lea Michele would get my vote even if Christina Aguilera had actually sung the correct words to the National Anthem. How could she mess that one up so badly?

@Karen, are you kidding. She was a disgrace to Americans. She tried to be a show-off and totally screwed up the song. How can you forget an entire line.

the NATIONAL Anthem!!! If you honor our COUNTRY...at LEAST sing the correct lyrics to this hymn and DON'T try to sound like goofy Whitney Houston! Sing it as it was composed and stop ruining IT!! AWFUL!!

is this even a contest, we are comparing two totally different things. Christina was singing live and Lea's was PRETAPED! they both did good but obviously Christina deserves this win considering she sang live. If Christina's was prerecorded then her performance would be flawless too.

Lea > Christina.

Christina's 'pipes' were NOT 'perfect'. She was screeching and singing all over the place (plus messing up the lyrics at the start!). It was a horrendous rendition. And...she looked terrible. Her hair, clothing, everything. Lea, on the other hand, was perfection. Christina should take few tips from Lea.

I wasn't crazy about either arrangement but Lea totally out sang her and looked great doing it.

I almost feel sorry for Christina having to follow LeaMichele. Lea hit every note she went for AND remembered the words. C-ag did neither. I was afraid the flyover planes might strafe her. FAIL, Christina.

Call me 'old-school'...but there's just certain songs I don't want anything (jazzed-up, modern-ized, rapped up, country-fied, etc...) and *ESPECIALLY* flubbed up ~ and that's our patriotic songs. I know each performer has their own style...but some things are better left "unchanged"...and "standard". When these performers try to add their own personal 'spin' to these patriotic songs...it usually doesn't WORK. To me...a seasoned/professional performer SHOULD know the words...PERIOD! Seems almost disrespectful if they don't...

Lea Michele was the best singer all night she sings song the way they are ment to be sung

Aguileia should never be aloud to sing at any sporting event again!

congress should pass a law making it a 1 year jail sentence for anyone destroying the National Anthem in public

even the blackeyed peeon's suck they destoyed the 1/2 time show

Christina rocked it

MAN, drugs will do that to ya... ruin your vocal cords, take your memory and totally 'total you out'....
I was sad for the military having to hear their 'freedom' song ruined by an
'professional'...(not) singer.... my daughter would blow her away... and she doesn't have to look like a .... well.... never mind.... Christina... you didn't do us proud.... sorry hon.....

Lea Michele SANG LIVE.

I thought fergie rocked! The super bowl is a blast!

I didn't see the pregame show...was watching Indie channel movie & making hot artichoke dip.

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