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Shaunie O'Neal dishes about 'Basketball Wives,' Royce Reed

Shaunie O'Neal in time for NBA All-Star Game weekend

Just in time for the NBA All-Star game, "Basketball Wives" star Shaunie O'Neal -- a.k.a. Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife -- is shutting down rumors that beau Marlon Yates has been fooling around with co-star Royce Reed, and sounding off about the rest of the drama that's been percolating when the cameras are off.

Rumors had been flying around the VH1 reality show as NBA All-Star weekend approached, with sources saying that O'Neal's model-boyfriend Yates had has buying gifts for Dwight Howard's baby mama, allegedly with O'Neal's money. But O'Neal has said that's preposterous.

"Royce is not guaranteed to come back for Season 3. We are really trying to come up with something else and she's aware of it," O'Neal told the Ministry in a phone interview.

Guess that's what happens when a "basketball wife" starts dating outside the basketball arena, and can't talk about the basketball player who's the father of her child?

L.A. resident O'Neal had a busy weekend on tap. She's planning to take her children (P.S. She has five!) to the All-Star game on Sunday at Staples Center, hit her son's basketball tournament in Anaheim and host a charity event at the Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills.

Basketball Wives cast -- how many are going to the NBA All Star Game? She's also been dealing with the Reed fallout. O'Neal said the show (currently eight episodes into its second season) has outgrown Reed, "Wives'" Camille Grammer-equivalent, and she's desperate to stay relevant.

"Season 1 we establish [Royce] as Dwight Howard's ex-girlfriend and mother of his son. Season 2, she's now dating again, or dating other people that she seems to be pretty serious with," O'Neal said. "And she can't talk about her son, she can't talk about Dwight, and it's no connection any more, and the legal part of it has almost gotten more strict."

O'Neal said her boyfriend, Yates -- a runway model and actor who is shooting two pilots -- never really interacts with Reed outside of Twitter or social events, and has been dragged unwillingly into the drama.

"He's been extremely supportive and patient, and I'm so appreciative," she said, "because it's dumb stuff like this that can really mess up somebody's relationship. But he's standing by me and supporting me and knows what's BS and what's not."

Exec producer O'Neal said she's in talks to cast a replacement for Reed, whom she said is building up hype in the hopes that fans fight for her to stay.

"It's unfortunate that she would feel that she has to strum up these lies or just lie at all just to keep herself relevant. It could have been a lot smoother and easier ... but lying on people and that kind of stuff is really childish and very unprofessional," O'Neal said.

Reed doesn't seem to be taking anything lightly: She supposedly banned the "Basketball Wives" from her NBA All-Star weekend event. And according to O'Neal, Reed picked fights with cast members Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams during the taping of the reunion show last Saturday. That simply added to the show's fair share of catfights in Los Angeles, Miami and most recently Madrid, where the wives ganged up on Reed, who seemed to be having a miserable time. (Watch the clip.)

"It's all realistic, if you get a group of ladies and you stick them together almost every day for three, four months you're going to have some catfights," O'Neal said.

"You're going to have that with women in general. It's in every circle and just depends on the amount of time you spend with each other."

The drama-filled reality show has even piqued the interest of ex-husband Shaquille O'Neal, from whom she split in 2009 but "is supportive of what I do," she said.

"There's some times he wants a sneak peek of what's going on. He might see a preview and he'll call me and be like, 'Oh my God, what's going to happen?' "


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-- Nardine Saad

Photos, from top: Shaunie O'Neal from the VH1 series "Basketball Wives"; the cast of "Basketball Wives." Credits: VH1

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Can somebody please tell Shaunie that hardly any of the cast is staying with in the realm of basketball!!!! Evelyn is going to the pig skin, Shaunie is going with models/actor, Jen is floating, I mean so I guess that means drop the whole show. If everybody can stop being so messy and shady!!! It's all good though, we all have problems and issues, but a lot of us don't feel the need to broadcast it all over the world!!!! Money is the root to all evil!!!! God Bless

How about a show pitting the Beverly Hills housewives against the NBA basketball wives? Bouts of strength, intelligence, etiquette, etc. I would love to see the houchi mommas face off against the gucci mommas in a reality TV setting.

I have watched every episode from the beginning and I love it, but I don't like any of the women. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the one everyone of them hate..... GLORIA!

They never liked royce anyway no one even really knew about her and dwights baby together she was no fun anyway they culd definently do without royce lol!

Maybe it's time for Royce (and Suzie) to part ways w/ the show because Shaunie and the other girls do nothing but talk smack about them.

Get tid of TAMI, PLEASE, AND PLEASE get RID OF ROYCE PLEASE, I'M Seriously thinking about not watching the show anymore....Send TAMI back to the BRONX..., it seems that's where she's from...ROYCE send her back to that STRIPPER club on the BOWREY IN NYC....PLEASE....

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder that we don't publish comments that include profanity -- even if the words are ***'d out or misspelled, etc. If your comment isn't live, that's probably why.

Thanks for reading and commenting! Feel free to resubmit clean.


Really, none of them are with any players. Its just that they can talk about their past relationships and complain about the groupies they once were. If you look up who Suzie dated, you know it was just cause he played ball. Same for Evelyn. Even Jennifer. The show should just stop. Better yet, I'm done watching.

That sounds like a bunch of nonsense if you ask me. Royce is just as relevant as the others. Evelyn’s relationship has been over for a year so why is she still relevant and Royce isn’t? They knew before the first show that Royce could not talk about her baby and Dwight, so why did they invite her to the show in the first place? I like Royce because she’s not as foolish like the other girls excluding Suzie, who they also do wrong. If Royce is removed, I will no longer watch the show. Shaunie (yuck) is just a hater and hate the fact that rumors are going around about her toy boyfriend being linked to Royce. Royce is gorgeous without even trying and they are just jealous of her (she’s beautiful, talented and educated). Tami has been divorced from Kenny for ages so why is she relevant?

I love this show and have been a fan since season 1. I think that whole spiel about Royce being axed from the show because she can't discuss her son's father is total MALARKEY! Supposedly, there's rumors about Shaunie's man sending her gifts and trying to seduce her on the low and this has caused beef between her and Shaunie. Rumor has it that this dude is being kept by Shaunie and lavished with expensive gifts and an American express black card to use as he wishes. She has to know that there's going to be a lack of maturity with the age gap. Shaunie needs to find someone her own age, who's ESTABLISHED and MATURE.

The show is pointless, I mean all they do is talk about each other and down one another. I like Royce simple fact that she don't act like them.
what is the point of having Tami on the show(huh) the girl is crazy period.

okay why start rumors about someone and all yall is on the show dont get me wrong i love you on the show!

My fine sisters,of the Basketball wives...why why why??
Please can we show, sister-friends who get along with each other.....I'm blessed to have a circle of girl-friends, we are there for each other,good time, bad times..up lifting each others,LOYALTY to each other... we can disagree and laugh together, NEVER putting each other down!!!...One question?? Do you sisters go to church? I would love to see YOU SISTERS SHARE A DAY IN CHURCH....BE BLESS!!!
A Home grown sister from Philly.
Linda O

Hi ladies,
Please tell, about your spiritual journey together, if any.
Love you all.
A home grown sister from Philly,
Linda O

cast my daughter.her dad is reggie theus ;) NBA player ..turned coach

Shaunie, I amm soo disappointed that you have turned your back on Royce. I love that child. You allowed Fake Evelyn and Jen to Turn on Royce and to kill her spirit. You knew her situation when you hired her, now she is not good enough? You were just a big fake like all the rest. I won't be tuning in to that pretentous show anymore. Royce you are beautiful, a natural beauty, gifted and talented, you will make it.

I'm wondering why it's called "Basketball Wives," when none of the women or actually married to NBA players & some of them have never been married to one? They are just bitter ex-wives, baby mamas, & ex-fiances!!!! I have watch the show on a few occassions & wonder how is it that its still even on. Shaunie wants to be all the womens mother, Jen is as fake as they get, Tammi is a O.G. (I actually like her, she's the realiest of them all), Royce what can you say, she can't say anything bout her baby daddy, Gloria she just got away, Suzie keeps mess going, & Evelyn is a hoe who pretends to be a boss!!!! Its one big joke. When they were with their Baller exes they must of not been happy, because they're no longer together. #justsaying

i love this show....it needs to get more into there lives...and talk more about there past because most of them are divored so who are they with now....do they have family..... it jus needs a little more but the show is real good/

i love this show....it needs to get more into there lives...and talk more about there past because most of them are divored so who are they with now....do they have family..... it jus needs a little more but the show is real good/

shaunie, i love the show. i don't miss a episode. i agree with some of the other comments it did seem like u allowed evelyn to damage your friendship with royce. evelyn is miserable and wants everyone to kiss her butt. she's tryin to steal the show from u (watch out). jennifer probably could have saved her marriage if evelyn wasn't runnin the show. royce may be boring but the girl does have some common sense. i love the drama comin from tami she is a bit on the crazy side but that's what i love about her. i'm glad sussie told evelyn business in vegas. shaunie get control of your girls its your show your the boss,don't be fake like evelyn it makes u look bad. be yourself. i love you jennifer get away from evelyn u don't need her. she wants to be u.

I love the show of course gotta love that drama but tami needs da boot right along with royce she serves no purpose I like shaunie and evelyn but jen she ok I hate followers she needs a mind of her own she does everything evelyn does I mean everything! And suzie sad lil puppy

I love the show. I've got no problem with Royce not being on. I heard they're considering one of the BIG 3 heat guys & it only makes sense. It's set in Miami & they're the team with the most buzz.

Royce really needs the BOOT.....She has no sense of fashion. Her hair look always looks a mess. I can't take another one of those lil stupid bags of hers and her new boyfriend is a CLOWN. How did she ever get on the show. Tami................LORD!!!!!! She is a hot mess. She looks like she smells, and she have bad FEET. It's clear she's not mentally stable. I don't care who choose just please get them HOOD RATS off the show.

How can Royce call anyone immature? Isn't she the one who coined the phrase "bit%# boo bye"? Isn't she the person who told the other wives to "watch her azz as she walks away" when they declined her invitation to go to a fashion show she was hosting? Who is this child kidding?

I think that shauie is the best wife out of all of them she classy but at the same time she can be sassy if you bring that up out of her she cool and laid back you can tell if you push her to her limit then she gone go off i really like her and if i was shaunie i would have been beat oh gurl down that wanted to defend her sister but shaunit just showed that she can be classy you gone shaunie gurl and keep doing you

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