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Royce Reed calls 'Basketball Wives' boot 'petty and immature'

'Basktball Wives' star Royce ReedRoyce Reed is talking back about her potential recasting on "Basketball Wives" due to her disconnect with b-ballers and her inability to speak publicly about baby daddy Dwight Howard and their son.

Reed, the least favorite "wife" -- she has little or nothing in common with her castmates and didn't know any of them before the show started taping -- has been losing her connection to the show, according to our interview with costar and executive producer Shaunie O'Neal. And a 2009 gag order that bars her from speaking about Orlando Magic center Howard or the son they have together further closed the door on any dishy portions of her life. 

"If they are indeed searching for a replacement for me, it is what it is. It all seems petty and immature to me," she told TMZ.

So the tenously named "Basketball Wives," which follows the exploits of women who have once dated, married or had kids with an NBA player, is courting new women to join the cast. Ones who can share the contents of their lives, perhaps.

Looks as if Reed will soon be a free agent. Maybe she's calling things "petty and immature" because the only claim to fame that she can speak of now is the show. Apparently, you need to actually have a life you can talk about to be a reality TV star.

Costars O'Neal and Evelyn Lozada have proved that it's OK if the relationship between a "Wives" star and an NBA player wasn't a slam dunk, as long as she can still share with the group. 

Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife is now dating actor-model Marlon Yates, and Lozada is dating football player Chad Ochocinco, who has appeared on a few episodes of "Basketball Wives," even though we know him more from "Dancing With the Stars" than from the gridiron. Do we see a football-themed spinoff in the future?

Now we're curious about Reed's potential replacements. O'Neal stayed mum when we asked her to drop a few hints, so we vote for Eva Longoria to replace the gag-ordered Reed, only because Khloe Kardashian already has her own show on deck with Lakers hubby Lamar Odom. But it's probably safe to say that Longoria's A-list stock would plummet if she landed on the VH1 show.

We could see "The Bachelor's" resident villainess Michelle Money in the running too thanks to her affair with Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

Who do you think should replace Reed? Sound off in comments.


Shaunie O'Neal dishes about 'Basketball Wives,' Royce Reed

Why so trendy, Dwyane Wade -- was Gabrielle Union watching?

Divorce for Shaquille O'Neal? Wife files for separation -- in California

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Royce Reed of "Basketball Wives." Credit: VH1

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Let Reed go and keep going. I got sick of her crying. She had such big month on the reunion show.

I feel like "LaLa" Carmelo Anthony's Wife should become a replacement for Royce's immature ass!

I love the show. I hate that royce is not comeing back the new season but maybe their is something else out their for her she will make it.

Really, who watches crap shows like this? The description sounds awful. If you must do reality shows - how about women who have achieved money/fame on their own without marrying or dating for it?

Royce, if you are no longer wanted on the show, let it go. You are a beautiful woman with much potential, grace, and elegance. You will do just fine, without the likes of:
Evelyn: too messy and unlady like attitude and filty mouth. Evelyn is a beautiful woman, but that mouth of hers makes her personality and her look ugly. And shes noisy and always in everybody elses business, mind your own business and get that mouth of yours in order. Because one day you will meet your match, and you will be on the bottom.
Shaunie: Messy, noisy, and you too are always in someone else business. What kind of example are you setting for your babies. I hope they don't grow up and act like you.
Jennifer: Also messy, you are too busy being a follower of the Evelyn and Shaunie clan, you can't see the forest for the trees. You are a follower. If Evelyn go jump off a bridge, you are going to jump too? Get a life of your own and leave messies alone, you'll be happier than you are now.

So Royce being the classy one you are, hold your head up high, and thank you and Tami for keeping it real on the show. Royce and Tami are the realist.May GOD bless you with much success.

Shaunie, Evelyn and Jennifer, may GOD bless you also. TOUCH THEM, FATHER (GOD) FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

I love royce and she seems to be a real friend to susie and tamia but at times she seems more meaner now .not tryna be rude just been real i love her but i miss the nicer side

I really think tami is a beauitful woman.i just wish she would not get so upset.people are wrong sometime.so are we sometime too.
So we cant let family and friends get us upset.we must forgive them.god has the answers.trust him!.

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