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Mark Sanchez and a 17-year-old: Legal, but ... tacky? [poll]

Mark Sanchez

Did you hear the one about Mark Sanchez and the 17-year-old girl? Yeah, that Mark Sanchez, of USC Trojans and New York Jets football fame — who reportedly had a one-night stand with just such a girl, who of course bragged to her friends about the whole sitch on Facebook, then told a website, then decided through her dad's lawyer that she shouldn't talk about it.

The two met on New Year's Eve at the Manhattan nightclub Lavo, where she gave the 24-year-old quarterback her number, the website Deadspin reported. They didn't hook up, she said, until later in January, after he gave her and a friend tickets to the last regular-season Jets game, and they went out for dinner a few days later.

Deadspin detailed the flirting at Lavo, as told by the girl, whom the site referred to by her initials:

"You know I'm 17, right?" she remembers saying. Sanchez kept his cool. "Well, we can still talk, but I can't see you until you're 18," he said. "Actually," E.K. replied, "17 is legal in New York." Poise all around.

The website fielded a stern note from an attorney representing E.K. after she'd spoken, but any interactions between Sanchez and E.K. appear to have been legal — well, except for the underage-in-a-club-on-New-Year's-Eve part. But the young lady in question, identified as Eliza Kruger, apparently has been clubbing with her mom, Marie McCormick Kruger, since she was 15, a source told the New York Post.

"We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner," the blond told Deadspin, right before mentioning that she'd checked the age of consent in New Jersey in advance (It's 16). "He lives on a golf course. There was a big storm." 

Deadspin also broke the story about Brett Favre's alleged improprieties (that's code for sending naked pictures) regarding Jenn Sterger when both were employed by the Jets and brought to light foot-fetish videos linked to Jets coach Rex Ryan.


Brett Favre fined $50,000 for not putting out in Jenn Sterger investigation

Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty; six years' probation, sex-offender status likely

Rex Ryan, Michelle Ryan and those foot-fetish videos: a holiday small-talk primer

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo:  Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets at a party in Dallas kicking off Super Bowl weekend on Feb. 4. Credit: Christopher Polk /Getty Images.

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I dont have a problem with it. Its just sex and it takes 2 to tango... she obviously wasn't forced, she bragged about it.

Okay, so this might be legal but it's still tacky! I mean, I'm fourteen in a relationship with a seventeen year old, and there are times where I think that our relationship might not workout because of our age difference. I just really hope that he likes this girl and doesn't just screw her over when the next girl comes around.

After watching the HBO series last summer, I would not call Sanchez the most mature person on the planet. He probably has the emotional level of a 17 year old.

She on the other hand is no doubt a 17 year old going on 35 wanna be. Sounds like she had help from mommy.

So maybe they are perfect for each other. Nothing statutory to worry about, so hey, he can take her to her high school prom.

this way worst then what Big Ben did. Remember he didnt break any laws either?

Marky baby...you're sooo handsome why must you go for very young blondes? Get yourself a hottie latina like Eva Langoria...she's available...

If she went with him that easy you can believe she's been around. At that age you do not sneak into a bar and consider your self a good girl. Furthermore, who released this to the press. Mark please wake up. I would tell my son the same thing.

BTW, is mommy hot? If so, no problem. Way to go Sanchito!

Grass on the field playball


at least is not like she's 18 and he's 70 pullin some anna nicole smith crap. and if its legal whatever.

of course there will be new 1 soon hes a pro football player.

I guess Mark was confused by the weather forecast ... expected to dip into the middle teens. Look at the bright side ... its not like je was doing something sick like making a foot fetish video.

The facts are coming out about this story. It appears this girl was trying to get this out. She posted pics and comments about this on facebook. She contacted Deadspin about the story (she told them she was contacted by a deadspin reporter about a "story" and didn't want to comment). Only problem was Deadspin didn't have any reporter working on a story about her. This is an example of an over-privileged girl who thinks that because she is rich she deserves to be famous as well. Sanchez, is the sucker who fell for the bait. He should have known better. How, could he not see that this was going to blow up in his face. When they met at a party he told her that they could be friends and he couldn't date her until she was 18. She then countered with "the legal age in conn is 17, I checked". He should have seen this coming a mile away. Famous rich guys, when you do dirt with women out there if they get even a whiff of a chance at fame or money at your expense they will cut your throat in a New York minute (Sheen, Woods, Kobe, Sanchez, etc.....). Think!!!!

The rule is half your age plus 7, which puts the 17 year old out of Sanchez's acceptable range. Tacky/gross.

the only thing wrong about this story is that the girl's mother takes her out to the clubs! if anything bad happens to the girl it can only be pinned on the parents for allowing such adult habits!

At least this time it's consensual, unlike the rapes at USC that were all swept under the rug because he was the 'star QB'. I don't like Bloomberg, but kudos to him for making everyone who covered up the Plaxico Burress fiasco accountable, including Plaxico himself (even though he won a championship). Pro ballers are NOT above the law, even though their inflated egos and everyone around them bowing down to them makes them think otherwise.

Eh, he had consensual sex with someone that is the age of consent... What parents let their 17yr old out overnight without knowing exactly where they will be. If my kid isn't sleeping at home they are sleeping at a friend's house and I've confirmed it with said friend's parents. The kids are NOT to go out... I don't understand her being in a night club, I don't understand her being out overnight away from home.

Bad parenting.

p.s. I read her emails....the girl is worried about her 'future' and she doesn't know the difference between no and know.. Or apparently how to use spell check. No worries little rich girl, daddy will buy you into whatever school you want to go to.

He's an idiot. He needs better handlers. There's no reason this man, with his fame and connections, could not find a more suitable conquest. It's obvisous this guy is insecure and feels more comfortable with infants. Creepy!

These girls, or women, only want the fact known that they have had intimite relationships with someone famous; they may not even have had that.

L PAIN you are an idiot. People there are laws for a reason and Sanchez didn't break any. Get off the witch hunt...she's an adult.

I don't think it's tacky. Guys tend to go for younger girls any way and it is legal so how can we judge? It may not even last and it's just something fun for her to do right now what 17 year old girl wouldn't want to date QB he's 24 not 44 and if the girl is mature it doesn't matter he just should understand she's younger to push it, just have fun don't get too serious because she needs to grow up first.

He should be dating me we're the same age, common sanchez , and hey people say I look 17 haha but I can actually get into a bar lol

leave mark alone. he is a single 24 year old who was with a consenting and legal age person. her mother has been teaching her how to do this since she was 15 years old! shame on her what do you expect her to act like... she told him the truth and its legal who are we to judge? and if you do judge, judge her mother and father...go mark, if i were you i would start checking i.d.'s hang in there. go after someone who deserves it like the Q. B. fom the steelers, look whet he's doing to women.

I think the first question is "If she's only 17, what was she doing at a club in the first place?"

I agree it's bad parenting.

First, I'd like to say that PREMARITAL SEX is never a good idea. It causes way too many problems.

That said, why, oh why, couldn't Mr. Sanchez have pursued someone AT LEAST 18? He has a ridiculous number of options when it comes to FEMALE COMPANY. He had no logical or illogical reason to step into something QUASI-SCANDALOUS like this.

And where were his teammates?! Way to back up your QUARTERBACK, guys! Couldn't SOMEONE have been his voice of reason?

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