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Lindsay Lohan told any plea deal would include jail time

Lindsay Lohan is told any plea would involve jail time. Cop a plea, go to jail -- that's what Lindsay Lohan was told by a judge at a hearing Wednesday in Los Angeles related to felony grand theft charges against her for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice boutique.

Now Lohan has until May 10 to decide whether to fight the grand theft charge in court or agree to a deal with the D.A.

"This case does involve jail time -- period," Judge Keith Schwartz said, according to L.A. Now. "If you plead in front of me -- if this case resolves in front of me -- you are going to jail. Period. It may be an issue as to amount of time."

Terms of a plea deal reportedly offered in chambers by prosecutor Danette Meyers were not disclosed, but the judge said in open court that with any settlement, the actress would have to plead guilty or no contest to charges.

Schwartz also suggested the "Mean Girls" star get therapy and a 12-step sponsor so that rather than being a "repeat offender in the system," she could "be a productive citizen and reach the potential" he said she has.

Saying "I didn't steal," Lohan reportedly told a confidant after the hearing ended that she was going to fight the charges, according to TMZ, which also speculated that Lilo would eventually strike a plea. Meyers is rumored to have thrown a six-month jail sentence out on the table for consideration.

Also, in things possibly more important than crime and punishment, Lohan attempted a more conservative look in court Wednesday than the skintight white dress she strolled into the Airport Courthouse in last time around.

"People made such a big deal about it," mom Dina Lohan told E! News on Tuesday about the white dress, "but Lindsay, being a well-endowed girl, she couldn't help but look good in it. The dress wasn't risque, it came down to her knees. I told her that tomorrow she's got to wear a black pantsuit."

It seems Lindsay kind of listened to her mom, who flew in from New York with daughter Ali Lohan at her older child's request.

Yes, there were pants involved. At least the blouse was black. And yes, Lilo is a well-endowed girl.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan leaves the Airport Courthouse in L.A. on Feb. 23, 2011. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

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Oh great, Wall Street crooks steal billions of dollars and cause this country to go into economic meltdown and they're walking around free, laughing. Lindsay supposedly takes a piece of junk jewelry and the judge pretends to be tough and tells her she's facing six months in jail. Our legal system is useless. Well, Lindsay you should've stolen a billion dollars. Then the law would've looked the other way.

Why would she cop a plea, she claimed she didn't steal anything? She also claimed her assistant was signing the papers & she had proof.

Let her go to trial.

They still haven't proven she intended to take anything. I also understand that jewelry store is well known for lending out necklaces to big name stars. If I tried to stroll out of the store with the jewels, the guard would have tackled me. That said, it sounds more like either a misunderstanding or possibly a set-up by the store than anything else. A good judge and jury etc, would try to prove intent. Sounds like this judge is your typical power tripping loser, trying to show he can handle the big star sort of deal. These judges don't want to look bad to the public, so they usually make sure they over punish stars. And then act like they don't treat them any differently, when in fact they do. I'm no fan, but again, I say. Where's the proof? And they are not allowed to say things like, "Oh, she looks like the type to steal, so let's lock her up". Again, you MUST prove it!

Delusional Dina is still enabling Lindsay and making excuses for her - that white dress was at least 10 inches above her knees. Today's blouse was completely inappropriate for anyplace except an evening out. Clothing is the least of her problems - she needs to get a new set of friends and handlers and keep away from her mother.

Everything went to more important things like the dress she was wearing? That's how valid this issue really is. I hope she breaks free from that crap.

Jail time?

Methinks a good sound spanking would be infinitely more effective . . . and cheaper too.


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