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Justin Bieber: 'Never Say Never' premiere, 'Dougie' dance lessons for Regis Philbin

Watch out, Kourtney and Kim -- it's Justin Bieber's chance to take New York, as he does the rounds for his 3-D movie, "Never Say Never," which screened in the Big Apple on Wednesday.

Never Say Never movie premi Later that night at the New York Knicks-Dallas Mavericks game at Madison Square Garden, Bieber got cheers and boos from the crowd, chatted with Chris Rock and got a handshake from Knicks fan Spike Lee, who'd also attended the "Never Say Never" premiere with his son, Jackson.

Then on Thursday, the Biebs taught the Dougie dance to Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa (watch it above), did his President Obama impersonation and shared advice from Usher about girls -- that sometimes you have to let them win. The singer will be on "Live! With Regis and Kelly" on Friday as well.

All this after premiering "Never Say Never" in Toronto on Tuesday -- Bieber is Canadian -- and appearing on "Much Music," where he revealed he got "10,000 or something" Twitter messages a day, and the host revealed she cried through most of his documentary/concert film, then gave him tips on how to smile. (Watch it below.)

Click the pic of Bieber and Rock, above, to see more photos from the New York "Never Say Never" movie screening.

"Never Say Never" opens Feb. 11 -- and that, apparently, is when people can get their purple 3-D glasses to match Justin's.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla


Photo: Justin Bieber, right, talks with comedian Chris Rock during the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 2, 2011. Credit: Ray Stubblebine / Reuters


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At least NY knows mediocre, so-called talent when it sees it...A product of manufactured pop-fluff in which he'll be known as a "guilty pleasure" once his fan-base has grown up and realize that his music was purely bubble-gum schlock...

Kelly Ripkin talks too much when Regis and she interviews people. Would rathr have listened more to what Justin Bieber had to say than her.

Whatever the little twirp makes, his hair should make double just for being forced to have to sit on his head!

is justin bieber really going to shave his head for never say never?
justin bieber i think girls are to hiped over you, i just think your a regular guy who just had a dream to sing. And i think that's what girls don't get about you,you might be made of money but you and i both know this is not how you want to be thought of. i know i've never met you but i can tell by the way you talk and look that your just another guy who wants your dream to come true and it did. Because you are confident in yourself and believe you can do it.
you know if there is one message you send out today its that you gotta believe and be confident to get what you want!

kiana moore

is he really going to shave his head for never say never ?



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