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The new Justin Bieber haircut -- whaddya think? [Poll]

Justin Bieber haircut picture with Rascal Flatts Justin Bieber has a new haircut -- and more.

Hanging out with Rascal Flatts on Monday, Bieber tweeted a post-haircut pic of them making a music video, then announced on Twitter that he'd be selling off the hair for charity.

At practically the same time, he announced a new, extended, one-weekend-only "director's fan cut" of his "Never Say Never" movie, (which is now in theaters, if you hadn't heard). All that before signing off by sending his prayers to the people of New Zealand affected by the deadly earthquake there.

Anyone who thinks Bieber is not at the heart of a pack of stone-cold geniuses should just take their toys and go home this instant. Seriously.

"I just got sick of it," Bieber told TMZ Monday about his hair. "It was like in my eyes, and I just wanted it kind of out of my face. So, I just kinda wanted to change up."

Director Jon Chu said he worked with fans via social media in his effort to give the people what they wanted, which in this case is more footage of Justin and his friends at home, more new songs and performances, and more footage from premieres of the film. Basically, expect more "Never Say Never." For one weekend only, if you can believe that.

Despite pics of Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox holding the scissors, the cut heard 'round the world was done by Bieber's hairdresser Vanessa, who according to Stylelite charges $750 for a haircut.

For a better look at the new 'do, click here or here, then come back and tell us what you think. Incidentally, fans, Justin has faith in you all.

"My fans will get used to it," he told TMZ. "It's not, like, crazy."


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Photo: Justin Bieber with his new haircut and Rascal Flatts on Monday. Credit: @justinbieber via yfrog.



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He looks like Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry.

New haircut makes him look like Kim Darby when she played the girl in the original True Grit.

Let's hope he doesn't get bit by a snake.

I see Justin as moving more toward being a serious musician and also moving into adulthood. While he is certainly a "cute kid," that is not something that can endure. We all age. He is smart to help his fans deal with his growing up - indeed, he is a great role model for them and growing up is part of their future also. He is growing up with them and that is reflected in this more mature look. After all, who wants to be a cherub forever?

Hes still hot and nice

Who cares!?

OMG! Who gives a crap?

Who cares?


ewws ewws ewwws ugly ewwws poopers

he looks like a chic.

OMG this is not news and I feel stupider for having visited this site. Shame on you.

still liked him better bald

i still think he looks super cute!!!!

He is so awsome no matter what he does. He is totally unselfish and that will take him far. Besides he looks good. Layers are good on him.

You need one more category, the "I don't care. Does anyone?" category ;)

What Bieber should do is auction off those shorn locks (which he said he would) and donate to helping the earthquake-ravaged folk in New Zealand, or Haiti, or elsewhere....


its cool I would like it longer

Why do people care? It's just a haircut of an over-marketed kid with nothing more than a decent voice.

Pssh, Whoever thinks Its Ugly Needs to Get Glasses, Its Sexxyy, And So Is Justin. Hello New Sexy Hairr ;) and Erm, his hair will always be sexy unless he shaves it off, thats a hugee no,no. But if he ever does that This girll Right heree will Always love and support him no matter whatt <3
I lovee that kidd <3

what do we think?

yet the answers are already given to us from to choose.

Are you kidding me? I'm glad he finally cut that hair. Now 99% of the teen boys out there can finally get a clue and hopefully grow up and cut there's as well. Wonder when this flash in the pan will fade to oblivion!

what do we think? we have three choices. it's not we think it's what they think we'd choose.

You have to be careful when using anything sharp around Justin Bieber's head, because one false move could result in letting all the air out!

he looks like Samantha Ronson

Who is Justin Bieber?

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