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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry battle for custody of daughter Nahla

Halle Berry and Gabriel AubreyHalle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are embroiled in a custody battle over their 2-year-old daughter, Nahla -- and it's getting ugly. 

The Oscar-winning actress has even dropped filming Gary Marshall's star-studded "New Year's Eve," and was replaced by Katherine Heigl, in order to prepare for a legal smackdown with her 35-year-old fashion model ex-boyfriend.

Both camps have been slinging accusations at each other, with Berry, 44, saying that Aubry angrily "traumatized" Nahla when she was being fussy, and that Aubry called Berry the N-word.

Aubry and Berry split last April, but things have been amiss regarding Nahla their daughter since December, when Aubry filed court papers to be formally recognized as Nahla's father and share physical and legal custody.

"Halle has serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her," her rep told People.

But another twist in the convoluted custody clash is RadarOnline obtaining a livid e-mail from Berry railing against Aubry:

"You were only good for one thing.... Thanks for the donation," she wrote, according to the website.


After denying the allegation that Aubry ever abused or slurred Berry or their daughter, Aubry's friend said that "all Gabriel wanted was to ensure his legal entitled access to his daughter and to not have to be at the mercy of Halle's moods as to when and how he could see Nahla."

Reminiscent of the Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva custody brawl? Maybe it's a good thing family law battles take place behind closed doors.


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry at the afterparty for the premiere of DreamWorks' "Things We Lost in the Fire" in 2007. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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Interesting how since Christmas we didn't see her pal Olivier around as much. She probably wanted to play it low key because of all this. Halle has never had a good thing to say about any ex in her life to date -- why should Aubry, the father of her child, be treated any differently? The men in her life are always the "bad guys" -- and she is perfect, of course. Even as to her being a good mom, how can she be a good mom when she's hopping into bed with a new right after she leaves Aubry? Then she's on this long movie shoots where she herself admitted she only spent an hour with her daughter in a day. Other actresses go so far to put their movie careers on hold when they have a child. Look at Sandra Bullock -- her life is her daughter, not her own selfish needs and she never says or said "Boo" about Jesse after all that he did. Hope the truth comes out about Halle. I'm for Gabriel all the way !! Maybe it will take a French Canadian to finally put her in her place!

It sounds like Halle Berry wanted to have her cake and eat it too by dumping her long-term boyfriend and making sure he was never going to date again.

This is all driven by her rage concerning him getting on with his life.

She has the maturity level of a 12 year old school girl.

Since when is Aubry a full-fledged saint? We only know more about Halle's failed relationships because she has been in the public eye for over 20 years and she is an easy target. I'm sure she wasn't Gabriel first girlfriend. Who is to say that Aubry did not become bitter and vindictive once the relationship ended? In fact he has never said Halle kept him away from his daughter. The courts will determine what is in the child's best interest. Aubry said Halle was a good mother to their daughter and if she was not surely he would fight for full custody. Halle has also said that Aubry was an amazing father.

This is rather sad. It seems Halle only starting making negative remarks and had "concerns" about Gabriel when he applied to ensure he had legal access to his daughter (which of course he deserves). Halle needs to act responsibly and fairly and stop defaming her ex. He is and will always be Nahla's father. He absolutely has rights to his child. I completely agree that a stable and consistent agreement is better for the child. Of course the best arrangement is no longer viable for these two! I agree that custody battles should be dealt with privately and out of the public eye. Whatever your emotional issues with your ex are these comments/thoughts should never be heard by the child. Actions in the end reveal the true spirit of a person but nevertheless these are Nahla's parents and she loves them!

Halle is a witch! I am so disappointed in her as and African American myself I can see through this drama she is a queen of it if she thinks that she has the right to lay down with a man and conceive then ask him to leave his daughter. It was her motives all along and unless he signed up for that then I am sorry she is so wrong. I always had doubts about her intellect but she really is stupid here, why did she not go get a white man and be artificially inseminated she can afford that! I hope the judge sees this his way and simply allows this child to have both her parents. Halle is so wrong I will not be viewing any more of her movies. Halle grow up really! She is pretty dumb if she thinks this child won't do the research herself and find out that she used the race card to keep her away from her father! It is so clear she is the one who is psychologically unbalance. He was not tramatizing this child three years ago or when she was on her knees, back, side trying to conceive her! She was not concerned about the N word then when she was yelling out " YES, OH GOD YES!

His way I am sorry I meant to say the judge needs to see this his way. She is throwing her weight around and that is giving her a false sense of confidence that she can do whatever and get whatever she wants. I don't like her anymore. What is this message to many men who want to see their child? He is not asking for full custody just to share and have his name on the birth certificate. She is so messed up in the head always has been in my opininon but I thought she was making progress now we see that she had alot to do with her break ups. She is alone for a reason and it is not all the men. Pretty is as pretty does and you know what they say about stupid. Her career is over so I hope she does well. She got an oscar for laying on her back with a white man and not that I am a racist I love all races of men but seriously she is saying this man is a racist!

Furthermore as a Black woman this enrages me because this women has struggled all her life with the issue of being " Black". Being Black is being mixed racially period. Slavery took care of the question of our pureness. But now this child will have to start out dealing with something she should set out to prove and that is in love it does not matter. I am so praying for Gabriel because she is so wrong! He is successful, smart and an orphan himself so she should understand how he feels. He is not seeking to take this child from her but she is wrong to " protect" this child when clearly her abandoment issues are alive and well. It put a scare on her work now because part of why I rooted for is because as a light skinned African American women who can " pass for " many cultures I understand how hard it can be when you are judged by the color of your skin and not the content of your character. She has just set us back years with the preoccupation of race.

Alot of Black women who are single parents often not by choice are enraged as well because we feel like she has a good man who wants to take care of his seed. He broke up with her and now I can see why. I can see why she is so dysfunctional. I am done commenting I hope it works out for their daughter and Halle has to admit her wrong doing in this one day. I am done she is a nut case!

Its funny how being black matters if she is struggling through custody hearings. Halle Berry will not take her daughter away from Aubry because she knows what it was like to live without a father figure. She wants to be cautious,don't all mothers? I think that Aubry is a good father since he is so willing to battle against Halle for joint custody. We all need to keep in mind that Halle has had bad experiences with men, for instance: her father,her two husbands who both were surprisingly abusive, and she wants to make sure nothing happens to Nahla. I think if Aubry proves to Halle that he can be a capable father (not saying he's not) maybe she would consider it. And as for Oliver, think of other celebs who did the same thing, but they were younger.Halle is in her forties,and she's a grown woman, if she believes she is capable of fighting for her daughter's safety, and dating a costar,she would, if she didn't believe however, I really doubt that she would date someone else while battling her ex.


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