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Elizabeth Taylor hospitalized for treatment of heart condition

Elizabeth Taylor hospitalized Elizabeth Taylor has been hospitalized for treatment of congestive heart failure, her spokeswoman confirmed Friday.

"She is currently being kept in the hospital for monitoring," said Sally Morrison.

The 78-year-old actress was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the past couple of days, Morrison said. Taylor disclosed her heart condition in November 2004.

Taylor's family appreciated the support from fans, Morrison said, but asked for privacy to allow the medical team space to do its work. She didn't know how long the Oscar winner would be in the hospital.

Taylor had been scheduled to attend an amfAR benefit gala Wednesday night in New York, where she was to receive an award alongside former President Bill Clinton and designer Diane von Furstenberg, celebrating their dedication to AIDS research.

Elton John accepted the award in her honor, passing along a message from Taylor that said, in part, "I am there in spirit."


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

Photo: Elizabeth Taylor as Queen Cleopatra in the 1963 film "Cleopatra." Credit: Associated Press


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I guess her family is keeping her on life-support at least until the first of March so they can get one more royalty check from her perfume empire....GREEDY KIDS!

She can just let nature take its course and slowly slip into the cloak of the other side. She can look forward to many wonderful friends who loved her. Time to move on Liz. You had a long and full life.

The previous comments are quite rude and cold-hearted! What about consideration for her and her family?

Have a speedy recovery liz. for those who made nasty remarks remember you are mortal too, I dont think you would like for people to make comments when you are in a hospital bed having heart problems, its wrong.

so many crazy and miserable people here and you have to force you misery on to others how selfish of you. Get a real life!

Liz wishing you well ; )

Wow! AUGUST and NIKI ... you guys each need to take a serious look at yourselves. There are some serious problems going on in the values arena. The lady in question has done more for people in need than either of you two will ever dream of, but for some incomprehensible reason you think that this particular occasion calls for spewing your personal anger problems around as if we should be more concerned about YOU for some reason or other.

Undergo a round or two of analysis. Get some insight INWARD instead of projecting outward. Then come back and try to discuss an elderly woman's ill health with a little bit of credibility.

Liz has been so plagued with illness for most of her life. She was a beautiful woman and a great actress. At 78, she is still not that old, I wish her a speedy recovery and wish her the best.

Is there any particular reason why the Times cannot run a current photo of Miss Taylor from 2011? All the photos of Taylor in the Times are from 20 or 40 years ago. This seems odd. She is quite possibly the most photographed woman in the world, so i am certain there are plenty of new photos of her available!

She's the last of the greatest movie stars. Along with Louise Rainier, she's has lived a very full life. I pray for her recovery soon. But I also want to thank the Grand Dame for giving us many cinema moments to cherish forever...A true beauty both internally and externally...she's La Liz!

wow, I actually know one of her kids very well, and know that he is the farthest thing from greedy. That's a pretty insensitive thing to say. My wishes and prayers are with them all.

Wow! She's been through a lot of health problems lately!! I'm not saying this to be mean but I don't think she has much longer to live. When a person gets so many health problems at once, your body tends to slow down and maybe shut down, so if her will is strong and she can live a little longer, more power to her.

But then again, she may end up fooling us to live to be in her 90's or beyond. I'm pretty sure when she does pass on, it will be a huge media fest to celebrate her life in general and become one of the most popular actress in Hollywood. All of us Americans what we can do for her is to pray and hope that she does pull through. She is a real beauty for her age with all the stuff she went through. Get better soon, Liz!

Wow, only 78, it seems like she's been around since forever. Even though she looks pretty good for someone so elderly, I always thought she was much older for some reason. I can't imagine a world without Elizabeth Taylor, I pray she recovers!


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