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Dr. Drew: Billy Ray Cyrus confused Miley by being a dad-pal-costar


Dr. Drew Pinsky has a few opinions regarding Billy Ray Cyrus' recently expressed parental pain — opinions the doc shared on Joy Behar's show Wednesday night, saying first that nobody should be taking pot shots at Miley Cyrus' dad.

"For a child growing up, it's very hard for [a parent] to have multiple functions.... In other words, you can't be the parent and the friend," Pinsky said. "You can't be the parent, the friend and the costar. That is very confusing. That creates boundary problems for a child. And therein lays the core of one of the problems that Miley seems to be manifesting now."

Billy Ray Cyrus told GQ recently that he'd take back the whole "Hannah Montana" thing — he costarred on the Disney series that made his daughter a household name — if it meant his family would still be intact.

Behar took up Billy Ray's side, pointing out that the country singer was beating himself up, and you had to feel for the guy.

"I've met the man; he's the sweetest, nicest man you'd ever want to meet," Pinsky said. "But I don't think he really understood how he had adulterated his parenting function ... . And he is such a nice guy, he probably had difficulties stepping up and asserting himself when he really needed to."

The doc appeared on Behar's "Headline News" show with Sonja Norwood, mom of Brandy and Ray J, and "Brady Bunch" child-acting alum Eve Plumb, who asked, "Is it a little too much, a little too late? Or is he going to now become the stricter parent and set a line and retract the photos or change the show?

"What is he going to change now that he's got remorse?"

Good questions.


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— Christie D'Zurilla


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I think Dr. Drew is wrong and Billy Ray should have been a parent to his daughter and not used her for money. I believe he knew exactly what would happen to her but his greed for fame and fortune overrode him being a good dad. By the way, where the hell was her mother through all this?

I think that Billy Ray needs to stop and look at the whole picture not only at his daughter or what he did wrong. The world is under the power of the "Black Beast" as it is prophesied in the Bible, in the book of Revelation. The Communists have done the works of the Red Dragon and took the name of God almost out of the dictionary and the Black Beast is here to destroy the soul of the people not having the power of God to protect it and he works through the media, TV, movies, magazines ect. and oh boy! does he do a good job of it. We need to gather forces and pray to defeat him and bring "holiness of life" to our world. Well Billy Ray, here is the job, are you up to the challenge? You need to read the writings of the Popes and especially of Jean Paul II and you will know where to start. God bless

I don't see where Billy Ray Cyrus was "using his daughter for money." While I find that Dr. Pinsky tends to form opinions without a full knowledge of the facts, his opinion here could make sense. I think commenter Hannah is also jumping to conclusions without all of the facts.

Either Dr. Drew is an out-of-control alarmist, or he's a profiteer who knows he can grow his business by unnecessarily alarming the adult American population. However, if we take a step back from Drew's alarm and think rationally, we will immediately remember that when we were kids the great majority of us tried drugs, whether it be beer, marijuana, prescription pills or whatever. It's a pretty natural part of growing up and there's no reason to think that Miley Cyrus is any different from the rest of us, other than the fact that she's probably older than most when she first started experimenting. And even that is not particularly odd when you consider the fact that she's led a very sheltered life till recently--she's had a body guard with her where ever she went for most of her teenage life. If Drew were a good doctor, he would realize that this is a normal part of growing up, not a case for the Betty Ford Center. While there's no great worry over Miley Cyrus, I really worry for all of Dr. Drew's patients.

Dear Dr. Drew, oh shut up.

@Brett, you're right about Billy Ray Cyrus. He was a fabulously wealthy man before he ever heard the name Hannah Montana. He made the overwhlelming majority of his money in the early-to-mid 90s and he's worth $150 million today, none of it coming from what Miley Cyrus has earned. Miley is worth $120 million and before she became 18, the overwhelming majority of what she made was socked directly into an account controlled by professional business managers, not by Billy Ray. The idiots who keep claiming that Billy is living off of Miley don't know how much Billy is worth and they don't know much about the laws that protect child actors from their parents stealing from them. I do think Billy was wrong trashing Miley in public, which he's probably doing to make his wife look bad right before their divorce, but hopefully Billy will snap out of his depression and start acting right. In my opinion, right now, he's acting far worse than Miley is.

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, gosh darn it I know I can do it!

'er wait, wrong stupid pop psychology...

Billy Ray is right...only a lot too late. Miley has no one to stand there with their hands on their hips to say that you don't find your adulthood in the bottom of a beer bottle or in a bar. Put down the bong, you're acting stupidly (salvia? Yeah sure, whatever). To the commentor who referred to their own experimentation, there is a huge difference between an adolescent who is sidestepping or testing boundaries that her parents set up...and an adolescent without real boundaries who has a skewed view as to what adulthood is as a result. The boundary has to exist in the first place for the kid to try to cross it. What boundaries? Who is telling her no?

I find it really sad that her 'handlers' were the ones that parented this kid, but they did it under the guise of marketing, not parenting.

In personal tragedy, you can find veritas, if you know where to look. I'd say from here, as a parent with a whole lot of compassion for this guy, he's looking in the right place: in the mirror like a real person, instead of the persistant prevalent narcissistic place of celebrities, which is to careen like a loose cannon, acting out and blaming others.

And if you want to see 'not harmless' acting out, see Lindsey Lohan. Another celebrity with a parent who was 'friend'. The world is filled with friends if you're young, attractive, talented and have money. You only get a couple of parents, and they're there for a critical reason.

If I were Billy, I'd go find that girl and we'd have a talk. If I were his friend, I'd say that you can't change the past, but you can have a different future. Go do the right thing. And to Miley? Sit down, hush up, your father has something important to say.

"Dr." Drew's opinions aside, I think it's a little late for Billy Ray to start trying to be a "father". Where was he a couple of years ago when as a minor Miley started dressing and behaving like a slut? Oh wait, I remember, Billy Ray said something like, "all kids her age do this". He helped create this monster. No big surprise that she's angry and resentful now.

Billy Ray Cyrus is no different than so many other stage parents throughout the history of Hollywood. He is a washed up has been frustrated entertainer who used his offspring for a meal ticket, plain and simple.

Billy Ray Cyrus is no different than so many other stage parents throughout the history of Hollywood. He is a washed up has been frustrated entertainer who used his offspring for a meal ticket, plain and simple.

LOL at people claiming Billy Ray is living off of Miley. In case you people are too stupid to realize, Billy Ray Cyrus has been extremely wealthy since the 90s. He's worth like 150 million WITHOUT MIley or Hannah Montana.

And another thing, the world wouldn't know who Miley Cyrus is and she would be a nobody if it weren't for her dad considering the girl can't act or sing and has no real talent.


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