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David Archuleta parts ways with Jive Records label

David Archuleta David Archuleta is no longer with Jive Records, the recording label that signed him after his "American Idol" duties were done.

"Decisions," the multiple Teen Choice Award winner, now 20, tweeted cryptically on Thursday. "They are scary things before knowing what could happen after you make them, but I'm excited for what the future holds.

"David was released from our roster," a Jive spokesperson confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter on Friday.

The "American Idol" runner-up, who lost to David Cook in the seventh season of "Idol," has sold only 63,000 copies of "The Other Side of Down," released on Oct. 5, 2010.

In contrast, his self-named 2008 Jive debut, which The Times' reviewer described as "an exacting distillation of a 13-year-old girl's wholesome romantic aspirations as imagined by 50-year-old label reps," went platinum. He'd signed with the label in June of that year.

Some other names from the Jive roster, where Archuleta was still listed Friday: "Idol" alums Crystal Bowersox, Jordin Sparks and Kris Allen, plus Britney Spears, Usher, Pink, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: David Archuleta arrives at a pep rally for the "Girl Up" United Nations Foundation Campaign on Nov. 5, 2010, in Los Angeles. Archuleta parted ways with Jive Records. Credit: David Livingston / Getty Images

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Hi. I'd like to add a few facts. David's last album is AWESOME and very catchy! And everyone needs to go buy it, lol! And...it didn't sell well because it wasn't properly released or promoted..like never. David only went on 2 small TV shows upon its release, and JIVE didn't even try pushing the singles to radio. Although the first single, "Something 'Bout Love", almost made Top 40 then the plug was pulled. JIVE is in alot of turmoil from executive shakeups right now, & I personally feel that the CD just got lost in the shuffle somehow. He was never properly marketed, either. So how JIVE could release him because of their own failures is beyond me. David will be fine, though. He's got too much talent & an amazing amazing fanbase.

The reason David's newest album did not sell well is because Jive has never from day 1 got any single from the cd radio play. Most people have no clue he has a new album out which is so sad to me because David Archuleta is one of the most talented artists around today. Jive never promoted him or anything. There was another artist from that same label that said they would not get them airplay either. She said she put out money out of her pocket.... If you can't get your music on the radio then you don't sell. Only his diehard fans knew his cd was out and they are the ones that bought it.....The internet and David sites spread the word to them. I have no idea why Jive did this to David because he could have made them a lot of money...I heard David wanted to be released from Jive. It won't be no time before someone else snatches him up I believe. Maybe David already has a new record label that will support him. He sold around 1 million copies of his first cd and his single from that album sold 2 million and then he had a Christmas cd out that sold like 300,000 I believe. Then Jive drops him after they would not support his 3rd album but they promote a woman beating ass like Chris Brown.

No big surprise here, regrettably. But it may be the best thing for his career.

Ciara said a few days ago, “I spent tens of thousands of my own money only to hear the radio PDs tell me my label didn’t want the song played”.

And this is exactly what Archuleta fans were told by the PDs immediately post-”Crush” and for two years. Fans were told “Oh, we can’t play that” by the radio stations, no matter how large the number of requests, for any other single after “Crush”.

Admittedly, not every subsequent single was radio friendly, but some absolutely were.

While a big hit in numerous places overseas where Archuleta is a big star and played along side the best known American acts, and despite fervent and pro-active fan support for him here, Archie couldn’t get airplay in America because his label didn’t want it.

If he could be a hit in other countries with multiple top singles (and he was) the same could occur in the States. But the label had other ideas.

Did they sign Archie in May 2008 the night of the "American Idol" finals to make him a star, or keep him controlled in favor of Cook or someone or something else? Who's to say as to the reasoning.

But Ciara has had a similar experience with Jive.

Are the rumors true that Jive's really melting down from the inside? One can only wonder.

I love 'the other side of down' and David is not the problem for the subpar sales number. He's super talented and he'll be signed by a better label so It's all good. He's been working nonstop for 3 yrs and deserves a break! Good luck David, until we meet again love you!

David better off on another label. The Other Side of Down is a stronger album than the first. For some reason, the label did not seriously pronote it. Maybe due too all the reorganization going on in the fall with Jive. Better for David to cut his losses and move on. Upward and Onward. Jive's shortsided loss really. At any rate, David continues to be one of the brightest talents on the scene today. I am looing forward to what his future holds.

The fact that there was hardly any radio play and no promo for this CD and no one knew he even had an album out --- Wow --- 63,000 copies sold sounds amazing to me! Imagine the numbers with promo & radio play!!

So what do you think? Crystal Bowersox has sold just over 100,000 for her debut album. Jordin's second album was tanked and had to stop tours due to low attendance. Kris Allen has sold about 320,000 since 2009 for his debut album. Hmmm. just prepare for the worst. It's Jive!!
Jive is known for their stingy spending to promote artists. Even Britney, Usher and Pink are selling music by their own fame, not by the label's promotions. It's better to get out of the label that doesn't promote artists to sell music. They don't know that the more promotions, the higher music sales.

Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Sometimes moves like this can hurt your career especially if things are on way up... It's true I never heard the song on radio but luckily he has a large fan base that support him.

I really love David Archuleta's music. I know a lot of people appreciate him too. I feel so heart broken whenever I read bad news about him. I can't help being sad, especially when the articles mentioned that only a few copies were sold in his second album. The album was really great! A lot better than the first one. I think it's not well promoted. Anyways, i know David will not be affected by this issues. He is far more matured. He know what he wants. The more important things like helping other people. He doesn't seek worldly recognition and fame. I just feel sad for him, but I know his better than that. Keep fighting David. I know you're not a quitter because you have the passion for music, and not for that show business. Please keep climbing, keep fighting, until you make it to the other side of down! : ) For the glory of God, for you family, for your archies, and for the world to hear your music!

David is tremendously talented. The problem was in Jive. They never promoted him which resulted in the lack of record sales. Imagine how many would have been sold had Jive done their job and promoted him/got him on the radio.

I am sick, nauseated, in fact by this news. I am a fan, will always be a fan and I feel David will be fine just going with the flow, wherever that goes. Will be waiting for good things for David and all his fans.

David Archuleta has a new album? I'll have to check it out, voted for him on Idol (incredible voice) and wondered what happened to him.

David's doing fine. He's talented, young and very cute so I sure he'll be signed by a more suitable label soon.


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