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David Archuleta explains split with record label, management


David Archuleta was not exactly dumped by Jive Records, the "American Idol" runner-up said in a video blog posted Tuesday on his official YouTube channel, despite the many headlines to that effect that have popped up since Friday.

David Archuleta explains his decision about Jive Records "It just felt like the right time to part ways," Archuleta said in the video blog post, titled "Decisions, decisions."

Regular Ministry readers already heard of the split Friday as a parting of the ways between Archie and Jive, though we'd now like to add that the 20-year-old said he's broken up with his management team as well.

"Decisions," Archuleta had tweeted cryptically on Thursday -- anyone seeing a theme yet? -- the day before the split with Jive went public. "They are scary things before knowing what could happen after you make them, but I'm excited for what the future holds."

He spoke Tuesday about how Jive had changed as a company, mentioning his own growing self-awareness. There were, he said, "offers that I continue working with them, but it just didn't feel like the right thing. I loved working with them, they've been so great, you know, the people there are just awesome ... I've learned a lot from them."

About his management team? "I realized that this is not where I need to be right now," he said. Then, because he's David Archuleta, he clarified and praised: "Not like they were doing anything bad or anything wrong, you know, they've been great."

He told fans he's been working on writing, solo, to see what comes out, and is figuring out what direction he wants to head in as an artist.

"Only recently I've learned ... it's an obvious thing, but it just took me a while to realize," he said, "I have control over my life. The decisions I make, that's what's going to make or break not [only] my career, but my life as well."

"I'm sorry for scaring you guys," he said.


David Archuleta parts ways with Jive Records label

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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: David Archuleta at an event in L.A. on Nov. 5, 2010. Credit: David Livingston / Getty Images

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David's also too nice to say that it was his former manager, Melinda Bell of Wright Entertainment Group, who tweeted the misinformation that Jive dropped David. This was after he had decided to drop her as his manager. The media picked it up and it spread like wildfire. This can all be confirmed on her twitter account, @MelindaWEG.

David is really one of the genuinely nice guys in the music industry. His talent is unmatched by any of his contemporaries, including Miley, Selena, Demi, Jonas Bros. Too bad none of David's "friends" from radio, television or the media supported him when his third CD was not selling as well as his first. I guess we really did need that 99th story about Justin Bieber's hair or yet another interview with 9 year old Willow Smith.

Thank you for posting this. And thank you, David, for setting the record straight. You're awesome. And so is your album, that JIVE somehow forgot to promote. Their loss. Smart move, kid.

wow, what a courageous young man, if only I was self aware at that age. Really admire his courage and positivity. i hope he is successful in everything he does. he deserves it.

I think if David thought that splitting with Jive was a choice he had to make then it must be. He knows whats best for him than any one of us. Wish u the best!!

Thanks for posting David's video blog! I was so relieved and happy when I saw this. David has a gorgeous voice his personality is inspiring. I am really looking forward to hearing a lot more from him. I'm happy he has taken control and excited for what he does in the future.

He said that he has a couple of things coming up soon. Hopefully one of those things is an Asian tour. The Asian fans have really supported "The Other Side of Down" so hopefully Sony can set up a tour for those fans as a thanks to them.

David made the right decision because he needs to reinvent himself as a musician. That he has been categorized with the likes of Miley Cyrus & the Jonas Bros., even by fans (or I should say, especially by fans) says that it was inevitable that he would be passed over in favor of the next teeny bopper sensation sooner or later. Too bad that Justin Bieber came along so soon. However, unlike Miley, the Jonas Bros., and, yes, even Justin Bieber, David Archuleta does not have to end up being a flash in the pan. Why? Because he can actually sing. And without an autotuner as a crutch. With the exception of Adam Lambert, no AI competitor in AI's second 5 years is nearly as talented of a vocalist as he. With a new strategy (incl. more versatility), a new image (more adult, less tweeny), better collaboraters (incl. songwriters), and a more saavy, more supportive label, Archuleta can go far, maybe even become a major star someday.

I would love to hear songs from his great new cd The Other Side of Down on the radio. I love Falling Stars, Stomping the Roses, Complain, My Kind of Perfect, the amazing chorus in A Good Place, and of course the title song and Something 'Bout Love. I guess, I don't care what song I hear from this well-reviewed cd!

David Archuleta was smart to dump Jive, the new regime there likely wanted to mold a Bieber 2.0 and Archuleta, for his young years, is no auto-tuned, swagger-coached product.

His album "The Other Side of Down" is soulful pop at its best, with amazing songs like the title track, "Elevator," "Stomping the Roses" and the heartbreakingly personal "My Kind of Perfect." He made the right move at the right time.

So the truth comes out from the man himself: David got out of Jive and not the other way around. David deserves to be with a label who gets his musical genius, integrity and values and be willing to promote him well, especially for radio play. Well done, David! We’re excited for bigger and better things to come…’Love your album The Other Side of Down, it’s totally amazing!!!

Thank you for helping to set the record straight. I'm delighted to know David Archuleta is free of Jive and that he chose to walk away in order to move in the direction he felt was best both personally and artistically. "The Other Side of Down" is a terrific album. It received strong reviews, but hardly anyone outside the Idol internet bubble knew it even existed thanks to lack of promotion. I long for the day David is signed to a label that "gets" him and is willing to to develop him as an artist. That kind of collaboration will result in beautiful music.

David Archuleta is THE BOMB.... AMEN.


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