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Christina Aguilera kills the national anthem -- and not in a good way [video]


This post has been corrected. See the note at the bottom for details.

Christina Aguilera's fumbling of the national anthem before the 2011 Super Bowl may have been worse than Nick Collins' pick-six off the Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger -- unless, of course, you're a Green Bay Packers fan.

Check out Xtina's "interpretation" of "The Star-Spangled Banner" above, and vote in the Lea Michele vs. Christina Aguilera singing poll. And remember, the blond diva has been getting the tune right for a long time, including at a hockey game when she was 11 (she starts around the 1-minute mark):


More recently,she got the lyrics right for Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals (see the proof below). So -- maybe this girl just isn't a football fan?

For the record, 5:59 p.m.: This post originally gave Ben Roethlisberger's first name as Brett. Of course, it is not Brett, just like Clay Matthews' first name is not Chris. Brett Favre's first name is Brett, however. Thanks to commenter @Eaglesfan19 for flagging my gaffe, and making me laugh at myself, albeit in a banging-my-head-on-the-wall way.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla


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At least she wasn't as bad a Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem.

maybe she wanted to sing it in spanish

She gets the National Anthem wrong, you get the Steelers' quarterback's name wrong. Now you're even...

She certainly butchered it, did she not? A sad state of affairs that she doesn't know the words. She didn't sing, she screamed and howled and her performance was an insult to the song. Absolutely inexcusable.

Whatever, she's hot. And the anthem is not a good song anyway.

Maybe the problem is that some pop singers sing as if the whole thing is about them, instead of about honoring America.

What about the football players mugging for the camera during the song instead of standing respectfully -- any critique for them?

Disgusting continuation of a recent theme--hey, everybody, look at me, I'm going to perform a 15 minute interpretative version of the National Anthem. No pacing, no appreciation of the lyrics, not a clue to the author's motivation or historical context. See you at the postgame party!

Let me guess, you same outraged patriotic Americans support Sarah Palin? Yeah...she doesn't botch a thing...

@lame, your name says it all. You're one of those deranged thinkers who'd blame Tucson on Sarah. Time to refill your EDS meds. Lame, indeed.

Given all of the glitches, I wonder if there were technical problems. Maybe she couldn't hear herself.

Girl can sing, and she's done it all before. Something else was the problem.

That's a hard song to sing, especially a cappella. Just sing it straight, with an organ or something. It's plenty powerful as it is. And props to this blogger for owning his gaffe.

beyond blowing the lyrics, i thought she was horribly out of pitch a few times. i would definitely hit that again tho.

I believe the vast majority of Americans would like the anthem sung with music, the way it was written and in a respectful way. When you try to add your own style, it comes across like some moronic spastic having a vocal siezure. In all honesty, she was only slightly better than the half time show.

Thei is probably here first time singing this song to a Red, White and Blue US flag. I'll bet she could do the Mexican national Anthem to thier Red, White and Green flag without a hitch. But she did out due RoseAnn from years ago.

Unfortunately for @Norm's take on the situation, Aguilera is an American -- born to a U.S. Army sergeant and a teacher in New York.

pretty bad don't thee over paid idiots do a sound check?so how much did she get paid---too much--demand a refund

What a disgrace.Not only did she not know the words-she didn't sing, she screamed!!!!

C.A. should have her citizenship revoked for that miserable performance, and I'm a foreigner.

A better rendition was performed at the Kings vs. Leafs game last month at Staples Center, by a member of the Canadian military (cue the unimaginative jokes: 'Canada has a military?!') At least we celebrate Remembrance Day (the equivalent of Veteran's Day) across the country and still consider it a very important national holiday, not like in LA where my temporary place of work didn't even give the day off. That is pathetic!...but it digress.

Just sing it, honor it, like all anthems should be performed.

Please sing it the way it was written.

She got caught up in all the "whoaaaaaas".

Dont they have the words on the big screen at events now?

i read someplace where they are starting to lip sync the songs because of this. maybe the NFL will stop the live anthem singing and just let her move her lips. oh and the cutesy hand waving made me sick. she was like a pre-pubescent child. didn't you feel something would go wrong when she was announced?

Anyone have any thoughts about the football players mugging for the camera (and the guy who puts his head in frame briefly so the camera can see him) during the song instead of standing respectfully

perfect!!! thank you Christina

limone??? what are you talking about? She was born in staton island, NY!!! she is not foriegn

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