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Charlie Sheen on 'Good Morning America,' 'Today': 'Dying is for fools ... amateurs'

Charlie Sheen on "Good Morning America"

Charlie Sheen has tiger blood and Adonis DNA, healed his mind "in the blink of an eye" at his own "Sober Valley Lodge" and is done apologizing for being a special guy with a perfect life who lives like a rock star. He is, well, "winning."

Charlie Sheen is also a man of "violent hatred" who intends to sue CBS and those he accuses of "trying to destroy" his family by taking away all of his money and leaving him with no means of support after years of earning multiple-millions on a consistent basis.

Arguments offered on "Today" and "Good Morning America" on Monday included "Well, yeah," and "Well, duh" and "I have no interest in their retarded opinions."

He will come back to "Two and a Half Men," he said, for the rest of this season and also next year, but he'd like a 50% raise please, to $3 million per episode, for all of the "psychological distress" he's been been through since they "sent the suits into my house and shut down my party."

Though the actor was referring to what's been called his at-home rehab, CBS and Warner Bros. on Thursday also shut down the show for the rest of the season.

All of this is really nothing we haven't heard from Charlie Sheen already in recent days -- except maybe for the "I'm gonna sue" part. Now, however, we've heard it in stereo, with pictures, from a pair of daylong "exclusive" interviews over the weekend. (And man, were some folks not happy when they learned what "exclusive" means on Planet Sheen.)

He told Jeff Rosen on "Today" that, no, he would not be embarassed when his kids grew up and read about his exploits. "God no! Talk about an education. And then like this, and that's the guy, that's our dad, and we can get all the answers and the truth? Wow, winning! It's how you perceive it."

In the "GMA" chat, Andrea Canning noted that his so-called passion might be interpreted by some as anger -- and he was not surprised. "You borrow my brain for five seconds and just be like, 'Dude, can't handle it, unplug this bastard.' It fires in a way, that is, I don't know, maybe not from this terrestrial realm."

Pressed to tell exactly what happened in Aspen, Colo., with then wife Brooke Mueller and in New York at the Plaza Hotel, he declined, saying he couldn't reveal things about other people.

Regarding speculation that he might be bipolar, Sheen told "GMA" he was, instead, "bi-winning." The actor who says he won't "ingest" drugs again -- after most recently "banging 7-gram rocks [of cocaine] and finishing them" -- also declared that he won't overdose "because I'm me. ... I have a different brain, different heart, I've got tiger blood, man. ... Dying is for fools.

"Dying is for amateurs."

According to "GMA" and Radar Online, Sheen's blood and urine collected Saturday tested clean for drugs. Watch that interview below or check out the "Today" session at Show Tracker. And expect more from Charlie Sheen as the two networks run additional footage Tuesday on "20/20" and "Today."


Charlie Sheen said what? 'Two and a Half Men' star keeps digging

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Photo: Charlie Sheen talks with ABC News' Andrea Canning at his home in Los Angeles on Feb. 26. Credit: ABC News / Reuters.



Charlie Sheen said what? 'Two and a Half Men' star keeps digging


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Charlie knows how to trigger the presstitudes and beat them at their own game. 3 000 000 sounds reasonable...Go Alex and Charlie

Go Charliem, Go Charlie, Go Charlie. Remember that you are the product that 2 1/2 men is peddling. If CBS wont take you back. Then seek independent financing and keep going. You know I will still be watching. No matter finances the 9th season of 2.5 men. Hey this might work. Or maybe Charlie 2.0 would be a better title. But remember we want the gritty details of your Partying, Rock Star, Whore monguling. LOL.

In other news, Lulu has been hired as Charlie Sheen's new publicist. Makes sense to me, seeing as how the delusional deserve each other.

He has no case in court. His "I have a family to support" argument will fly out the window fast when he gets asked under oath how much money he's spent on drugs, hookers and porn stars. And most of his "mental anguish" claims are self-inflicted. They'll cancel the show, and Charlie will then be free to write his "book", or appear in his non-existent HBO show, or do whatever else he wants to do in the name of sabotaging his career.

As funny as it is, it's not. He's obviously lost his mind. Watch him twitch during the interview, even though he's apparently sober.

Seems like he probably fried his brain with drugs.

Hahahaha, Sheen is making these media twits look clowns!


Eulogy time! Good bye Chucky! Get right with God or hell just might be your next home!


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