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Camille Grammer hired for CNN Oscars red carpet show

Camille Grammer will cohost Oscars red carpet for CNN Camille Grammer -- or is she Camille Donatacci Grammer now? -- knows the drill: Get divorced and get a job. In this case, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is signing up to cohost CNN's pre-Oscars show on Sunday.

Grammer will join A.J. Hammer and Brooke Anderson for the red-carpet special, "Showbiz Tonight: Road to Gold," CNN announced Monday.

"We can't wait to get Camille's unabashed take on Hollywood's biggest night," said Dave Levine, senior executive producer for the special.

Oh heavens, yes -- with what's been known to come out of her mouth, we might hear how hard it is to walk the red carpet, whose husband outranks whose on the red carpet, and perhaps how many nannies are employed by each red-carpet denizen.

Maybe even some criticism that the red carpet is perhaps a bit smaller than what she's used to? We can dream.

Note to Faye Resnick: Avoid the Oscars.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Camille Grammer in October 2010. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times


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Go Camille.. I am in your corner. Your ex is a skunk, he'll do the same to miss bobby socks. Have a great time on the red carpet.

Watching Real Housewives of BH was a guilty pleasure during the January snowstorms.

Camille's a big target but I give her two thumbs up for standing in the line of fire, and answering for her stupid comments and actions. She was the only BH housewife that did, although a few others should have. I may watch her do the awards show just to see what happens...her mannerisms are funny...

Glad it's not Kyle Richards on CNN. Watching Kyle now makes me cringe. Especially hearing her put on the sweet "girly girl" voice, as if she's just sooooo nice! I'll always remember that abusive, screaming shrew in the limo attacking her genuinely frightened sister. Ugly woman. Don't care to watch her on any show, ever again.

Good for Camille.....

I LOVE her she is so my fav housewive from B.H

haggis with pointed toes

Thanks for the heads up. I will not be watching it on CNN now because of her! She was so fake and caused so much crap on the housewives show and then tried to act like she was such a victim....Will be tuning into Fox or E for this one :)

Wow what a pig.....no wonder Kelsey bailed out....look at that face.....
She looks like an alien with freckles....


Once again...if the guy was so bad...why keep his name....


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