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Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' music video debuts [Video] [Poll]


Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" video debuts The Britney Spears music video "Hold It Against Me" debuted Thursday night on MTV, finally providing visual accompaniment to the tune that dropped in January.

At that time, "Hold It Against Me," the first single from Spears' upcoming "Femme Fatale," seemed to do just fine without much critical love, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Singles chart. The video is (of course?) directed by Jonas Akerlund, the guy behind Lady Gaga's "Telephone."

Yes, there's product placement galore. Yes, there's Auto-Tune. But there's also Britney and some boys dancing in outfits that look like a fashionista's take on men's tighty whiteys, or maybe on their childhood Spider-Man underpants, and what's not to love there? Not to mention the crouching-tiger-hidden-Britney kickboxing sequence pitting the pop tart against herself -- in platform stilettos.

The song is catchy enough that we're going to have to immediately counter-program RuPaul's "Jealous of My Boogie," below, to reboot the iPod part of our brain -- so maybe the video has done its job effectively.

Wait, first we liked the Justin Bieber movie, and now we're finding Britney's comeback video catchy? Are we losing our edge? Given that we're already imagining an Adam Lambert remake of "Hold It Against Me," all signs point to "yes."


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Britney Spears on the "Glee" set in 2010. Credit: Adam Rose / Fox

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Awesome Video, I loved it, I felt something. DEF a metaphor with out the words, brilliant!

That was a 99 Cent can of Suave hair spray...lol

she looks fat.


Not even with a gun to my head...

britney!! wow you look so pretty. keep ur head up and always remember what is important and nothing negative matters. the world is on your side always wishing you the best. im the duchess of the mic mac tribe. shout me a holla. your the best.

I thought the video was weak until around the 3-minute mark. The colors, the butt-kicking, and incorporated with the insane production made the video all good in my book!

But hun is definitely getting thick... and old.

AWESOME. Can we get Britney's father to take over conservatorship of Lindsay Lohan?

yipe! way over done, completely unwatchable. ]]shudder[[

but the RuPaul, on the other hand... how could you watch this without smiling a little. She's got one sexy pair of shoulders!


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Loved it!! I love you BRITNEY!

Worst video I have ever seen. But then again, its a Jonas Akerlund video and all his videos SU CK!!

Love love love the video. For those who didnt get the concept:

Meteor - Britney hits the earth. The meteor hits and the city lights up showing that she is in EVERY household.

Glam - Britney gets glamed up w/ her perfume showing how major of a celebrity she is.

Rise - Britney is surrounded by all her videos as she rises in her wedding gown - showing her rise to the top and how unstoppable she is.

Fall - Britney goes crazy literally LOSING It with paint splattering all over the place. The paint (her breakdown) completely splatters over all her work and her rep is tarnished.

Fight - Britney fights her inner demons.

Death - Britney dies her career is nearly over. (VMA Gimme More)

Rebirth - Britney comes back harder than ever and the dancers bow to her at the end!

shes totalllyyyy back in dancin...shes reaalllyyy bacckk!!!...people around the world goin to love her video...to haters, tq 4 vwatching britney video

I thought the video was really good as it told Brit's rise to fame and fall and then rebirth but my gf (who loves Britney) was pissed there wasn't more dancing. I guess this was supposed to be a dance video but I really don't follow it that closely.

Wow. I want my five minutes back.

Video ok.......but once again all of her songs sound the same. Its getting old hearing her songs cuz it seems like the new ones are sung exactly like the old ones. I think she should retire. She had a great run at her career but needs to let the new more experienced talent take over.

Maddisen you're spot on! VERRRRYYYY BOOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNGGG! same ole, same ole...video vamping, sex kitten, same dance moves...blah, blah, blah...well dance clubs I guess need pop fluff like this to keep kiddies dancing and adults doing aerobics or jazzersize or pilates, etc.

Wow brit is still hot but come on she will never be a dancer. there seems to be no fluidity I find her a little scared of letting go to really throw out an awesome performance just stand still brit I will be happy

i love this song but i would rather have justin bieber with me on a deserted island he awesome or i wouls want my boyfriend on the island with me :-)


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