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Britney Spears' 'Femme Fatale' cover: Hot or not? [polls]

Britney Spears Femme Fatale picture This post has been corrected. See the note at the bottom for details.

Britney Spears tweeted a picture of her "Femme Fatale" cover on Tuesday, revealing the album's name and continuing the buildup to its release March 15.

So, hot or not? Take the polls below.

"Femme Fatale" will be Spears' first studio effort since "Circus" in December 2008 -- the year that started with a 5150 psych hold for the singer and saw her placed under a conservatorship that still exists today, albeit with modifications. 

"Hold It Against Me," the first single from the album, was released in January and spent only a week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart.

The "Circus" tour was a bit of a rough one for Brit, 29, with slams coming in about her weight and her lip-synching.

"Spears can safely call this performance a success," The Times' Ann Powers wrote in a largely positive review on March 3, 2009. "She apparently has no interest in proving herself as a vocalist; Pink is a better acrobat and her friend Justin Timberlake is a far better dancer."

"But anyone who thinks her lackluster would do well to remember what she really is: a burlesque performer, a carny's dream born a century or so too late to be fated to ply her art upon the midway, but able to fulfill the spectacle of blond ambition now."

How do you think Britney has evolved, leading up to "Femme Fatale"? High expectations, low, or none at all?

For the record, 3:20 p.m.: This post originally referred to Spears as an actress; she is, of course, a singer. Don't, um, "hold it against me"? Thanks to commenters @toxic and @BRITTERlight for the heads-up.//cdz


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Britney Spears / Twitpic


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Britney will never ever be the superstar she once was. She ruined it by her crazy time and let's be honest, no one is interested in an almost 30-year old that needs a babysitter all day every day because she can't take care of herself. Also, she isn't the performer she used to be. She lipsyncs and walks around waving her arms while all of the other "real performers" try to take away the fact that Britney is not in shape, can't sing live or dance like she used to. All of the up in coming new stars will take over and Britney will fade away just like her looks and mind have.

So Britney Spears the "actress" is releasing her seventh studio album? Hmmm.


She's the Pop Princess, The Best

i like the old britney, with no hair,
going into 7 eleven @ 3:00 am.

that was soooooooo cool.

You guys need to chill out... Britney may not be the teenage superstar she once was, and that's fine; she doesn't have to be. She's not always going to be the hot, 20-year old with the abs. I wouldn't want her to be. People go through phases and stages throughout their lives and ultimately, just change. She's evolved as an artist and as a person and has proven time and time again that she's still got it. She was simply born with that "it" factor, and that will never change. There's something about her that the public loves to feed off of that keeps them hooked and interested no matter how much they love her or hate her. She's been around for almost 13-years and still has the same power as when she started. What other artist can account for the same?

britney rocks!!

Britney an artist???? who knew?...this new CD is just the same ole, same ole, tired mindless pop/dance fluff for cha-cha club kids to mindlessly dance the night away to...She's not an artist...just a manufactured lip-synching, video vamp who's only claim to fame is posing and acting like an aged old sex kitten...give it up Britney...the act is soooo old and not interesting or shocking or worth anyone's time....

I think Britney Spears is the world's most famous singer and the title of princess not vast for his great and successful music career that is already 12 years. in 1999 when she released her first album to listen and began to like britney spears Musia and support whatever is the follow on twitter and facebook purchased and downloaded all their songs and concerts buy posters of her and also I have in my Cell nearly 10000 images really love britney spears britney hear his music all day and I have them all on my phone I'd like to meet her personally thank you very much personal opinion

make those hits!
its no joke cuz
if ya eyez aint on da prize, ya loose it.
your choice.
choose it!

@chachaheels not worth of anyone's time???? and you're just right here.. and commented???? i don't understand... lol

WOW! (wondering how deliberate the MIS-USED WORD was...)

stars shine in the minds of many
they've called her a star plenty
still she shines from a different angle
who can hold a candle to

@BRITTER light -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. The answer to your question is, my misuse of words was, sadly, not deliberate at all. More a brain-hiccup variety of misuse.

Thx for flagging the gaffe. Fixed now. :)


Britney Stinks:
I totally agree with most of the comments you made, with the exception of the "fading away" part. She DEFINITELY doesn't look or dance the way she used to, and the whole 30 year-old-that-needs-babysitting comment is totally right on point! (and hilarious! haha) But as for the fading away, I think people have been saying that for the past ten years and it still hasn't happened. Just like Britney fans need to accept that her talent has faded, non-Britney fans need to accept that her career won't.

Phillipines...she's not worth anyone's time or money...her music sucks and she's bad imitation of Madonna...my time here was given just to put in my two-cents for sheets & giggles...you may now carry on with your Britney lip-synching kareoke act...enjoy...

I can see a lot of jealous ffrom stupidsNhaters! HAHAHA BRITNEY I LOVE U! NOW HATERS START SCARING!! THE QUEEN!

With an album name like Femme Fatale, I expected a sexier album cover than this. Not her best.

I have always been a music lover. I've been to so many concerts: Kelly Clarkson, Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Eminem, System of a Down, Maroon 5, OneRepublic, and on. I even jam with Broadway CD's. Anyway, my point is this: people will have their own opinion on things. I personal opinion is, Britney will never be the greatest singer out there. But we really can't deny that the girl has the "it" factor that steals anyone's attention - both lovers and haters. I went to her concert at her prime, which was the Onyx Hotel Tour, and she definitely captured my attention the whole time. She definitely knows what being an entertainer is all about. The bottom line here is that Britney has touched so many people's lives, and I'm talking about her fans. You don't have to like her. And if you don't, you can just ignore her. But haters just need to respect the fact that she has a fan base that is willing to support her. Reading this article from LA Times just sickens me. The writer is obviously not a fan of her. That's why I read NY Times. By the way, her Circus tour actually did very well. It was the top grossing concert in North America, and third worldwide. That was the same time as Beyonce's I Am Sasha Fierce tour. You can either deny it or accept it, Britney will always be relevant, as she's already considered an icon. With her last 3 lead singles (Womanizer, 3 and HIAM), it just shows how much she is relevant to millions of people out there. Thanks, Brit and your team, for making more money for our sinking economy. Your fans will buy your CD. I've already preordered mine, considering that your team is promising that it will be more like Blackout 2.0. That was your best album to date.

Britney will always be intriguing in some capacity like Madonna, so she feels no need to top herself, she'll let the music and the videos speak for themselves, she already has her 4th #1 song, so no matter what she does, she has nothing to lose.

oh yes just like the one comment said no one cares about her anymore yet she's still the highest selling artist of the past 10 years and still going hints here number one new song... you sound dumb just stop

At first glance it's "Hot." But the more I look at it, and look at her eyes... it's striking me as creepy. Like perhaps she's still not all there.

I like Britney, and I'll support her until the end of time. :P

britney spears is an icon, no matter what she does she captures the publics attention. shes a superstar her music is great. obviously the writer on this article is biased, and must not like her but its been more than 12 years and shes's still around. so that said whatever happened to jlo,chrsitina aguilera, or jessica simpson?

I think she looks beautiful. Viva la Britney!

To those who say her concerts were great - they were sold out. One has nothing to do with the other. I'm pretty sure people had to buy her ticket in order to know how it would be. Just becuase it was sold out doesn't mean she performed her best that night.

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