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Lady Gaga: 'Born This Way' music video premieres [Poll] [Video]

Let it never be said that Lady Gaga takes herself too seriously when it comes to creations like her new "Born This Way" video. OK, let it never be said in this paragraph that she takes herself too seriously.

Let it also never be said that you can't create a very interesting view of the world through a ... well, through a kaleidoscope?

Let it often be said that Lady Gaga really likes dancing in public in her unnie-pantz. And let it also be said that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

As for the "Born This Way" video, well, "This is the manifesto of Mother Monster," Lady Gaga intones. So check out the Nick Knight-directed clip above — viewer advisory just 'cause the beginning is pretty icky — then vote in our up or down poll below, and intone all you want in comments. (Just don't cuss, OK? OK!)


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— Christie D'Zurilla




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can lady gaga please dance with some clothes on. I do like lady gaga and i respect her as an artist but she exploits herself and in a many ways degrades herself and women into looking like objects for sex. the video was overall just plain weird and not to mention scary. In the beginning she reminded me of that hinduism person and she makes herself look like some kind of god. not cool

This is a very interesting and awesome gift from GAGA.
I was reading the prologue:the lost civilization from "the first sex" by Elizabeth Gould Davis. Two hundred years ago Sylvain Bailly the great French academician and philosopher wrote in his History of Ancient and Modern Astronomy "The only rational supposition remains that there must have been a great original nation, now utterly extinct, and of whose herstory there are no documents. This nation was advanced to a very high degree of perfection in the sciences and arts"
Gaga represents in this video this possibility in visualising this Nation of Art and Science including Tiamat - Mother creatrix, Metis - Female intelligence the creative principle, Orpheus - Bisexual/Hermaphrodite and lastly Metis-Phanes creatrix and begetter in one body. - Baby we were born this way

Justin Bieber & Lady GaGa...........please go away............please go away. I am sick of these mediocre singers with HUGE budgets passing off sh*t as music. Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber are the end of good music. They speak the doom of talent. Both are commercialism in the extreme and some lame non music people are buying it all.

Its an epic video, with a song that hold a beautiful message to accept and love your differences....

Say what you will about the comparison of Madonna to Gaga, but they are both brilliant artists and comparing them is expected. This video is beautiful and its births a new judgment free race, and the world needs accepting people

what an over-indulgent piece of crap...as per ususal.

I don't get it. I understand the song, but the video really has NO connection to the lyrics. -______-

This may sound very stupid. But I was deciding what to wear to school, getting opinions from family and friends, even Yahoo! answers. Then heard this vid came out from my sister who said she was disgusted because it seemed liked gaga had her vaj all over. So I decided to watch it not to see vagina haha, but to see what it was all about. as soon as it was done, I thought very deeply about alotta things. hmm...why don't I wear what I like, I was born with my own style. who give a fuudge what anyone says. So this inspired me to just do what I want, not what I think others want me to be. or look like or wear. and so, I was born this way. I am gonna be who i am. And it simply took hours of outfits and opinions, and a music video to figure out.
Thanks GAGA!
oh, and I loved the video(:
I hope you guys get the message too.
Cuz we were born this way(:

Lady Gaga does not disappoint with this video. The message it spreads is beautiful; and yet it is completely ignored by the insensitive comments by those so quick to jump down the throats of artists like herself. It truly is a modern work of art and I will be replaying this video multiple times!

And her dancing with minimum clothes does not necessarily equal degrading the woman form. It all contributes towards the art she is trying to create.. and I don't think Gaga is too concerned with selling sex, most of her fans do not buy into /are not inspired by her for that reason.


Lady Gaga is such an important ambassador for gay and Orient people. As a gay person, I’m so thankful she liberated me and found a neat way to use gay Holocaust symbols, zany Ke$ha unicorns, and ripped-off Marco Brambilla all in one beautiful, high-concept video.

To Above Poster:
Gaga would had to use ABC/123 charts in order to make this video anymore connecting the lyrics. She practically handed it to you on a silver platter in the opening narrative...

Ok, I was actually hoping to see drag queens in the video strutting around, but instead everyone looked normal for the most part. I kept hoping to see like men getting ready for drag, and doing some strutting as their alter ego. That disappointment aside, the video was not bad. Very quirky, but not bad. I still love the song, and if they did a drag queen movie, I'd like to see that song in there. I do love a positive and inspirational message, and this one has it.

This is my issue with Lady Gaga -

I understand that she is very active in the gay community and advancing gay rights. This is totally something I can get on board with. But at the end of the day, whose mind is she trying to change or influence? Homophobic farmer Joe isn't going to relate to you showing up to the Grammy's in an egg. Bible banging Cindy isn't going to watch this music video and be like "Oh yea, I get it, gay rights for all!"

When you associate yourself to a cause, and particularly a hot topic one such as gay marriage, people are going to begin to blur the two. Of course these are the same ignorant people who would deny marriage equality. But if you want there to be marriage equality, those are the people who need to get on board at the end of the day. Just like the rest of us, they also vote at the polls, ultimately determining who our political figures are - The political figures that would be needed to change laws regarding marriage equality.

So long story short. Lady Gaga should just keep to making pop songs and stop being so damn weird in the name of gay rights.

Lady Gag and her traveling circus... So this what "pop music" has come to.

Lucille @ 12:35

This album is not meant to gain fans for Gaga. She knows this. She has decided, on the contrary, to make an album for the fans she already has. She hasn't written for the gay community yet - none of her other songs are explicitly geared toward homosexuals.

Chelsea @ 6:23

His name is the Buddah. Try not to be offensive while complaining that others are offensive - it hurts your case. :-)


This video is groundbreaking. This video pays homage to more pop stars than you can probably name. This video is a complete thought. This video shows Gaga as she really begins to mature. One day we will look at this video and we will laugh saying, "Look at juvenile Gaga go!" This video is pop gold. If you doubt my words, please take a hop-skip'n'a-jump over to the youtubes for a minute or two, look up your favorite classic stars and watch a few of their greatest videos before you tell me that Born This Way doesn't belong with them.

Petty subjects to divert your attention from all those dark forces gathering around you.
Your lives are going to drastically change and this lot want to know your opinion on a singer????


Gaga please, please do more vidz like Bad Romance and Telephone.
You look great in technicolor and sound amazing doing really fun Euro Disco stuff. Remove the darkness and have a really good time.
The world needs a happy and crazy Gaga...not a serious one!

So, I think Lady Gaga is trying way too hard to be edgy. Lol The song is alright. The lyrics are nice and of course her voice is great...but the music is stolen and only changed slightly and the music video is just kind of annoying.

I miss the old gaga! D:

kaleidoscope good. skeleton section good. gaga dancing bad. what does she have on her feet---flip-flops?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! It is so much better then all those plain music videos. What do you all expect its Lady Gaga has she ever made a cut to the chase video? Never and that is why you can truly call her an ARTIST. Please name an artist who has or would ever make a video even remotely similar to this..No One thats why she is so respected in what she does never does she make a moment with her in it dull... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT...I could watch it all day, some may not approve of the video but every word in this song is relavent to pretty much anyone!! I was born this way!!!!!!

i was born this way..........lol


I love Lady Gaga, and I love "Born This Way," but this video didn't really do it for me. At least not on my first and only viewing so far. I just don't get it and don't feel that it really connects to the lyrics at all. Like, what do skeletons have to do with being "born this way"? Don't skeletons represent death? It doesn't make sense to me. I dunno, maybe it's one of those deep, artsy things that I'll have to watch five more times before I even begin to get it, and I plan to re-watch it at a later time, but for now, it just wasn't my cup of tea.


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