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Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show: Um, thoughts? [poll]

2011 Super Bowl halftime show with Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show seems to have left some folks less than impressed, if the, um, impassioned comments on our related 2011 Super Bowl posts are any indication.

Personally, the Ministry sort of loved the light-up dancing people and would like to keep one as a pet. Then again, we always like shiny things. Plus, Guns N' Roses' Slash showed up, and he looks cool no matter what. (Never mind that you won't be hearing any GNR tune in the "Glee" episode after the game, or any other "Glee" episode, for that matter.)

Regarding the music, however -- was being three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk a requirement to enjoy this Super Bowl halftime show? Are the folks who said it's still cool to like the Black Eyed Peas eating their words? Do you sympathize with the not-an-old-fart-at-all editor who sent me a frantic note about that "horrific caterwauling by Fergie," proclaiming her ears had been violated? 

Did the Peas suddenly make lyrics-flubbing Christina Aguilera look ... good? You might want to read Todd Martens' take on the Peas, "Pop Absurdity at Its Finest."

Take the poll, and post your own review in comments. (Keep it clean!)


The Black Eyed Peas' 2011 Super Bowl pre-party [pictures]

In a freestyle 'Green and Yellow,' Lil Wayne declares, 'I'm a cheesehead'

Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show promises a party vibe minus malfunctions

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: The Black Eyed Peas perform during halftime at the 2011 Super Bowl XLV on Sunday in Arlington, Texas on Feb. 6, 2011. Credit: Charlie Krupa / Associated Press

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Bring back the Who

I could not agree with Aric Johnson more. I have no doubt that BEP would have brought an amazing show if the audio department had been doing it's job!


Wow, complete disaster on all the talent and production on this one....Except for "America The Beautiful", this was one failure after another. What a waste of money and time. It was a good time to take a break from all the Pittsburgh turnovers and reheat some food!! Here is an original idea for the NFL, get the two best marching bands from each of the Superbowl teams home state, pay them some bucks so they can keep their programs alive through this time of collegiate cutbacks and let them just do battle. No egos, no major productions, no 75% Failure rate! Wow, what a thought! It blows me away that 75% of people who watched it thought it was horrible! NFL....GET A GRIP!

I really like the Black Eyed Peas. Their music is fun and makes you want to dance. Their performance last night was not good, there were a lot of technical mishaps and maybe they had some trouble finding the right pitch. Visually their performance was nice, the light people were cool! But I was rather disappointed. Their opening performance for U2 at the Rose Bowl in 2009 was so much better.

WHAT WAS THAT? The Superbowl halftime show? A crossword puzzle would have been more entertaining! Kindergarden music shows are more talented and keep a better rythm. I always thought the Black Eyed Peas sucked and I didn't thimk they could get worse, but I was wrong. Has the entertainment coordinators lowered thier standards for this worldwide sporting event broadcast? It was sad, sad, sad! P. S. Usher was not any help..

The only good performances were in the pre-game show. They should have been in the half time, at least people were having fun durring their performances.

I thought I had time travelled back to the 80's. I've been there once and I did not like going back. Once I saw how awful it was going to be I did a load of laundry.

They were all right I guess, but Prince singing "Purple Rain" - in the rain - in Miami, is still my favorite SB halftime show.

I actually thought this was a return appearance by "Up With People," but quickly realized it was "Up With Dinner."

Where is the option for "MEH"?

Other than Prince's performance and U2's after 9/11 I really don't remember any of these performances.

Although I guess they have to pick a group/person that will appeal to the largest audience possible. So you end up with a tame meadley of that artist's greatest hits.

Some comments overheard at my SB party:
" I've heard more pleasant sounds coming from a prison shower."
" I'd rather watch a Hee-Haw marathon. "
" I would rather EAT black-eyed peas than listen to this crap. "
" This would never be allowed in a communist dictatorship. "

That was the WORST halftime show in a Super Bowl I have EVER witnessed!! With the game being held in the state of TEXAS it should have had a COUNTRY flavor... Bring out the stars like George Strait, throw in Faith Hill & Tim MCGraw duet, add Alan Jackson for some old twang sound and top it off with a rare one-time performance from the best of the best in the country music business in Garth Brooks!!! Black-Eyed Peas???!!! Never heard such crappy music and whoi by the way makes up this haftime show.. With the Country lineup above, there would NOT have been NO wardrobe malfunction! Get with the times, the location, and the flavor of music in the city the BIG game is being hosted in....

BEP's half-time show was as expected JUST AWFUL!...Not even Slash or Usher could save it. Hell, even a burlesque show from Christina Aguilera would have been better. Goes to show that the BEPs is really not a very good group nor is their music. The best half-time shows came from the greats: Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Prince. Maybe it should be considered to bring back Up With People, if they continue to give us really bad musical acts like J-Timberfake, Usher, the BEPs and Britney...And on your poll, thanks to the reference to Up With People...nice that you'd remembered those shows..wink, wink...

The dancers on the field were fantastic. Fergie ruined it for the Black Eyed Peas. She definitely cannot sing live but needs the digitalized recording studio version. She took classic Slash and crucified a legend guitar solo.

worst halftime show ever

Were the B.E.P.'s actually singing live? Hard to tell...looked/sounded like a taped rehearsal replayed. Pretty cool visually..sort of an olympic vibe...
Slash is borrrring..., Usher doin' the splits !
Fergie actually can sing pretty good, heard her live in a small venue.

The half time performance by black eyed peas was TERRIBLE!

What the hell do you call that garbage?

The worst! Blask eyed peas suck!

What do you call this crap????
It's horrible!!!!

where is the garbage can so i can vomit !! after I throw this show in it first !! I thought i was back in the eighties ! listing to some real crap!!

Will.i.am, in tune. Fergie, not so much. Sound equipment, just plain bad. Usher helped with the dancing but Slash didn't add much especially with Fergie trying to sound like Axel Rose in "Sweet Child o' Mine" and failing. The commercials were barely watchable except for Eninem and the cute Darth Vadar. Thank God for a nail-biting Packer win.

Knowing what they have done with music videos I was expecting a more creative coherent show. That thing was all over the place and not in a good way!

The Black Eyed Peas gave themselves a big black eye. Awful sound and off key singing.

No one can sing the Star Spangled Banner like Whitney Houston! She starts off soft and builds to the end, causing "goose bumps"! Christina Aguilera just screamed instead of singing...terrible!

That was the worst performance I've ever seen in the last 45 years. Even my kids hated it. In fact, I haven't talked to anyone who thought that the Black Eyed Peas were any good. Thankfully, the Mute button was nearby.

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