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Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show: Um, thoughts? [poll]

2011 Super Bowl halftime show with Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show seems to have left some folks less than impressed, if the, um, impassioned comments on our related 2011 Super Bowl posts are any indication.

Personally, the Ministry sort of loved the light-up dancing people and would like to keep one as a pet. Then again, we always like shiny things. Plus, Guns N' Roses' Slash showed up, and he looks cool no matter what. (Never mind that you won't be hearing any GNR tune in the "Glee" episode after the game, or any other "Glee" episode, for that matter.)

Regarding the music, however -- was being three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk a requirement to enjoy this Super Bowl halftime show? Are the folks who said it's still cool to like the Black Eyed Peas eating their words? Do you sympathize with the not-an-old-fart-at-all editor who sent me a frantic note about that "horrific caterwauling by Fergie," proclaiming her ears had been violated? 

Did the Peas suddenly make lyrics-flubbing Christina Aguilera look ... good? You might want to read Todd Martens' take on the Peas, "Pop Absurdity at Its Finest."

Take the poll, and post your own review in comments. (Keep it clean!)


The Black Eyed Peas' 2011 Super Bowl pre-party [pictures]

In a freestyle 'Green and Yellow,' Lil Wayne declares, 'I'm a cheesehead'

Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show promises a party vibe minus malfunctions

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: The Black Eyed Peas perform during halftime at the 2011 Super Bowl XLV on Sunday in Arlington, Texas on Feb. 6, 2011. Credit: Charlie Krupa / Associated Press

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the worst hafl time ever!!!!

Fans are paying thousands of dollars for tickets to the Super Bowl. When will they get to watch a class act at halftime? It's the Super Bowl - - not a tone-deaf music-free jump-up-and-down screaming show for a stadium full of high school kids.

Fox screwed up the audio mix. They had the four mics up too high and the background, prerecorded music wasn't loud enough. At least we know they weren't lip synching -- well, Slash was faking it. They should have had their backup band there and saved money on all those dancers. The audio sounded different at the stadium. You could hear Fergie's voice on the stadium PA when it wasn't coming through the broadcast mix. Good job, Fox.

They made the corpses of Daultry and Townsend from last year's half-time show sound like mana from the heavens.

I turned off the sound on the tv, went to youtube and watched Prince's 2007 halftime performance pretending it were live ... Now PRINCE'S was the best halftime show ever!!!

Mebbe he'll come back in 2012 and better cover the Pea's songs like he did the Foo Fighters? lol

"I got a feeling," that bep should have stayed home.

The blackeyed peas SUCK. Whoever hired these idiots to perform at the halftime show is just as stupid. I mean really the cant perform. My four year old could come up with better lyrics for a song than them. How is this group as popular as they are. Sad day for american music.

A few observations:

Fergie should have borrowed Will.I.Am's auto-tuner. Then maybe we might not have noticed that she only sounds good after hours and hours of mixing and audio-editing after they studio record.

Tina Turner is wondering when Fergie will return her "Beyond the Thunderdome" costume.

I never thought I would miss Janet Jackson's wardrobe "mishap".

When asked by a friend who didn't watch the show why Slash was on stage, my only response was "So that he could bear witness to Fergie finishing the job that Sheryl Crow started".

Seriously, the worst halftime show yet. A test pattern would have been more entertaining. Watching puppies die wouldn't have been as painful.

Everyone who allowed this show to happen should be fired, and then beaten.

When did club song artists become the most popular bands in America? Black Eyed Peas, Usher, and they might as well have had lil wayne. Nothing against popular club/party music, but when did this become the most popular genre in America? Personally I would have liked to have seen Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Kooks, Akron Family, If Trees Could Talk, Electric President, and Explosions in the Sky.

Agree to disagree! I thought it was mediocre and didnt have anything special to it. BEP will go down in music history as a great group, but this show was disappointing. They sang all the songs we all know and slash was random and just popped up and then left…pointless! Usher was random too that was a bad song to song live.

Absolutly one of the worst halftime shows Ive seen, yeah the lights were okay, but more of a distraction from that awful sound called "singing". Fergie was simply screaming and screeching and the others looked as though they were lip synching...Id rather see janets boob

BLACK SUNDAY. All audio engineers everywhere must hang their heads in shame. The Superbowl halftime show was simply the most epic disaster of audio engineering in history. How is it even possible for such a massive screw-up to continue for the ENTIRE 20-minute show without someone, somewhere, kicking the idiot lead engineer out of his chair and turning the bloody music ON? 15 or 30 seconds of failure, blame the lead engineer. But an entire show? Blame the producer, the execs, the management, the owners, every single person who should have picked up a phone and raised hell. I've been a professional engineer my entire life, and there is no, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for what happened. ZERO. There was no direct feed from the music track at all, there were no effects at all on the vocals, Slash's guitar was muted entirely in the broadcast feed, and whoever the engineer was even managed to miss most of his cues. The very fact that such incompetence is even possible calls into question the fabric of the universe! The only explanation I can fathom is that the entire chain of production staff are all union people, and are therefore immune to both qualification and firing. At last the unions have flown their flag of boastful incompetence for all the world to see... This Is The Superbowl, with 100m viewers. If you can't get good help for a job like that, what hope is there?

I think the Peas knew what they wanted to do and their execution was commendable but whoever worked the soundboard needed to be executed.

Nevertheless, Price should be invited to do the Super Bowl halftime show every year.

Me, as well as allot of people thought it was a Tarzan movie during the halftime. What do you think about that?

Sorry, one more comment. NFL Should be ashamed of letting then self for slouch a grab-bag halftime

I'm done

Bring back The Who!

Man...after that debacle...I'd take POISON!!!

Anthem was slaughtered and the halftime show sucked. NFL.. You fail.

The problem wasn't so much the performers as it was the sound engineer responsible for that show. The mics weren't turned on and the the levels were not set right, TV viewers couldn't hear the music tracks except what was picked up through the mics that were on, Slash's guitar wasn't mic'd right, the V in the stage wasn't lit properly, and just all around lots of technical glitches that made it a horrible show. I wouldn't blame the performers though on this one.

"Music is like candy, you need to throw out the rappers." yes i know that black eyed peas isnt rap but it isnt music either. not to mention she messed it up for Slash who would have been great if the fake arists weren't around.

The worst thing I have ever seen. What were those outfits? They looked dumb, sounded bad, and hmm, I hear music but do not see any instruments.

Epic fail

There should not be people who can sing like this on national telivision when there are so many, much butter people who can actually sing without using any sort of editing eqipment. This performance makes me wonder how people like them acctually became famous. Normally I like the black eyed peas and their music but this performance really has me torn between supporting people like them who are only famous because of there edditing equipment while there are people out there that can sing so much better well I gess that's the reason that we have shows like american idol and americas got talent so that we can look for the people with the true talent rather than these people; could they not get anyone else to performe during the halftime show or what? People will definitely be talking about for a long time and it's going to take them a long time to get of this hole that they have dug themselves into. The only true singers can sing without any equipment!!!!

I thought the half time show was great except for a couple of things, there were no talented performers involved, the music wasn't....music. If America thinks that is entertainment, then we have sunk to our lowest low. Deplorable.

Was just pure screaming, not actual singing.

The show was good. Stadium sound heard through even good t.v. speakers can sound sloppy. Stadiums were never the greatest place to hear the best of any band's subtle touches.

I am pretty surprised at the wrath directed at the BEPs' performance. I don't know why everyone in piling on them. What I heard was a live show that had some glitches.

I think that a younger generation is too spoiled by expert studio work, and live performances will NEVER sound like a studio version. Start respecting the effort and hard work that goes into such a live show. You'll never understand this coming from a 54 year old music archivist like me, but what the BEPs did yesterday worked well for the forum.

Lighten up everyone. Honestly, who among us could do what they did yesterday?

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