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Billy Ray Cyrus: 'Hannah Montana' destroyed my family

Billy Ray Cyrus hates Hannah Montana This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.

It's not easy being the daddy in the house that Miley Cyrus built, according to Billy Ray Cyrus, who says that if he had it to do over, the star-making "Hannah Montana" would never have happened.

"I'd erase it all in a second if I could," he told GQ magazine.

"I'll tell you right now -- the damn show destroyed my family. And I sit there and go, 'Yeah, you know what? Some gave all.' It is my motto, and guess what?  I have to eat that one. I some-gave-all'd it all right. I some-gave-all'd it while everybody else was going to the bank. It's all sad."

The interview sketches out a familiar pattern disturbingly similar to an early Lindsay/Dina/Michael Lohan construct.

Cyrus filed for divorce from Tish, his wife of 17 years, in October.

"For my family to be here and just be everybody OK, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic."

At the time of the December interview, Billy Ray said he hadn't yet spoken to his 18-year-old daughter since video had surfaced, days earlier, of her taking a bong hit of salvia. It was the capstone in a streak of troubling behavior from his superstar spawn -- some of which he was criticized for, for not having handled things differently as a parent.

"You know, it seems at this point there's not a lot that I can say she doesn't already know," Cyrus said. "And of course I've sent her the texts of 'I'm here if you need me,' 'Always still love you,' those kind of things ... who knows?

"Maybe she knows exactly what she's doing." 

Does Billy Ray know what he's doing? Tell us in the comments section below.

For the record, 10 a.m. Feb. 16: This post originally said that Billy Ray Cyrus had not spoken to Miley Cyrus since video surfaced of her smoking a bong. At the time the interview was conducted, in December, only a few days had passed since the incident, and they hadn't yet spoken. The two have spent time together since then. Thanks to commenter @Chris for bringing that to our attention.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Billy Ray Cyrus ponders fatherhood, fame and Corn Pops. Credit: Daniel Levitt / GQ 

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A lot of people don't have a clue what they're talking about -- and it's always easier to look at someone else's problems than it is to deal with our own. We can't control our teenage and adult children and their problems -- it's not our job and it isn't our business. We can be there for them, but too much controlling and we'll push them away. When they're ready for help, they won't come to us. Let the daughter learn what Life is trying to teach her. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is get out of the way.

SLRP, you are joking, right?

Hannah Montana destroyed your family? Really?? Good, maybe you can give back the millions your family made from it. Donate it all to charity maybe? (See what happens when trailer trash comes into money?

The problem is that she is 18 already - legally she can do whatever she wants. At the rate she's going, Lindsay will have some competition. Billy Ray probably thought he knew her better, but this is Hollywood. Those snares and traps exist all on their own, but it's the people who decide to let themselves fall. Billy Ray is only a little at fault, because he let Miley be exposed to all that kinda soon. When all this blows up, Miley - and only Miley - will suffer the consequences of her actions.

He's been in the business long enough to know that big money and fame can swallow you up. What did he think would happen to a young girl who could not possibly be equipped to handle it? This bong business is not what hurt Miley -- it was the choices made by the parents made a long time ago. Now, step up, stop pointing fingers at Miley (and Hannah) and help your daughter!

This is ridiculous! Miley is a product of her family first and the music industry second. Family IS supposed to come first, but to place blame on anyone or any incident is missing the one big point. Family. If a family member does something the others don't approve of, they need to communicate NOT castigate. No one is perfect and every person I have ever known has done something which was questionable. However, because we believe in unconditional love, none of the crap matters. We took the time to nurture and love-- to show our kids the real world, before they went out into it. Unconditional LOVE was the most important issue. BRC's family is not broken because of Miley's experience, it seems that the real problem is the way he is so quick to blame the rest of the world instead of looking inside himself to see if he has the strength to love unconditionally. Sad. Miley? Make sure YOU love unconditionally. It's all we have to keep us together.

Yay! I can't wait for Hanna & Lindsey to do a duet to one of Lady Gadonna's songs!

Can't feel too bad for ol' Billy. He saw first hand what the entertainment business does to people during his run of fame during the early 90's. He had to know that his daughter could fall victim to the success and excess of Hollywood, especially as Miley became an adult. So she did some drugs. Big Deal. She had such a different childhood than most people, she is just catching up now.

If I was going to let my daughters or son starin a disney show I would have thought twice.

In this post they refrence Loahn, but look farther back, Brittney, Christina, JC, Justin, Furgee. Ok maybe not JC, Justin. But really all these famouse people where Disney stars too. Mickey Mouse Club and Kids Incoprated. Or even freather back to the good old days with Franky and Annent. I am pretty sure those kids had problems with scandle pictures. If our technology would have been high tech back then it migh be the same for those too, too.

Saying Disney distroyed your family Billy. Disney didn't fill the papers. You did that. Which makes me think after 17 years of marrage something else had to be going wrong besides Miley's career.

But I believe in Fred's statement Billy needs to be involved in Miley's live.

I have two young girls they like Hannah Montana. I make sure they don't hear the bad things about the actoress. Its that character they know and want to be like not the actoress.

I think this is absoulute ridiculous! How do you just let you daughter leave for that long. She might be 18 but she certenley can;t handle freedom.......I am just curios how she is going to act after she is able to drink??

I don't understand..How many Hannah shows did Miley do? At any end of any season, they could have pulled the plug. Billy, if it was tearing your family apart, why didn't you put a stop to the Hannah thing sooner? Yes, I understand contracts, I'm sure there were several of them...you could have said that's the end of Hannah when the contract had ended!

Wait, he said he just wanted to be her friend once. Is that much different than driving my kid to McDonalds everyday and then blaming them for my kid gaining weight. He talks like he had no control over anything. Guess maybe he didn't. I am not a great parent but I know you can't say one thing then do another. Blame yourself first Billy Ray. Waiting until she is 18 to say something is a little late. She is such a gifted person, but so was River Phoenix, Health Leadger, and every other celeb that has died young.

Oh Come on!! Ain't nothing wrong with Miley. She's just trying to be a normal young lady. Bong hits?!! puhleeze. when she's hooked on crack or heroin we'll talk. She's trying to have a viable career after being pimped by Mickey. I'm rooting for her. It's a promethean task.
And for daddy- so she isn't the perfect little lady. Get over it. He's probably just grabbing mind share to prepare for a sad, sad country song.

Sad. You "go for it", and it ends up getting you.

What a loser. This creature should stop leeching off her daughter's fame. Only a fool would say that Hannah Montana was a bad decision. If not for that ludicrous show, which launched his daughter's career,. nobody would have to listen to him whine and cry. Has been.......Never was.

I think people should not critisize the way he brought his daughter up i think he has done that enough to his self besides i know that there are alot of things people wish they would have done differently with there kids but thats part of life u make mistakes and thats how we learn just because he is famouse does not make him any difffernt than us. I have seen the show Hannah and my kids love it and i am very sorry to hear that it runed Billys family but the only thing left to do is try and make the best of whats left and everything else will work out. and Santan had nothing to do with it that is just an excuse people use and the mistakes he made with miley well he can learn from that and so things differently with his other kids, and Billy Ray Cyrus dont listen to people that put u down keep your head held hi and just make the best of what u have right now and try talking to your daughter in person not by texting and the mistakes she has made that is not your fault she had a mind of her own she could have done things differntly she is a big girl she needs to take resonability for her actions now just talk to her face to face make a plane to spend the day with her just u and her talking and tell her how u fill.

Since none of us walk in BRC shoes how do we know what he should or should have done. Money has it's pitfalls. If it wasn't for fame none of us would know what goes on in his life. Yes, he wanted fame so his life is out there on display. It's time we pray for the family and not judge. God will do that.

I think billy rae is a very good father,who made some mistakes like we all have as parents.Miley is now 18 and she is responsible for her actions!

My name is Susan Traxler, and I'm a big fan of your daughter Miley. I liked Hannah Montana, and both you and Miley did a really good job in that show. I like listening to her songs, and yours. I always felt in Hannah Montana that both of you have a really good relationship as father, and daughter, and good friends. I think you did a great job bringing up Miley, because she is a great person, and in my heart a true friend, and daughter to you.
Don't let the tabloids put you and Miley, plus your family down because they aren't worth it. Keep on being a good father to Miley, and her brother, and sister, and be a good husband to your wife. You are good people. GOD BLESS YOU.

I feel that you and Miley should keep up with your acting and singing. Miley is a really great singer, and I like listening to her songs from Hannah Montana Forever, They have meaning to them thats why I like them.
Keep moving forward Miley and Billy.
May God be with you and your family.

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