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Billy Ray Cyrus: 'Hannah Montana' destroyed my family

Billy Ray Cyrus hates Hannah Montana This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.

It's not easy being the daddy in the house that Miley Cyrus built, according to Billy Ray Cyrus, who says that if he had it to do over, the star-making "Hannah Montana" would never have happened.

"I'd erase it all in a second if I could," he told GQ magazine.

"I'll tell you right now -- the damn show destroyed my family. And I sit there and go, 'Yeah, you know what? Some gave all.' It is my motto, and guess what?  I have to eat that one. I some-gave-all'd it all right. I some-gave-all'd it while everybody else was going to the bank. It's all sad."

The interview sketches out a familiar pattern disturbingly similar to an early Lindsay/Dina/Michael Lohan construct.

Cyrus filed for divorce from Tish, his wife of 17 years, in October.

"For my family to be here and just be everybody OK, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic."

At the time of the December interview, Billy Ray said he hadn't yet spoken to his 18-year-old daughter since video had surfaced, days earlier, of her taking a bong hit of salvia. It was the capstone in a streak of troubling behavior from his superstar spawn -- some of which he was criticized for, for not having handled things differently as a parent.

"You know, it seems at this point there's not a lot that I can say she doesn't already know," Cyrus said. "And of course I've sent her the texts of 'I'm here if you need me,' 'Always still love you,' those kind of things ... who knows?

"Maybe she knows exactly what she's doing." 

Does Billy Ray know what he's doing? Tell us in the comments section below.

For the record, 10 a.m. Feb. 16: This post originally said that Billy Ray Cyrus had not spoken to Miley Cyrus since video surfaced of her smoking a bong. At the time the interview was conducted, in December, only a few days had passed since the incident, and they hadn't yet spoken. The two have spent time together since then. Thanks to commenter @Chris for bringing that to our attention.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Billy Ray Cyrus ponders fatherhood, fame and Corn Pops. Credit: Daniel Levitt / GQ 

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Billy Ray really needs to be involved with his daughter's life and stop her from making bad decisions.


My heart goes out to you for sure. Yes, satan is alive and trying to destroy all of us....his time is just about over. He will always attack our health,family and money. You can help your family.....pray pray pray, get yourself back into a bible based church, that believes in laying on of hands,raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons......in your business the only two people that come to mind if you can contact them would be Gavin McLeod or Steven Baldwin. These two individuals can help you along a tough road. I will pray for you and your family brother.

It's tough going through that no matter who you are or who your daughter is. It hurts. But I'm guessing most of us posting on this thing can say we saw it coming. I'm no kid, I've got kids Billy Ray Cyrus' age and I've been through it.

I think Billy Ray gave Miley too much rope. As soon as I read that she had a whole wing of the home they lived in I thought that was a bad move. It doesn't matter if she bought the home or not. She needed to be kept grounded and that's the parents job. I suspect they were too permissive because she held all the cards and they should have put their foot down. I don't know the reason for the divorce. It hasn't surfaced yet. Maybe mama was the permissive one, or maybe mama was the one using the other wing.We will see what pops up. Time will tell. I hate to see this sweet girl derail herself. She seemed grounded.

hey look do you think that biley ray cyrus i mean well hes cool


But the allure of the world has taken many. The only difference between the average Joe and Billy is that the fame and fortune make it easier for the worldly things to get in to the home & our hearts to destroy the things that matter most...God & family.

Billy Ray never was a parent to her. He was trying to be her best friend. And people get tired of their friends. In the past Billy Ray always had his wife discipline Miley. I don't think it was Hannah Montana that destroyed his life. I think he managed it on his own by never acting like a parent.

@Ministry of Gossip, Since Billy Ray Cyrus gave this interview to GQ on Dec. 15, 2010, five days after TMZ showed the bong video, your statement that "Billy Ray said he hasn't spoken to his 18-year-old daughter since video surfaced of her taking a bong hit of salvia," without mentioning the date of the interview, amounts to a very misleading statement, don't you think? In fact, five days after Billy Ray Cyrus gave that interview in Dec., Miley Cyrus--on holiday break from filming "So Undercover," flew to Tennessee to be with her father and most of the rest of her family over Christmas for several days, so in fact, Billy has spent lots of time with his daughter since the bong video came out.

And talking to the media about it helps how? Why doesnt he talk to his daughter? Too busy counting the millions the golden goose made him?

A "bible-based church"? Seriously? You mean a fundamentalist, charismatic place? That's only going to further alienate father & daughter. Please, get your head out of the sand, and get professional help. "Church" isn't going to help at all. Besides, aren't 'most' churches based on the bible? GEEZ!
Kids are rough sometimes. I have 7, and I've seen it all. They can be the biggest bullies to parents, and they can make a parent the proudest person on earth.
So, Miley is not a great example. But, she's human. So Billy-Ray isn't the perfect parent - who is?
But, I do believe that instead of talking to the media, billy-Ray needs to talk to his daughter (if she will let it happen - she IS an 'adult' now - [18 isn't really adult, IMO, but you get my point], and he can't force her). If that's the case, hopefully Miley will wake up before it's too late.

I'll pray for you all, Billy. What I suggest is maybe continue going to church and getting centered with God. There is nothing more important on this earth - nothing...not fame, money, clothes, jewelry, etc. - that is more important for God. And loving God is doing His will. We can't take worldly treasures with us in Heaven (there are Heavenly treasures); and the Bible instructs us to not be of this world, but to be of the Lord (Romans 12:2). Just remember what's the most important thing in life - what should be put first in life - as well as remembering that this world is temporary, but the kingdom of God is not.

God bless!

I think that Billy is right to say that hollywood ruined his family. I agree that perhaps he could have done things differently. however when you become a parent your not given a manual on how to raise your children, you just have to do the best that you can. Miely is an adult now and it's not going to matter what Billy says, she is going to make her own mistakes. Let's just hope that she learns from them.

Billy, I'm so glad you're honest about what happened. Too many people idolize & glamorize the spot light. I think the best think you can do know is pray.

God bless

I am very upset that Billy would do an interview likes this. This seems just like Mr. Lohan. You do not need to tell the world that Hannah Montana ruined your family. That is not our business. We don't need to know that you haven't talked to Miley. That is her and yours personal business and that fact that you would share that is just shameful. He is making her personal life very public which is something she doesnt need. i feel very bad Miley i know my father would NEVER do something like this. I really hope Miley doesnt end up like Lindsey. Not because of the bong but because of her father.

This should be private. he should NEVER have an interview about MIley like this. there is a new mr. lohan in making.

Well I feel for you Billy!!
As for the statement of billy being the reason for his kid takin bong hits, well he is not the only one now a days having to deal with their kids that wanna do the most ridiculous, horrible things,these younger generations have gone to hell with crime rate increasing, as well as suicide, drugs n drinking of minors, all because we cant discipline our children anymore because like owning pit bulls some abuse the right.
as parents we have lost grip of our children because of people who cant control their anger, our children control us..
that's one problem.. the biggest problem we face is Technology!!! its corrupting the minds of our younger generations..

Billy Ray, give me a break! Own up to the fact that your parenting skills were about as strong and long lasting as your own music career. Saying that HANNAH caused all your problems is typical: do not own your problems and blame someone else. Do us, and your family, a favor and fade back into obscurity where you belong.

Billy Ray is starting to sound PATHETIC....Hanna Montana doesn't need ANY of those folks back home (what's left of it anyway). She made her miillions and now she's doing whatever she wants and EXACTLY what she was raised to do. Yes, they raised her to be like that.

Miley, listen to your DADDY he loves you and he does know whats best,you might not think so today but down the road you will realize that he was right... Mileys Mother, get a life!!!!!So sad if this turns like some of the others.........

*than God

I really dont think that any of you are using normal; sense when u comment.

Billy, here is a peice of advice for you. Even if you tell ur daughter to do what is right, she will never listen because you have endulged her in so many things. You really cannot do anything much but you can trying sitting her down and saying some sensible things. Dont worry about what u are going to say, God will lead u.

Miley, i hate to say this, but you are a spoiled brat who needs to grow up. I am older than u and i dont even do half of the things you are doing. I have researched so many cracks and drugs because i intend to be a pharmacist but i gotta tell you, you are ending down the wrong way. if you dont stop now, you will be like lindsay and paris hilton and jail will be the least of your problems. Also, u wont have any real friends, all the good friends u have had will drop u like potato. I really hope u take sensible people's ideas. many people are waiting and routing for ur failure, dont let them get it by just handing it to them.

When you see your daughter conforming to the role modeling of the characters on the stupid teen TV shows, be very afraid. The are very insecure and are trying to adapt to the world in which they find themselves. If you think the typical teen experience is going to net your child a healthy life, think again. Think it through and don't believe that yours will be different.

"Hannah Montana" destroyed my family too.

Here's what: Miley was overly indulged, spoiled and always a brat in the limelight. It was clear that she was heading down this road and the one "wearing the pants" in her family, yet all the while espousing "down home," family, and Christian values. It was a family decision to put her in that show, it made them all very, very rich and now they are paying the piper. I don't think spilling all in an interview is the way to handle it, however. This is going to be the Lohan story of this decade. Very sad.

As for Disney, well, let's just say they've allowed Satan into a lot of lives. That corporation is evil.

In the meantime, I hope Miley goes to college because her days as an entertainer are numbered. And, she won't age well with her chipmunk face and hooker clothes.

Okay people let's not blame this on Satan -it's all about choices-maybe you should watch this little movie called Bedazzled the actress who plays the devil has a line that is very important it's the end scene where the angel and the devil play chess together- in the end all of us humans have free will, in the end it's your decisions that determine which way you go. It's so much easier to blame Satan than yourself. I think something else is going on between Miley and Dad.. he's only communicating her through text??? Maybe dad should keep his mouth shut about his daughter to the media. I think Miley's got Mom's back in this one. He earned his own money off of Hannah Montana. You've got 3 other kids to do it differently with Billy Ray. I'm a mom first friend second-My daughter talks to me about EVERYTHING-it can be pretty painful at times but I do say NO it's a magic word! Maybe Billy could have done it differently but he can't go back he has to deal with what is.

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