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Anne Hathaway and her many Oscar dresses [Poll]

Anne Hathaway Oscar dresses

Anne Hathaway was a woman of 1,000  dresses at the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, starting on the red carpet in a 2002 Valentino creation and ending at the Governors Ball and Vanity Fair Oscar party in burgundy Atelier Versace.

Hathaway was styled by Rachel Zoe for the show in multiple gowns and one Lanvin tuxedo. For the after-parties, she accessorized with a clutch purse and boyfriend Adam Shulman. And OK, maybe it wasn't exactly 1,000  gowns, but it was definitely more than most women show off in a given night.

Which look did you like best? The poll answers (look way down there) go with the pics above and below, listed in left-to-right order and color-coded for those who aren't so good at "spot the designer."

Anne Hathaway Oscar dresses


Anne Hathaway amethyst Oscar necklace from the Academy Awards Oscars: Anne Hathaway in Valentino, with Valentino

Oscars: Melissa Leo and the F-bomb — forgive, or forget you? [Poll]

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez act like a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo credits: From left, Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times; Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press; Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press; Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times.

Bottom photo credits: From left, Chris Pizzello / Associated Press; Gabriel Bouts / AFP / Getty Images; Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images; Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press.

Bottom right photo: Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the necklace Hathaway wore with her Vivienne Westwood gown. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


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She was horrible and there didn't need to be 7 dress changes.

Rachel Zoe rules! Ann Hathaway's wardrobe far surpassed the show's writing.

Agree with AV. You can't dress up a bad performance and bad material and the dress changes were like putting lipstick on a pig. After the third one, there was no purpose for the next dress change except to showcase the next dress designer. They added nothing to the show.

She was soooo awful! Our household just cringed every time she made an appearance....
I think she appeared very false, overly dramatic and extremely unnatural. I understand there is a script she has to work with, but that, was just purely very bad acting. I used to like her but now.. ughhhh!

And no, the dresses did not help hide those facts either.

You all are just mean! What are you supposed to do when your co-host is giving 5%??? You make up for the difference and then more!. As the show continued to tank, you could see her enthusiasm go up. She was in a no win situation. Under the circumstances, she did as well as one could do. At least she cared. Her singing number blew me away.

She was really over the top. It was bad, really bad.

I guess she did an okay job. A bit over the top but not horrid by any means

Hathaway and Franco DID NOT WRITE their presentations.

What they said, was what the Academy wanted.

Everyone always gripes about the latest Academy Awards host(s) .... so I hope Hathaway and Franco take none of the complaints seriously.

I enjoyed them. Really.

I thought she was great! She was so funny and beautiful! You all are talking crap because you are nobodies and what have you done that can compare with her?

I want to see an up close pic of the diamond and amethyst necklace she wore with the Vivienne Westwood dress and cant find it any where. Where can I find it? help please!

I thought she did OK; he wasn't even there. At least she didn't wear the dress he did, but there were several too many. Did like the shimmy & shake number though.


and no offense, but Kirk's senior moments should not have been televised. period

@Angie -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. Check out the bottom right part of the post again, 'cause I might've put something there for ya. Click to see it bigger.


All her gowns were amazing! Does Anne have a bad look? She could not have had a better stylist!

I loved Anne Hathaway as a host. Wow! Even Kirk Douglas agreed. I enjoyed her humor and especially loved her dress and look.

Well, as the show was so bad, at least the dresses managed to
defer from the snoring audience. If I wanted to go to a fashion show
I would, and the Oscar's isn't about women's costume changes. It's
about film.
What about Franco's dress?

@nobozo -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG.

Regarding Franco's dress ... funny you should mention that. Click it.



Beautiful AS ALWAYS

wow!! what a gr8 dressing d u have?

u know what?
im so glad to watching ur movies on "diary of princess"

im the 1 of ur fans-
even i'm only 15 years old now,
im still watching ur movie..


she did her best and that is what matters. she looked very pretty and indeed like a princess. i love Love and other Drugs with jake. they did great..

Thanks Rachel...you're amazing!! Anne looked totally fabulous with every single change.


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