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Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt with crew [video]


Anderson Cooper attacked Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt by government supporters who turned on him and his crew Wednesday in the protest-torn streets of Cairo.


In upsetting video footage released by CNN, above, Cooper can be heard declaring he was hit "like 10 times in the mouth" as he attempted to usher various members of his crew, one of them female, through the mob.

"Calm down," he can be heard saying to the assailants.

Afterward, Cooper sent out an update via Twitter. "Thanks for tweets of concern," he said. "I'm sore and head hurts but fine. Neil and mary anne are bruised but ok too. Thanks"

The silver fox is no stranger to violence overseas -- a little more than a year ago in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, Cooper was captured on video carrying to safety a child who was left bloody by looters who'd started throwing rocks and chunks of concrete.

"To me, the story today is not me being attacked, it's the melee that continues," Cooper told Show Tracker. "This is a stunning development, and it's not clear what kind of impact it's going to have.

Check out the Cairo clip above and get more on the situation in Egypt here.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Anderson Cooper attends the 2011 "CNN Heroes" telecast. Credit: Associated Press

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Why not give us Americans a chance, Coop?

Good lord, now CNN viewers will see nothing but the promo material "attack" footage for days and weeks on-end. Did he at least have his custom-made black tee shirt on at the time?

He's lucky he got out alive - when will media workers just face the fact that the Egyptians are just trashing their country and are merely anarchists at heart that won't stop till it's pure bedlam and the women are in subjugation wearing burkas. They are ungovernable. It's frightening how irretrievably unstable that part of the world is becoming.

I bet cooper blames this all on the Tea Party

I TRIED to watch this piece on Anderson Cooper but was interrupted THREE TIMES by your stupid Lysol ad. I will NOT be returning to your lousy site!!!

Oh really? Moderated comments? Yeah, good sign of 'freedom of speech'.

I am so proud of you my brother. God be with you...He is.

@Laurie Browne -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG.

Sorry for the delay, I was still asleep. We moderate comments to screen for profanity, slurs, libel, stuff like that, as detailed in our terms of service. I'm OK with keeping that sort of stuff off MOG, freedom of speech or not. Kind of like keeping litter off the side of the road?

About that ad -- not sure if you're seeing something from LAT or CNN. I got an Expedia ad when I watched the video. Advertising dollars are how most of us stay in business, and an ad before a third-party video isn't unusual. We can't just steal CNN's footage.

Thanks for coming by, and for commenting. Hope you change your mind about coming back.



Arrogant twirp should have b-slapped the whole lot of them a vintage pair of Mama's jeans! That would have learned 'em!

Commenter "John" must have forgotten that in the so-called "hood," our people mostly just attack their own, victimizing women, youth and the elderly. Even so, it was cowardly and animalistic what these so-called "Egyptians" did to Cooper, to Lara Logan of CBS and other journalists. The Arab squatters should be pushed out and the land of the pharaohs given back to the dignified Nubian peoples.

What I'm sure most viewers didn't understand in the video in that video is that after seeing Anderson and his crew being attacked a group of brave young Egyptian men can be clearly heard (as a native speaker of Arabic) trying to escort Anderson and crew to safety calling out in Arabic to attackers "No, stop" "leave them alone, don't attack." and running alongside Anderson saying "come on, run, follow us, run"

I'm glad your okay Anderson. Be careful! Luv you!
Life can be so unpredictable. God bless you! & may
there be peace & luv for everyone on earth! Jim from
Edmonton. Have a Superior week!

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