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Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt with crew [video]


Anderson Cooper attacked Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt by government supporters who turned on him and his crew Wednesday in the protest-torn streets of Cairo.


In upsetting video footage released by CNN, above, Cooper can be heard declaring he was hit "like 10 times in the mouth" as he attempted to usher various members of his crew, one of them female, through the mob.

"Calm down," he can be heard saying to the assailants.

Afterward, Cooper sent out an update via Twitter. "Thanks for tweets of concern," he said. "I'm sore and head hurts but fine. Neil and mary anne are bruised but ok too. Thanks"

The silver fox is no stranger to violence overseas -- a little more than a year ago in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, Cooper was captured on video carrying to safety a child who was left bloody by looters who'd started throwing rocks and chunks of concrete.

"To me, the story today is not me being attacked, it's the melee that continues," Cooper told Show Tracker. "This is a stunning development, and it's not clear what kind of impact it's going to have.

Check out the Cairo clip above and get more on the situation in Egypt here.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Anderson Cooper attends the 2011 "CNN Heroes" telecast. Credit: Associated Press

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Keep safe Anderson! Keep up the good work!

Glad it was mentioned that the pro-government mob was made up of the currently missing government police which is being paid $28 a person to "support" the president.

Oh no! They didn't mess up his hair, did they? Savages!

After watching this I wish nothing but negative things for the Egyptian people.

Kind of makes me want to fly to Cairo immediately on the hope and prayer I can get in a lick or two.

Whoa! I guess not everyone thinks he's a silver fox.

i can understand if this situation developed if journalists were already on the ground but to go into this kind of volatile situation is poor judgment on the part of his supervisors and himself. this is obviously walking into war without protection. still i am so pleased he and his crew are safe.

That's what you get for not wearing your Lucky Black T !

@ Dave

You're so ignorant it's pathetic.

Where is the security? The arrogance and audacity to bring a woman along. Anderson should be happy that he is not reporting from the hood....the boy would have been knocked out in one punch....bunch of sissy slaps....all cowards....

Anderson, it seems that you didn't work out, like the Govenator told you to do.
Anderson, take some scratches n' blue eyes back home. And if it's even for Erica and .....Comments about you in Egypt, try to ridin' on a Camel....

Anderson, it was the ironic part. So thank you, that you wanna be in the first line to find out what's the heck is going on in Egypt.


I think this shows just how frustrated the Egyptian people are about their situation and unfortunately, the US has upheld this unpopular regime for a long time. Of course it is a shame to take out their frustrations on journalists but if you go into such a hostile situation, you need to prepare for the worst.

How does he know they were government supporters? He must be physic.

At least they can spot liberals to pick on!!!

I nominate Anderson Cooper for the Darwin Award.
Part of being a news person is to not become the news.

I have little sympathy for any American news personality who enters a revolution with a camera and microphone. That is what they get paid for, and if they are so ignorant that they step into the middle of protesters and counter-protesters, they are on their own.

Why must you say "One of them female"? Does it really matter?
Anyways, do keep safe Anderson.

hmmmmm, I have an idea, get out! WHy are you there in the first place? Why not stand on top of a volcano as it erupts?

Mediocre camera work... Didn't see one of "like, 10" times...
Don't want to be in a bad spot like that, then don't go to another country during civil uprisings...



Isn't this the way Anderson Cooper jump-started his career originally -- by making the story about himself? It's another inappropriate distraction born of Anderson's narcissism.

Ha Ha!

A Vanderbilt Visits Egypt... Hair mussed in tiff with locals

Please. This isn't news or entertainment news. Indeed, Madame Vanderbilt would say it is in poor taste, if not irresponsible. Learn some manners.

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