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Zachary Quinto still totally over interviews [video]

January 21, 2011 |  5:47 pm


Hey, nervous interviewer/theater intern, Zachary Quinto isn't asleep -- you're just boring him.

Or so it seems from an interview the actor deigned to participate in, supporting his work in the Signature Theatre Company's New York production of "Angels in America."

Zac-quinto-rude-interviewOur friends at Just Jared posted new behind-the-scenes shots of Quinto in the Tony Kushner epic, along with a recently uploaded video of the actor from the show's opening night in October. Zach-attack answers questions from Facebook and Twitter, with some uninterest and condescension sprinkled on top.

First, he's asked how long it took to memorize an intense monologue, to which Quinto responds, "I don't know, a while. A minute? A minute. One minute. Sixty seconds."

Cute! Then he's asked if his role as Louis Ironson was on his radar prior to landing it. 

"Well certainly the play was on my radar. When I found out they were doing it, it's the character in the play that I would play. So ... it was on my radar then," he said.

What a relief that Quinto was not only aware the play existed (sigh of relief, Kushner) but he basically cast himself. Clearly it's what he would play. In the play.

Then there's the delicious non-verbals (which you can feast on in the clip above), including exaggerated eyebrows, eye rolls, a glance around the room to see if anyone else knows how much he's suffering and -- brace yourself -- he actually rests his chin on a bent index finger. Or, as the Ministry calls it, "The Ponderer." 

Don't get us wrong, Quinto does come to life when he gets to talk about the difference between the stage work and film and television. The difference for him, that is. We appreciate his process, but would never dream of getting too personal


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Zachary Quinto attends Comic-Con 2010. Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images