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'The Kennedys' pulled; Katie Holmes' Jackie O put on hold

Katie-holmes-the-kennedys Looks like "The Kennedys" starring Katie Holmes isn't coming to U.S. television any time soon -- the History Channel has decided it will not air the epic miniseries.

The pricey production starring Holmes and Greg Kinnear as Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy, which didn't yet have an air date, was ambitious in scale and controversial with living relatives of the political dynasty -- with the likes of Maria Shriver and Carolyn Kennedy among those lobbying against the miniseries' release, Show Tracker reports.

"While the film is produced and acted with the highest quality, after viewing the final product in its totality, we have concluded this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand," the network said Friday. 

Barry Pepper and Tom Wilkinson rounded out the production's high-profile cast.

A rep for Holmes had no comment on the sudden move. The Ministry is personally bummed at having to wait even longer to see her try her hand at Jackie O's dialect, fashion and other iconic traits. But fear not!

"Although we regret this does not fit into the History Channel’s plans," the miniseries' producers said in a statement, "we are confident that television viewers in the United States will join viewers from around the world in having an opportunity to watch this series in the near future."

Will you wait to see Katie as the former first lady?


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The JFK photo that could have changed history -- if it were really *him* with those naked ladies

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Katie Holmes helps announce the nominations for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on Dec. 14, 2010. Credit: Mike Nelson / EPA

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I for one would love to see this pic assuming it's true to history from Bootleging Joe making millions to the Chicago thugary that got JFK elected.

You bet I'll wait!. The trail is unreal she's up for an Oscar for small screen for this role in my mind. It is worth every effort to figure out how America should be able to watch it. The actress and the fan's want to see the production as much as the cast. She is amazing in the trailer and I would buy it when it's finished. Please don't delay the United States. Such talent and history shouldn't go not shown.
Team Katie

I have a problem with Katie bragging that Tom and Nicole's children call her "Mama", and also dressing Suri in high heels, etc. But she is a good actress -- a better actor than her husband. Just saying.........

I just think its funny that the History Channel said that the "history" of the Kennedy's is not a fit for their brand, but yet they think Ax Men and Ice Road Truckers is???

Yeah, god forbid we actually have HISTORY on the History channel!

Ideally then, The History Channel could run the show and intersperse it with Historians debunking it. Then they'd get the eyeballs caused by both the controversy and Katie Holmes fame, and they'd also get to educate their viewers as to what really happened, historically.

Seems like a better use of the channel than hunting for the Chupacabra.

It was nothing but right-wing propaganda piece to trash the Kennedys...I think we have enough movies on the Kennedys out there already...

What most of the viewers are looking for is the content and the matter. If this need is satisfied the viewers will remain loyal.


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