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Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, does 'Today' show

Ted Williams on the Today show

It's really hard to believe that just 72 hours ago, Ted Williams, the self-titled "man with the golden voice," was panhandling on the streets of Columbus, Ohio.

Now he's sitting on the "Today" couch with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira and fielding job offers from the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. All because of a video shot by a Columbus Dispatch reporter and posted to the newspaper's website Monday.

Right now, Williams is in the midst of one of those crazy media storms that can overwhelm a person's life. While Williams was talking to Lauer and Vieira on NBC, his 90-year-old estranged mother was giving an interview on CBS' "Early Show."

The pair, who haven't seen each other in more than 20 years, reunited after their separate TV appearances.

Williams used his skills to kick off the "Today" broadcast this morning. Later, during the interview, Lauer expressed some concern that the sudden blast of attention would damage Williams' sobriety. (The former radio announcer said he had a long battle with drugs and alcohol, which led to his homelessness in 1993.) But Williams remained positive, saying, "This time around, Matt, I have a God, a God of my understanding, in my life."

Williams was visibly nervous during his interview, bouncing on the couch and occasionally covering his face when his misspoke. But he kept it together to joke about the Cavaliers giving him LeBron James' old house. He even had a chance to geek out on Matt and Meredith, gushing that he'd been a faithful "Today" watcher since the days of Gene Shalit, Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel.

Funny, moving and, we'll admit it, pretty inspirational. Maybe the networks should hire Williams to deliver that news about all the birds falling from the sky....


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-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Ted Williams gives a wave from the "Today" couch. Credit: Associated Press

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Omg!!! this story is prime example that God is real and true to His word. Sometimes we may go thru things in life , but If God has something for you, you best believe you will get it. This story is such an encouragement and so beautiful. I don't know Mr. Williams ,but am so so happy for him. God said that your gift will make room for you and guess what? It did for Mr. Williams. It wasn't until Mr. Williams acknowledge who's in control that's when things changed for Him, oh can't forget the vessel God used to help Mr. Williams, the reporter, I am so happy that He heard and was obedient. This did'nt just happen it was already planned by God. Congatulation Mr.Williams now when the time is right, reach down and lift someone else up. You are Blessed!!!

When I first saw this article on television, I was very moved. My heart when out to this courageous soul. God never left his side even once. He is truly an inspiration to me and many others. I love listening to his golden voice. I can just imagine how nice it would be to hear him sing praises to his Lord. I bet he can sing beautifully.

God bless you, Ted Wiliams

Addendum: I am also happy that Ted got to see his mother, after such a long absence. This is such a sweet story. So heartwarming.


What a magnificent voice!

I could listen to that voice all day long!

What a beautiful story to begin the year. Let's hope 2011 ushers us into living with compassion for others and a helping hand because it is he right thing to do.

Brings tears to my eyes seeing him so happy and full of life.
He truly is happy and he does deserve a second chance.
God be with you in your journey Mr. Williams.

I think everyone is hoping and praying that Ted makes a go of his life from this point on. Its a story that gives so much hope to others. We just never know all the stories of the homeless. Most of them do it to themselves, but to see someone that has potential like this man, we just want to see the best for him.I wish the money spent in other countries would be used here, to try and give a better life to those who have lost jobs and homes.

I’m 56 years of age and I’ve never seen a more inspirational story, the greatest “Human Interest Story” I’ve ever seen in my life. It truly has me addicted with enjoyment to watch! Everything I here and see on Ted Williams the Golden Pipes will be an Golden Award Movie if there is one every made. This story has the most positive uplifting attributes like the story of the young man that was taken in and raised by the family in Memphis and he turned out to be a professional football player. I wish Ted Williams the best and look forward to one day watching a movie on him and his true success of the “Golden Pipes” where prayers were answered of his God given talent!!.

Best Wishes Ted,




You're in my prayers, Ted. Stay vigilant in your daily battles, and may God continue to bless you.

This is a truly inspiring story and a testament that miracles do happen!

Great video with NBC Mr. Williams! You seem so sincere. And what a voice!Your voice is like GOLD!!! Take good care of yourself, BEWARE OF ALL OUT THERE!!! I wish you so much luck. Reconnect with your Family and friends for all those years lost. Happy for you....SMILE, LIFE WILL BE BETTER FOR YOU. :-).

Stay strong and congratulations to Ted. Gives me have hope for those who are homeless and trying one day at a time to to live life no matter the challenges.

Right - a god is putting Ted on TV and making him famous while each and every day 40,000 innocent children die horrific and excruciating deaths. Your god certainly has his priorities screwed up now doesn't he . . . funny how your god keeps saving the self abusing alcoholic but not the 3 year old child with brain cancer.

Truth is ALL homeless and those with Mental Illness ( Brain Disorders) have golden voices. We must get by the Stigma of seeing those as being less than who we are. Ted said it clearly, don't judge a book by it's cover. If we apply this credo to everything and everybody in our life, we will find stories like Mr. Williams inside those who we see less than what we desire them to be. Bill N. Helena, Mt.

I love this story!!! L O V E IT! Good luck to Ted! So many of us are rooting for him! I've replayed this video over and over, and please follow up and let us all know how he is doing.

His Mother was so wrong in her responses to him. He should avoid her before she drives him to drink again! She said he shamed the family with his cardboard sign..Are you kidding me???? He did the only thing he could to try and get noticed and ahead in life! Her first words to him after their long estrangement were "Don't disappoint me." What????? She should say she's so proud of him for overcoming his addictions for two years and humbling himself to get noticed. She is the one bringing shame to their family. She ought to be ashamed of herself and grateful that he speaks to her and so highly of her after she turned his back on him.

I am so overwhelmed to see someone as inspired as Ted amidst his rough lifestyle. Keep up the good work, Ted. This is your call.

I wish him the very best. Ted Williams seems so humble and GOD bless him. I could understand some of the questions being asked for viewers to know, but I felt that Meredith Vieira was trying to put him on the spot about his run-ins with the law, like she was trying to make him seem worse than who he is and purposely wanted to expose him in a negative manner so employers would have second thoughts about hiring him. It's ashame to see that when the LORD has BLESSED Ted Williams, or any other person that has had some misshaps in life, others will try to bring you down anyway they can out of envy or jealousy because opportunities didn't happen for THEM as fast as they are happening for this humble man. He's got a fantastic chance to take this opportunity as a blessing to use his gift. Prayers go out to him!

The new found life of Ted Wiliams is a success story made in heaven. and that all that one can do is pray and hope to continue to strive to overcome the obstacles that come with it. it is not easy to do what has been given to him over night. yet I pray for his continued success that god watch over him as he does us all! no one is perfect but he will triumph! I lost it all myself and Im not where I want to be, yet Im not where I use to be but Im glad I not where I was. may god bless him.

I wish Ted Williams the best! and my god bless him. and my the family try to understand wheres hes been and not knock him for trying to make a living. and any resentment they hold against him should be forgivin.

if you are faithful to GOD, He will pour His blessings on you, more than you could ever imagine. My wife is a breast cancer survivor, she recently found two lumps in her other breast which frightened her with flashbacks of the cancer returning. However, all tests came back negative. Remember Mr. Williams, Trust GOD, speak His name.

Honestly, I feel cheated by this man, I wish him well and do hope he can beat this battle with his addictions but everyone has a story. Mine - I was stuck in a relationship with a verbal and physically abusive alcoholic partner for over 20 years - so I am no stranger to alcohol abuse. My dream has always been to be a voice actor, I have worked so hard over the years to perfect my skills and move my life in the direction of my dream doing it all secretly and while being put down, called names that no one deserves to be called and accused of being a cheater and a liar. I had even went as far as to purchase recording equipment, computer, microphone, software and so on to only come home one day to find it had all been smashed to pieces by a hammer. So, you are all thinking why stay in this situation. I had a daughter with this person that I felt obligated to be there for, to make sure she was taken care of. To make sure she had what she wanted and needed. I wanted to assure she had a good life, I felt the only way I could do that was to stay in the situation until she was old enough to go out and live her own life. There was no way I was going to leave. I couldn't. Everyone talks about how Ted Williams has paid his dues that he deserves all of this..I feel he is getting all of the attention for choosing the wrong path in a portion of his life.Sure, I could have turned to alcohol and substance abuse because of the situation I was in..How would that of benefited the welfare of my daughter, there had to someone there to make sure she was getting fed, someone there to make sure she was getting her diaper changed, someone there to make sure she had a warm bed to sleep in, clothes and getting an education, There was no way I was going to take the chance and leave knowing the possibilities of my partner getting hooked up with someone with the same addiction and me not knowing how my daughter was being treated. If I had to be belittled, slapped, hit and called terrible names and accused of things on a daily basis to make sure my daughter had the things she needed- so be it. I raised a very beautiful - kind - and loving young woman. It was worth every minute of the hell I was going through as that being the result. I did get out of the situation just shortly after my daughter was out on her own. I don't live that life any longer but I still carry the scars, physical and the emotional ones. I now am married to a very beautiful and kind and carrying woman who supports my dream of being a voice over actor, who is willing to stick by my side through the good times and the bad times and not judge me but to love me.
sorry for the long comment but it just shows, we all have a story.I truly feel that my day is comming, that all I have had to endure in my life, all of the hard work will someday pay off.

So where is Mr ted now ?


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