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Ted Williams stays up 'Late Night' with Jimmy Fallon


Ted Williams Ted Williams, the homeless man whose baritone voice has made him a star, hit "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday -- making Fallon's show the deli meat in a sudden-fame sandwich with multiple slices of "Today" and "The Early Show" as the bread on either side.

Williams introduced the show, then sat down with Fallon for an interview to explain how it all went down. 

"I was just flying my sign there" by the highway one day, he said, when a guy from the local newspaper came by, gave him a buck and asked about his voice, which was referenced on the sign.

"For the dollar he offered me -- you know, a dollar is like $20 sometimes --  I just went, 'When you're listening to the best of oldies, you're listening to Magic 98.9,' and he looked at me and he said, 'Here,' and he gave me $2." That guy came back days later with a camera, and the rest is history.

"I never thought anything would become of it," he said, and without Internet access had no way to check it out. Friends hunted him down after a radio show mentioned it was looking for him.

Watch the video, above, to witness that if nothing else, Ted Williams is quite the charmer.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Ted Williams takes a smoke break after his Thursday "Today" show appearance. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press

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I hope Ted uses this second chance. People can change. We all have shaming times in our live. Good Luch Ted!

Ted Williams = Obama lol

I love this its so great to see there is HOPE i cryed it was like he look so greatful. Ted keep up the good work. Dont let anyone bring you down. My the creator be with you on your wounder journy in life. Would love to b on you show someday. Just to meet you.good luck. Aman

Thank you for sharing this wonderful video clip!!! I wish Ted Williams for the best!

Good for him, nice to see good things happening to good people. I wish him the very best in the future.

Ted, praise GOD from whom all blessings flow! My wife and I wish you GOD'S continual blessings and overflow! Your life is an inspiration to the world that JESUS lives; and, HE is still performing miracles! We love you our brother!!!!!!

My advice to him? Stop doing all these TV shows and just get a job. Also, quit smoking so it doesn't ruin your voice (not to mention your health).

I hope they get him off cigarettes, ... Viva Ted!

America love Ted Williams !!!!

I will buy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products because Kraft Company cares for the " little guys"

Ted, you have the most beautiful voice!!

C'mon "Kali" can't you be happy for this man. He's literally getting the chance of a lifetime to rehabilitate and be a contributing member of society, if the scavengers don't eat him up before he even has a chance to succeed. I pray he has good people around him to protect him from the predators. Hopefully someone at NBC has the compassion to hook him up with the help he needs. He has the perfect voice for radio, tv, movies. He has a job now with Kraft. Plenty of others have offered him jobs, too. What is YOUR job? Spreading negativity? Lay off the negative vibes, there's enough in the news everyday, and a single ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark world is enlightening to those of us who understand and care. God loves you, too, yuh know?

This is really awesome,whether it be a man or lady from Idaho,Cali or even Ohio---His voice is awesome and deserves to get credit for that voice.It has nothing to do with his past.America needs to accept folks for what they have to offer.No one is perfect...Look @ our WhiteHouse representatives.Good Day..

People have to remember that this guy was a 'statistic of a homeless person' less than a week ago. Give the poor man some time to absorb all this attention and insta-fame...get his bearings and work on getting, keeping a job, a home, and a life again.
And, Kali? The man doing these TV shows will lead to a job...which will lead to $...which will lead to therapists...which will lead to him quitting smoking...probably getting in touch with his children/grandchildren...and having a God-driven, purposeful, successful life.
You know, it may be "pie in the eye/sky" of a thought, but DANG, this country needs to believe in someone/something that may actually turn out right/okay. Just sayin': give the man some time for a new life to pan out. Be supportive, keep the negativity to yourself. Seriously. We should be trying to build each other up...not tear each other down and then celebrate it.

Hold on Ted. I encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus. You HAVE been given another chance...we all have in this life. To God be the Glory.

Lord please bless this man and continue to show him the guidance and the power that you bless us each day.

Dude looks like Obama's brother after he cleaned up .


"i hope they get him to quit smoking" Are you kidding me? It's none of you business that he smokes. In fact, i hope someone lights up right next to you while you're in starbucks.

Ted should seriously consider reading childrens books by cd or dvd his voice is very relaxing and has a sense of calm to it. way to go ted , as satchel paige said , don't look back you might see how close they are, I just hope you let your past be that and wish you mucho success in your second chance. Make your family proud guy. peace and love out

I am so happy to know that this man is so humbled, and gives all the glory
to God for his success. I wish him all the best of success in the world .
God is always in control no matter what life throws at you. Only God can
bring a person out of a pit. Yes he uses people, and sometimes uncomfortable
circumstances to deliver us from a bad situation. God bless you Ted...you are in my prayers ...stay humble brother ;-)

There will always be a bunch of haters lurking somewhere
on the face of the earth. My advise to them is simple...stop hating
and just be happy for others when God blesses them. Remember it could
easily be you that could be homeless one day...God Bless


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