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Ted Williams meets Dr. Phil, Lakers and, oops, the LAPD

Ted Williams detained Ted Williams' race down the fame highway has hit a few bumps, with police responding to a disturbance at his hotel Monday night and the homeless man with the golden voice giving an interview afterward describing an altercation with one of his daughters.

In a matter of days, the onetime DJ who wound up homeless due to drug and alcohol addiction, not to mention prison time, has gone from panhandling on the streets of Ohio to appearing on TV and radio and capturing hearts around the world with his baritone voice and second-chance fairy tale.

Williams and his daughter Janey were detained Monday night after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, where family members were stayinig as part of a reunion for the "Dr. Phil" show.

Police took the two to the Hollywood station, talked to them and calmed them down. Ted Williams was left with scratch marks on his face, but no charges were filed.

Williams told "Entertainment Tonight" — there's video below — that "fists got to flying, none of which were mine" after his daughter got upset over something he said. On "Dr. Phil," Janey said her dad had been drinking heavily, an accusation he denied.

Tuesday's "Dr. Phil" episode, in a promo with voiceover by Williams, promises some uncomfortable moments, with psychologist Phil McGraw asking questions along the lines of "Do you acknowledge that you didn't step up as a father and a husband?" and "Could you pass a drug test right now?" The appearance is broken into two parts, "Homeless to Hollywood" and "Ted's Family Intervention."

Ooh, drama.

Happier stuff in Williams' Hollywood visit has included a visit Monday to the L.A. Lakers' practice facility, where he met the likes of Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest and taped a TV segment.

He also got a fairly practical gift from top voiceover artists: They paid Williams' initiation fees to join the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the guild memberships he needs to work in film, TV and radio.

SAG or AFTRA membership plus union employment also will give him access to health insurance. It's $2,277 to become a SAG member and $1,600 to join AFTRA.


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— Christie D'Zurilla


Photo: Ted Williams in New York last week. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press.

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I just wont to say. I thank God for anyone who tries to get clean.
My daughter died at 24 with two children 5 and 7 to leave behind.
Yes from drugs. My son is about to turn 30 every time he gets out
of jail or just tries, people can't forgive him,he can't forgive himself.
He can't seem to find any hope in his life getting better at any point.
So I just wont to say to Ted, if God forgives you, you have no right, not
to forgive yourself. Hang in there you can do it with Gods help.
Society should cheer you on not kill you with your past.

No one should expect this man to be perfect. Just one week ago he was homeless. I would hate to think what I would be capable of if I were homeless. As for his children, I am sure they are hurting and angry from the past. I hope he does well and people allow him to live his life.

I just wish that Ted Williams will continue on with the second chance that God has given him and not surrender to the demon once again, the same demon that made him hit rock bottom.

Ted, I am a Grandma and for your sake, please stay sober, don't give in to temptations, follow the voice of God and embark on your upcoming success!

I agree with the comments concerning his children's right to have issues that can not be resolved in a minute, and how his past is not who he is now, and that he did earn a right to a second chance by being sober 2 years, and if he was not really clean, wouldn't he have been tipsy on air by now? Who really knows what his drug-of-choice was, but him and his recovery groups or therapists? No one has a perfectly clean slate in life. The truth is the truth, and whatever distortions or selfish ideas may contaminate that truth perception-wise.... the truth still stands. Who knows what efforts he will make in private yet? The amends are between him and his family. Give this man a chance, and I hope he can protect himself from vultures that DO want to make money, only.

If he doesn't clean his self up he will be right bk

As a social worker, what I see often is that people need chances, they may need to have extra support, have basic needs met, be supported and given a second chance, without a dark cloud of expected failure hanging over them. With support, positive connections, and accountability people can succeed, they can't be left alone too long, there needs re parenting, no matter the age.

No one is perfect. He deserves a second chance and if he was a drug/alcohol addict he will need therapy to continue to stay clean. His daughter that was taken in to the police station along with him seems to wanting to get some attention. A week is not a long time, as a pervious statement that wad made the man was just homeless. I do hope that he doesn't mess this up.

I hope you’re doing the right thing for you and your family. Just remember that God has given you a chance to prove that you can do this. Don’t let him or your family down. They need you more than ever now. Show them how much you love them by taking your life in hand and help them and yourself.

his dfaughter is just hatting cause hes famous

this guy had a lot handed to him and yet threw it away not many people get that in a life time I guess he didn't want to get away from his drugs and booze Like the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink


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