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SAG Awards: 'I was his champion,' Jesse Eisenberg says of Mark Zuckerberg

Jesse Eisenberg at the SAG Awards Jesse Eisenberg hit the Screen Actors Guild  Awards red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday, fresh off hosting "Saturday Night Live" in New York -- walking with an almost studied seriousness, as if he had permanently embodied the persona of prickly Facebook chief exec Mark Zuckerberg.

That'd be the Zuckerberg he finally met Saturday night in New York, of course -- but as himself he speaks quickly, with lots of intensity behind it, brows furrowed as between thumb and forefinger he crunches green leaves plucked from the hedge separating him from the media.

"When we were making it, I thought it was really good, but I've thought that about a lot of things that have never been seen," he said, acknowledging he didn't expect the amount of awards attention the film has garnered so far. "The cultural significance of it couldn't be planned for."

What about any responsibility to the real-life Zuckerberg -- did Eisenberg worry that the Facebook honcho was hurt by his portrayal?

"I'm in a unique position, because my job is to defend my character," he said after a pause. "If the movie was criticizing the character, which I don't think it was, from my very subjective point of view I was his champion."

Click the pic above or link below for more photos from the SAG Awards red carpet.


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-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Jesse Eisenberg at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times



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Wow, he's really full of himself. "Cultural Significance..." LMAO.

Zuckerberg has hange the way in which we communicate. What a great way to change the world.

Go Mark Zukerberg, you are changing how we communicate.

He was an awesome actor in Social Network! Great!

Zuckerberg has, and I quote, 'hange the way in which we communicate'. Listen to yourself. You communicate with fragmented sentences and misspelled words. You are representative of the isolated and mentally diminished facebook specimen. Our minds are corroding and our frames are sagging as we communicate with our internet "friends". Mark Zuckerberg cashed in on a malevolent but technologically cutting edge cultural trend. And from this standpoint, Zuckerberg is just another self-obsessed mental saboteur, unconcerned with anything but his own glory and bottom line.

Before the internet most of us communicated via phone, or in person whenever that could happen. Now, we go on facebook and we see our friends and family daily.. Who's to say our communication before the internet was any better, or if our IQ's have dropped a few notches since we started posting on the internet? There's really nothing to compare it to. I do think we are able to see a broader variety of people in our lives at the same time via facebook, via the newsfeed etc.


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